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Openclipart Scissors Logo and Clipart Opportunities

Openclipart Scissors Logo Guide Horizontal

Have you seen the new Openclipart scissors logo? This is one of many updates over at Openclipart. Most important, there are loads of new images that anyone can use freely for posters, business cards, presentations or other design needs.

Also, if you are desiging APPS, we want to talk with you about opportunities! The Openclipart is not only a website, but a full service platform for sharing and storing images. Think of the possibilities in using Openclipart to build a drawing APP for Android, iPhones and iPads. Let’s draw together and share clipart opportunities!

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Making Dirt with Inkscape and Open Clip Art Library

dirt film simplifed

Its Friday and I want to make a fun post! Last night while working on a project with Christopher, I mentioned that we should add more dirt to some of our designz. He asked me how, so I made a quick HOWTO make dirt using our beloved Inkscape drawing software and then uploading the results, as scalable vector files to our project, Open Clip Art Library.

dirt bubbles on film

Check it out! If you like this post, please try to make your own dirt and upload to the Open Clip Art Library:

  1. Download image of dirt from a source like Google Image Search or Flickr.
  2. Download and use Inkscape, the free drawing tool!
  3. Import image in inkscape (I usually embed the image for now)
  4. Select Path > Trace Bitmap…
  5. Play with options (prefer simple black and white)
  6. Convert image to paths by clicking “OK”
  7. NOTE: At this point you will have some dirt. You may want to delete the image source material you imported now, or later.
  8. To create dirty type or make some shape dirrrty, then…
  9. Overlay shape or type on the dirt path.
  10. Then, play with path operations in the Inkscape Path menu like intersection, exclusion until you get a desirable result
  11. Have fun! Undo and Redo menu operations are your friend
  12. Upload your saved SVG (without the image in the file) to the Open Clip Art Library.

dirt bubbles detailed

Check out my growing collection in my Dirt Gallery (some of you who have known me for some time will get that KC comment ;).

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Come Draw With Us: Open Clip Art Library 3.1 Released

Greetings, friendz,

Thank you for all the great art and thumbs up to everyone contributing to the Open Clip Art Library! The community is blossoming.

We’re very happy to report that over the last few weeks we’ve had a massive jump in users who give us a Facebook like, surpassing the 3,000 mark. We’d also really appreciate a follow on Twitter @openclipart or Google+.

Stylised Lighthouse Scenery

Regardless of what platform you choose you’ll be able to follow current news and uploads to the ever-expanding database of YOUR art how YOU want it. We can always use your help growing our library, and thank you again in advance for telling your peers! Let’s all keep the practice of sharing in the forefront of our minds.

Abstract Landscape
Abstract Landscape by Viscious-Speed (/user-detail/Viscious-Speed)

What’s particularly great about this Open Clip Art Library 3.1 release:

  • Our new favoriting system
  • A better landing page including more main page features and the most popular clipart.
    Collections have been improved
  • Our server has been moved to a big linode box, thanks to for supporting our development
  • We added imagebot image editing to each clipart page simpy click the “Edit Image” button on a Clip Art detail page.
  • Now you can set the resolution of the raster art you desire to download by entering a number into the white box on a Clip Art detail page and by pressing the orange [PNG] button. You can copy the link in that box and use it as HTML anywhere on the web.

As we look to the future, Open Clip Art Library is absolutely commited make it easier to upload, download, and share. Please participate in the development of the project today.

Please enjoy the Open Clip Art Library 3.1, and keep on sharing. Also, please consider donating to support the infrastructure which keeps our community running! We need your help to make the Open Clip Art Library the best public collection of Clip Art that “anyone may use for any purpose” in the world!

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Sharism Makerlab Exhibition Sprint at Creative Commons Global Summit 2011

We are also super excited to formally announce the first Sharism Makerlab at the first Creative Commons Global Summit in several years! Fabricatorz all-starz along with many Creative Commons friendz and local talent will be on hand for two intensive days of sprinting towards hosting an exhibition on the first night of the Creative Commons Global Summit in Warsaw, Poland! If you want to participate in the event, please RSVP on the facebook page and/or also RSVP.

