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Open Clip Art Library DouDou Linux Competition and Famous People Collection

Doudou Linux Submission by Chrisdesign

Over at Open Clip Art Library, there is a steady march of development by Fabricatorz Brad and Jon, Boobaloo is helping move things forward, and the chat channel is springing forward. Also, looking at the numbers there now 83,113 artists on Open Clip Art Library, and 1,186 added this month so far! Please join us upload clip art and let’s grow this number!


We need you! Helping with the project is a great way to learn about open source software development. At the upcoming Libre Graphics Meeting 2011 in Montreal May 10-13, 2011, we will be launching Open Clip Art Library 3.0. Join us and be part of the announcement!

Doudou Linux Logo Competition

Head librarian Boobaloo worked with the Doudou Linux project to launch a logo competition to come up with the project’s new identity. There are already several submissions. Its a great way to be discovered.

Boobaloo states:

DoudouLinux (DDL) is a Linux distro for kids from 2 to 12 yrs old. It