Plac Zamkowy, Warszawa - The Castle Square, Warsaw, Poland

Pre-Creative Commons Global Summit, Sept 15-16, 2011, Warsaw, Poland

The SHARISM MAKERLAB will be held in Warsaw on Thursday, September 15 and Friday, September 16, 2011, right before the Global Creative Commons Summit. Our two-day event joins international makers, progammers, artists, musicians, designers, and thinkers with local collaborators, to work towards the goal to start the day with ideas to share, media to select (Audio, Video, Objects and Web), and an end goal to produce work to be shown the following night a public exhibition. The event starts with an overview, and then participants are to work in teams to make projects during the day. At the end, they come together to share their creations to Warsaw and visiting Creative Commons guests in town. The entire event will be live streamed, photoblogged, and massively tweeted. The event is free and open to the public. Registration prior is encouraged. If you are interested in hosting a Sharism Makerlab, please email the sharism team.

Reasons to Share

  • Learn Open Source Software: Inkscape for Illustrations, Open Font Library for making Fonts, Ardour for Audio, PD for Audio, HTML5 for Programming, KiCAD for Objects
  • Work with Global Makers: Work alongside Michelle Thorne (Mozilla), Christopher Adams (Fabricatorz/Sharism), Jon Phillips (Fabricatorz), Nathan Kinkade (Creative Commons), Mike Linksvayer (Creative Commons), Greg Grossmeier (CC), Jakub Jankiewicz (Open Clip Art Library), Bassel Safadi (Aiki Lab) and more
  • Be Active, Not Passive: Learn by creating real Audio, Video, Image, Text and Objects with the GOOD pressure of Friday night opening exhibition.
  • Release into Public Domain: There is a workshop on the public domain, and all audio, video, image, text and objects will be released into the Public Domain.
  • Get Credit: We don’t do demos, we do realidad. What better way to improve your job prospects and join the Sharism Movement, other than by doing real projets.


RSVP’d Makers listed below…

  • Christopher Adams, ,Fabricatorz + Sharism, is a publisher and designer based in Beijing and Taipei. He is a developer at Fabricatorz and works with Neoteny Labs.
  • Greg Grossmeier, Creative Commons, is currently the Education Technology and Policy Coordinator at Creative Commons where he focuses on how Open Education projects can better create, disseminate, and reuse educational materials. He recently moved to San Francisco from Michigan where he worked at the University of Michigan Library as Copyright Specialist and with the Open.Michigan initiative on OER related outreach and policy.
  • Agata Jałosińska, Creative Commons Poland.
  • Jakub Jankiewicz, Aiki Framework + Open Clip Art Library, is a graphic designer and programmer from Poland who primarily creates dynamic, interactive web pages while using SEO effectively.
  • Nathan Kinkade, Creative Commons, has worked and tinkered in the area of computers and technology since around 1997. He has served as an Information Technology Volunteer with the Peace Corps in Belize, and holds a B.A. in history from Emory University.
  • Mike Linksvayer, Creative Commons + gondwanaland, joined Creative Commons as CTO and became Vice President in April 2007. Previously he co-founded Bitzi, an early open content/open data service.
  • Jon Phillips, Fabricatorz + Sharism, is a developer living in San Francisco and Beijing while growing Fabricatorz LLC, Aiki Framework Private Limited, and the Sharism project. His notable involvements include Open Source and Free Culture movements, Inkscape, Open Clip Art Library, Creative Commons, Status.Net, Sharism, and Qi Hardware.
  • Bassel Safadi, Aiki Lab + Aiki Framework + Creative Commons Syria, is a software developer and a 3D technical director with ten years of practical experience. He has extensive experience in open source development including Linux kernel and Apache server. He started web application development in 2000 and 3D visual effects in 2005.
  • Eric Steuer, Creative Commons + MMC + Notthe1s, works with artists, media companies, technology developers, and cultural institutions on the use of Creative Commons licenses and
    CC-licensed content. He is a correspondent for Wired magazine, a member of CASH Music’s board, and a musician with dozens of recordings and remixes in release.
  • Alek Tarkowski, Creative Commons Poland, is a sociologist and director of Centrum Cyfrowe Projekt Polska, a NGO building a digital society in Poland and an affiliate institution of Creative Commons Poland.
  • Michelle Thorne, Mozilla,, works for Mozilla as a global event strategist, aiming to grow communities around open web projects through live events.
  • Spencer Young, Fabricatorz + Sharism, is an arts writer for San Francisco Bay Guardian and Art Practical. He lives in San Francisco.
  • Local Artists and Hackers


A two day workshop and sprint towards hosting an exhibition of projects on the opening night of the Creative Commons Global Summit, in the creative heart of Warsaw, Poland.


Warsaw, Poland, HEDOCO (
Address: Aleja Na Skarpie 15/18 (



  • To bring international makers together.
  • To make projects in realtime, with a specific practical goal.
  • To build on top of current projects, in a public format.
  • To have global makers work with local makers.
  • To progress sharing in Warsaw and amongst participants.


  • Send RSVP if you are interested in the event.
  • Attend the event!
  • Sponsor the event
  • Attend the opening exhibition on Friday, Sept. 15, 2011


The goal is to focus on the Audio, Video, Image, Text, and Object rubric for workshop tracks in order to create an exhibition.

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Fabricatorz Presentations at FISL12

milkymist one greenish

I will be speaking about Fabricatorz projects at FISL12 in Brazil. Come find me if you will be there! Let’s talk projects!

Here are the summaries of my talks from the FISL12 schedule:

Open Educational Resources Roundtable, AcaWiki: The Wikipedia of Academic Research
Thursday, June 30, 2011 @ 3 PM
Recursos Educacionais Abertos – REA
41-A fisl 1, 351 lugares

Qi Hardware Introduces: The Milkymist One Video Synthesizer
Saturday, July 2, 2011 @ 1 PM
40-T fisl 0, 536 lugares

Building Open Clip Art Library and Open Font Library with Aiki Framework
Saturday, July 2, 2011 @ 5 PM
41-A fisl 1, 351 lugares

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LGM 2011 Recap: Fabricatorz Drive New Releases

The Fabricatorz recently capped off an exciting and eventful week at the 6th annual Libre Graphics Meeting, in Montreal. The 4-day Conference was packed with developers and users of free software including Inkscape, Scribus, Gimp, Blender, DeviantArt, and many more. Developer Brad Phillips closed out the Day One talks with a guide to making our unique avatars, as well as announcing the Release of Open Clip Art Library 3.0.

As the talks rolled into Day Two, Christopher Adams revealed the highly-anticipated, refreshed Open Font Library, to much adulation.

The hits kept coming through Day Four, when Fabricatorz Founder, Jon Phillips, unveiled the Milkymist video synthesizer, alongside a vision of an open hardware future for LGM.

The Fabricatorz want to send out a big thanks to all involved in organizing and hosting events for this year’s Libre Graphics Meeting. More great events and Releases lay ahead, as we look forward to the rest of 2011!

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Launching the Open Font Library and Freeing Fonts

Montreal, May 12, 2011 – At the 6th Libre Graphics Meeting 2011 in Montreal, the Open Font Library, the Open Font Library community and Fabricatorz launch an online library of fonts that all type designers and font enthusiasts may participate in. The goal of the Open Font Library is to offer great fonts, help designers share their work, accelerate the usage of the @font-face tag available in modern web browsers, and to help educate everyone about how to design and use fonts.

The Font Library website is under active development, with the mission to bring online a veritable library of fonts to be made available under free licenses, including the SIL Open Font License, Creative Commons Zero license, and the GPLv3 with font exception license.

Fabricatorz developer Christopher Adams led the development of the site on the company’s Aiki Framework. “Today marks a crucial milestone in the lifetime of the Open Font Library, from its initial conception in 2006 to its finalized public release in 2011,” said Adams. “Our goal for the Font Library is not only to assemble a large collection of fonts, but to highlight quality free fonts and help others get involved in making this the best public library of fonts.”

The Open Font Library received sponsorship and direction from Dave Crossland. Other major contributors to the project include Alexandre Prokoudine, Ben Weiner, Ed Trager, Eric Schrijver, James Weiner, Jon Phillips, Nicolas Spalinger, and Robert Martinez, who developed the Open Font Library logo. Initial patrons to the project include Mozilla Foundation, River Valley Technologies, TeX Users Group and Yes Logic. The Font Library has also benefited tremendously from input by participants at the Libre Graphics Meeting 2011.

The Open Font Librarians and the Fabricatorz, the global open production company, are actively seeking sponsorship and contracts to support the development of the Open Font Library towards a 1.0 release by the end of 2011. With sponsorship, there are active plans to integrate version control support for fonts on the site, allow for direct editing of fonts on the site, identify incomplete font designs and actively provide solutions, and integrate social web features into the project. More advanced features like API support for uploading and downloading fonts become possible for each additional patron who offers their support.

“The Fabricatorz stand ready to help build the world’s largest collection of fonts,” said Fabricatorz and Open Clip Art Library founder, Jon Phillips. With your support, use of the Library’s fonts, and spreading the news of the project, the Open Font LIbrary is certain to reach this goal.”

About Open Font Library

The mission of the Open Font Library ( is to promote your freedom as it relates to fonts. All of the typefaces contained in the library are available under a free license, which gives you the freedom to use, study, remix and share each and every font. The site is powered by the Aiki Framework (, a powerful web framework for building network services using the AGPL license.

About Fabricatorz

The Fabricatorz ( is a “open” production company that makes successful projects from start to finish, including development and community management. We specialize in Free and Open Source Software, Creative Commons technology, growing on-line and off-line communities in San Francisco, China and the Arab World. Our core focus is in developing software using Aiki Framework, hardware using Qi Hardware, and community-building around the philosophies of Sharism.

For More Information

Press Contact

Christopher Adams
San Francisco + China



Open Clip Art Library Unleashes Version 3.0: Collections, Favorites & Batch Management

Montreal, May 12, 2011 – Today at the 6th Libre Graphics Meeting 2011 in Montreal, the Open Clip Art Library along with its commercial stewards, the Fabricatorz, have launched the biggest, most featureful version of everyone’s favorite public domain library of clip art, a collection that is free to use for any reason.

Lead developer of Open Clip Art Library and Fabricatorz Developer, Brad Phillips said, “This is our biggest release ever! We have fixed loads of bugs, and Fabricatorz have been leading an effort to create a traditional favorites system so all clip art may be rated by any artist. We have been actively working to close bugs and implement feature requests.”

Additional features include a new sorting category, displaying on the main page, that takes advantage of the new favorites system by listing clip art according to most popular. There is now enhanced profile management capabilities and also an ability to list links to a user’s different profiles. There are 50+ bug fixes on this 3.0 release that make the entire project work smoothly. And, now its easy to generate bitmap images on-demand, thanks to the contribution from user boobaloo from the project.

A major feature added in this release is the batch management action bar. This tool allows for librarians to add or delete clip art searches and tags. For normal artists (users) it allows for the ability to add to and remove clip art from collections. Collections is a feature from the last release so that themed sets of clip art are combined by someone.

As has come to be expected in recent Releases, a brand new Package of themed clip art is out. Open Clip Art Library 3.0’s theme is ‘Famous People’, and the package contains dozens of newly created graphics for all uses, many of which have been contributed by attendees of workshops at LGM 2011.

For all users and services using the Open Clip Art Library, Fabricatorz is a commercial production company that actively adds features to the Open Clip Art Library. Fabricatorz founder, Jon Phillips states, “The Fabricatorz stand ready to add desired features like a Request System, an Artist Donation System, and a Showcase section on the site. For any businesses, services or benefactors that are interested in these features, we want to work with you to realize new features on the project.”

3.0 Highlights

* Favorites system sprinkled throughout the site
* Most popular category on the main page
* Users can add multiple links to their profiles
* Batch management (collections and clipart management)
* 2 active events, famous people, doudou linux logo
* 50+ bug fixes
* Simpler personal information management
* Embed controls for clip art


We now provide monthly customized packages related to monthly themes. Please follow the url below to download the latest packages.

About Open Clip Art Library

Since 2004, the Open Clip Art Library ( aims to create an archive of user contributed clip art that may be freely used. All graphics submitted to the project are placed into the Public Domain according to the Creative Commons Public Domain Declaration. The site is powered by the Aiki Framework (, a new web framework using the AGPL license. The Open Clip Art Library. Drawing Together.

About Fabricatorz

The Fabricatorz ( is a “open” production company that makes successful projects from start to finish, including development and community management. We specialize in Free and Open Source Software, Creative Commons technology, growing on-line and off-line communities in San Francisco, China and the Arab World. Our core focus is in developing software using Aiki Framework, hardware using Qi Hardware, and community-building around the philosophies of Sharism.

For More Information


Press Contact
Jon Phillips
+1.415.830.3884 San Francisco + China


Libre Graphics Meeting 2011 Call for Participation Closes April 20, Registration Open Now!

The OSP table of design

We Fabricatorz working hard to bring the world the best Libre Graphics Meeting ever! We have big releases planned, several core Fabricatorz will be speaking, and newest Fabricator CelineCelines is organizing the night events including one big Fabricatorz party. LGM2011 May 10-13 in Montreal is the place to be!

Please submit a presentation before April 20! Go register yourself now! And, if you use and support Free and Open Source Graphics, Multimedia and Creativity, please become a sponsor! Individuals please donate to our community campaign. We still have a ways to go and really need your help! Fabricatorz are pouring ourselves into LGM this year and we need you there there.

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Open Clip Art Library DouDou Linux Competition and Famous People Collection

Doudou Linux Submission by Chrisdesign

Over at Open Clip Art Library, there is a steady march of development by Fabricatorz Brad and Jon, Boobaloo is helping move things forward, and the chat channel is springing forward. Also, looking at the numbers there now 83,113 artists on Open Clip Art Library, and 1,186 added this month so far! Please join us upload clip art and let’s grow this number!


We need you! Helping with the project is a great way to learn about open source software development. At the upcoming Libre Graphics Meeting 2011 in Montreal May 10-13, 2011, we will be launching Open Clip Art Library 3.0. Join us and be part of the announcement!

Doudou Linux Logo Competition

Head librarian Boobaloo worked with the Doudou Linux project to launch a logo competition to come up with the project’s new identity. There are already several submissions. Its a great way to be discovered.

Boobaloo states:

DoudouLinux (DDL) is a Linux distro for kids from 2 to 12 yrs old. It is specially designed to make computing easy for children (and their parents too!). Could run without installation from USB or LiveCD. So, if you have kidz – DoudouLinux made specially for them!

The competition goal is to attract more designers to the project and up the style. Its a good way to get your feet wet with libre graphics and to gain some reputation :)

Speaking of which, I noticed that the Freedombox project’s logo came completely from remixing artwork on the Open Clip Art Library. I like the Freedombox logo, but we think this GNU dressed as Che might be more interesting.

GNU dressed like Che

Famous People Collection

Brad has been adding features and fixing bugs left and right. The collection functionality he added is getting a good work out now. Its getting more attention with this month’s main activity. Please submit your images and help collect images of Famous People.

Richard Stallman as Vector

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Libre Graphics Meeting 2011 Montreal Launches Call For Participation & Fundraising Campaign

Libre Graphics Meeting 2011

Cutting edge creative tools meet free culture

May 10-13, Ecole Polytechnique Engineering School

Programmers and artists from around the world are headed to Montreal for the 6th annual Libre Graphics Meeting in May. The Libre Graphics Meeting is an annual gathering for the users and developers of free and open source creative software: artistic tools that are free for anyone to use and modify. LGM gives software developers, artists, musicians, designers and other creative professionals the opportunity to collaborate, share their work and learn from each other.

A Preview

Every year, Libre Graphics Meeting focuses on individual and group interaction, emphasizing free media and the software that produces it. This year’s attendees can expect a similar format that will include workshops, presentations, demonstrations, and birds-of-a-feather (BOF) sessions. Leading up to the conference, special lab sessions bring developers and artists face-to-face to make improvements in creative software. Gaps can form when developers and their users don’t meet face to face; LGM gives artists and educators a voice in the building of their tools. Both content creators and developers will present, bringing a diverse community together to advance the technologies and strategies of high-quality free creative software.

Submit a talk!

LGM’s strength comes from the presenters who talk about their work and inspire others by sharing their experiences, techniques, and best practices. Whether you are a developer, an artist, or an enthusiast, you can be a part of this year’s event by sharing your story and your work.

The LGM community wants to hear your proposal for a session. Submit your idea any time between now and April 1, 2011 by visiting

Topics of interest include: development of the applications, color standards and color management, designer and developer collaboration, web services, workflow, exchange between floss and artists, power-user techniques, and graphics business best practices.

• Proposals should have a title
• Describe your proposal in at most two paragraphs
• Include a short bio & contact informations
• Include any special technical setup you require other than radio-microphone, beamer, laser pointer, computer, network
• Talks are 30 minutes including Q&A and setup.
• Lightning talks are 5 minutes
• Tell us if you have specific date & time constraint to present your talk
• Tell us if your trip to LGM is already sponsored or if you need help from LGM to get to Montreal. In the last case, please evaluate your needs (cost of economy plane ticket for the round trip, for instance).

Help keep LGM free

Libre Graphics Meeting is an invaluable meeting ground for industry leaders and end users alike. It has also been free of charge since the very beginning — but as the open source community continues to expand, attendance keeps increasing.

Your support is a vital means for the continued success of LGM, whether you are a readers, an attendee, or simply a fan of free graphics software. Click here to make a donation:

Highlights from LGM 2010

Last year’s Libre Graphics Meeting, the fifth since the project’s inception, took place in Brussels and was highlighted by important work on open color management systems and data interchange formats. The vector graphics standard file format, SVG, headlined many of the the discussions and interaction that took place, as it has become an integral element in communicating freely created content through websites and printed pieces. All major projects represented at LGM 2010 — Scribus, Gimp, Inkscape, and Open Font Library — spent time planning activities for the months and years ahead. Other hot topics in presentations and discussions included Blender, Krita, Open Web Graphics and Services, Python, Rawstudio, and many more.

Continuing with the success of recent LGM incarnations, more attention was given to the rising numbers of professional graphics users and youth attendees. In fact, of the 51 sessions held during the 4 day extravaganza, 20 were given by creative professionals. Specific workshops were organized to engage students from art and design schools around the world. [ Nathan Willis] writes of one such event:

”Denis Jacquerye, widely known from his work with the DejaVu fonts, discussed font design and features for African languages, encouraging the community to build more such fonts.”

About the Libre Graphics Meeting

The Libre Graphics Meeting exists to unite and accelerate the efforts behind Free, Libre and Open Source creative software. Organised by volunteers from the international Libre Graphics Community since 2006, this annual meeting is the premiere conference for developers, users and supporters of projects such as GIMP (, Inkscape (, Blender (, Krita (, Scribus (, Hugin (, the Open Clipart Library (, and the Open Font Library ( At LGM, teams gather to work on interoperability, shared standards, and new ideas. Work at prior LGMs has pushed the state of the art in important areas such as color management, cross-application sharing of assets, and common formats.

For More Information

For more information, visit

Get involved by joining the Create mailinglist ( or propose a talk via


”LGM 2011 is hosted by the [ Libre Graphics Community] and Polytechnique”

Press Contact

• Sponsoring Organization: Libre Graphics Meeting and Create Project.
• Contact: Jon Phillips
• Contact email:
• Phone (USA): +1.415.830.3884
• Website:
• Pledgie campaign:
• Photos:

Organization Contact

• Contact: Louis Desjardins
• Contact email:
• Phone (MONTREAL): +1.514.994.9351

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Open Clip Art Library Version 2.9 Hits the Web

In mid-December, the Librarians at The Open Clip Art Library issued a final site upgrade for the year. Among many notable upgrades, a shift to a new Public Domain Dedication: CC Zero, a new Collections Feature, more streamlined and user account management, along with a Winter Holiday 2010 themed package were highlights.

gathering clip art

Today, the Open Clip Art Librarians are Officially Releasing the Latest Version of their website: Open Clip Art Library 2.9. This newest iteration, the first of the new year, again focuses on the end-user experience, along with filling out the ever-expanding body of art the site contains.

Kicking things off, a long-standing bug has been fixed in a major way. One of OCAL’s leading contributors, johnny_automatic, has gone through a gigantic list of clip art that had been previously not been connected to the site in transition from Open Clip Art lIbrary’s upgrade to 2.0, last spring and brought all of it back to life. As a result, OCAL’s collection has been fully restored to it’s original glory and the current Clip Art Tally stands at nearly 40,000 images!

Longtime visitors will also notice a major menu-item change. A new section, Collections, has replaced Packages. Users will still find information and links to download their favorite packages in this new section, but the change reflects a long-gestating idea that will shift the direction of content from managers of the site to it’s users. With Collections, any user is able to save a Clip Art that they love to a group that they themselves have created. Found a really useful set of icons? Create a Collection & share them with the Community, as a set! The latest Collections are displayed in this new section. As Collections grow and more data is gathered, this section will become vital to the new direction that The Open Clip Art Library will be shifting towards in future Releases.

anime hacker

Another key librarian turned developer, Chovynz, has made great strides in several key bugs, including a few related to Clip Art Comments. Registered users can now log into OCAL, select their ‘My Cliparts’ section, scroll to the bottom of the page and see a list of the most recent comments made on their uploaded works!

Shanghai City Skyline

New work continues to drive Open Clip Art Library’s progress. A new package has been made available with this release. Chinese New Year 2011 contains work related to the yearly shift, created by the Artists of OCAL’s expanding Community. Users wishing to contribute to the next Release’s package, Presidents, can do so by tagging any related work with the key term “presidents”.

Abraham Lincoln

The Fabricatorz are pushing The Open Clip Art Library to this next plateau with our development the Aiki Framework, the software engine that powers OCAL. We would like to thank everyone else who have helped this project continue to grow and succeed. You can also help find bugs and submit your feature requests, or join us as a librarian today! Please check out Open Clip Art Library to upload your clip art.

UPDATE: Don’t forget to check out all the great contributions towards this 2.9 release.


Aiki Framework & The Open Clip Art Library Dominate End-Year Releases!

The Fabricatorz are firing on all cylinders as an eventful year is wrapping up. Today sees the fruition of several projects lead by the Team.

Aiki Framework kicks things off with it’s latest: Version 0.7. A renewed focus on usability and speed highlight much of the development cycle. With some great contributions from Roger Martin, project lead (and Fabricatorz Developer) Bassel Safadi presents back-end systems that have been revamped and polished to deliver content at lightning speed. Pretty URLs, a hotly requested feature, has made it’s way into the new Release, complete with documentation. Developer control continues to drive bug fixes and revisions. Once system-dependent, Aiki Alert messages have been retooled to allow complete handling, via CSS.

Aiki’s leading site, The Open Clip Art Library is showing no signs of slowing down with it’s 2.8 Release. Fabricatorz Developer Brad Phillips brings in a new “Collections” feature, in which registered users can create sets that contain the clip arts of their choosing! The process begins by finding the perfect image and selecting “+Add to Collection” on the right-hand side of the details page. Created Collections are displayed on each user’s profile page. This Release is marked by an update of the site to use Creative Commons latest CC Zero Public Domain Dedication tool. Jon Phillips says of the new Dedication:

“Open Clip Art Library is used all around the world by Wikipedia, teachers, artists, and plain old Mom’s as a key source for graphics. By updating our licensing tool, we are in compliance with the latest Creative Commons recommendation for releasing works into the public domain globally, and leading on the net with trying to increase sharing. This type of sharism is crucial to the open web.”

For more information about the latest Aiki Framework and Open Clip Art Library offerings (including new themed content), check out the Official Press Release. To get involved and help bring these projects to even greater heights in upcoming releases, take a look a look at the Launchpad blueprints for both Aiki Framework and The Open Clip Art Library.

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Platform Upgrades: Aiki Framework 0.6 + Open Clip Art Library 2.7

Today has proven to be a monumental day in the Open Source Community, with the Release of Aiki Framework 0.6 alongside it’s featured website: Open Clip Art Library 2.7. The Fabricatorz Team is largely responsible for the development of these latest iterations and we are proudly endorsing their entrance into the public domain!

Fabricatorz Developer (and Lead Aiki Developer), Bassel Safadi, has pushed out a new and improved package for Aiki’s latest instance. A major compatibility hurdle has been tackled with out-of-box Language Support. Now, sites created using the web framework can be efficiently localized all over the world!

If multi-lingual websites aren’t enough to peak interest, another (and even more promising) feature arrives in Aiki Framework 0.6: Revision Control. Adjustments made to sites and widgets are logged and it’s now possible to return to previous incarnations! Bassel says of this latest asset:

Revision Control was a hotly requested feature that I’m very excited to have been able to bring to Aiki Framework. Developers now have even greater control over the progress of their sites. In the future, we will expose this feature more along with other ways of notifying Aiki developers about updates to Aiki Installations.

The 2.7 Edition of The Open Clip Art Library is marked by several adjustments and ever-increasing stats. Most noticeably, a link to a web survey has been placed atop OCAL’s main pages. The Librarians encourage all users of the platform to fill out the short questionnaire, as the results will help Developers push Open Clip Art Library in more effective ways. October saw the upload of over 600 svg files and more than 1,500 new registered users! Along with the more robust collection, a Thanksgiving-themed clip art set is now available. Users can download individual works created by Community Artists or a single download that encapsulates the entire body of work.

For more information on the recent launch, check out the Official Press Release.

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Fabricatorz: This Week – Conference Recaps & Open Source in the Classroom

Weeks spent hopping the globe and spreading the word on Open Source Tech have brought the Fabricatorz back into a heavy development cycle. As all of these projects and events evolve, Community updates become vital to those keeping track, and the first week of November promises a month packed with new and exciting projects!

Fabricatorz Developer, Christopher Adams, has been busy promoting Sharism on a global scale. Christopher and other Fabricatorz launched The Sharism Forum, at Get It Louder 2010 in Beijing, where the ideology behind new cultures stressing openness and sharing was featured and promoted.

October 23 brought Fabricatorz (Barry, Bassel, Jon and Christopher) to Doha, where they held an Open Source Workshop at the Digitally Open conference hosted by ICTQatar. The Workshop brought in a maximum capacity crowd of students and professionals eager to learn techniques, histories, and best practices of an emerging and Open digital culture.

October 25 saw even more Sharism love at a Creative Commons Salon in Beirut at Karaj, where Christopher again spent time introducing and presenting. Last week was rounded out with a group Developer/Planning Session at Hackerspace Damascus, where progress on new features for Aiki Framework were focal points.

In related Open Source news, The Open Clip Art Library recently received some contributions from a group of first-time users of it’s key development tool: Inkscape. John Haltiwanger led a class where students investigated the possibilities of the tool as an alternative to proprietary systems for creating digital artwork. Some examples from the students are shown above, below and as a part of the heading graphic.

Marije Rooze notes in her blog, after her work in Inkscape:

I like the idea of open source, of community and sharing. In terms of sympathy my head goes to initiatives like Inkscape. But I am also a creature of habit, unwilling to let go of something so good as Illustrator.

Marije’s impressions are indicative of the challenges that the Open Source Community has to address in order to move forward and continue cultivating a healthier and more vibrant digital culture. The Fabricatorz are hard at work making this a reality. Stay tuned for more Fabricatorz Business and Open Source cultural happenings.

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New Releases: Aiki Framework 0.5 + Open Clip Art Library 2.6

Fabricatorz Developer & Creator of Aiki Framework, Bassel Safadi has spearheaded a new Version of his open source website-generating platform. The official press release speaks of some of the upgrades that can be found in Aiki Framework 0.5:

The administration panel has seen the benefit of Event Listeners logging changes made and more intuitive and real-time widget modification. File handling is also becoming friendlier, as ZIP files can now be uploaded to a server, stored, and unzipped, all through Aiki Framework 0.5.

The Librarians at The Open Clip Art Library have also been working hard to bring the Community it’s latest: Version 2.6. Boasting a collection of work that now eclipses 35,000 unique and remixed images, OCAL remains a dominant force in free and transparent digital art and design.

Profile Management, an often requested feature, finally returns in OCAL 2.6, thanks to cgbug. Users now have control of their displayed name, e-mail, and homepage details. Also, avatars are back! New and returning users can now associate their profile with their favorite uploaded graphic.

For more detailed information about the progress of Aiki Framework and Open Clip Art Library, have a look at the official press release

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Fabricatorz Invite All to Sharism Forum at Get It Louder

Sharism Forum 2010.10.22 Shanghai 800 SHOW

The Fabricatorz will be in China the third week of October coordinating the first Sharism Forum at Get It Louder 2010 in Shanghai on 22 October, 2010. The Forum brings together thinkers, practitioners and activists whose work concerns and shapes the global movement of a new sharing culture. We have invited open-source entrepreneurs, community leaders, academics, artists and critics to actively advance the agenda of Sharism. We hope you can attend the forum!

This is a major milestone event for the Sharism project connecting together the larger picture of the global sharing culture between Creative Commons, Wikipedia, Free Network Services like Status.Net, Copyleft Hardware, and the sharing activities that happen on commercial sites like Flickr. Since Fabricatorz is a global company operating in both San Francisco and China, this project is close to our hearts in connecting many of the greatest people we know working in Internet, Business, and Culture in the region.

Get It Louder is China’s most influential and closely-watched exhibition of emerging, young talent across creative disciplines. Get It Louder 2010 debuted in Beijing with great fanfare and press. It opens in Shanghai on 22 October until 7 November, 2010. The theme for this year’s event is Sharism! Get It Louder Shanghai kicks off with the Sharism Forum that will segue into the opening of the exhibits at 8 PM.

We’ve been working on this massively over the last few months and hope you will join us to spread the word about this event globally, online and offline. We will do more Sharism events in the future, but right now need your support to make the project expand by using the tags #SHARISM and #SHARISM2010 online. You can learn more about sharism now:

About the Sharism Forum


Time: October 22, 2010
Location: 800 SHOW Creative Park, Shanghai, China

Guest Speakers

Christopher ADAMS, Edmon CHUNG, Li GONG, HU Yong, Brianna LAUGHER, Mike LINKSVAYER, LIU Yan, Isaac MAO, OU Ning, Jon PHILLIPS, Nate PRODROMOU,Jack QIU, Philip TINARI, Gino YU, Zafka ZHANG


Forum Coordinator


Additional sponsorship for the Sharism Forum provided by Google Inc., the Mozilla Foundation and Mozilla Drumbeat.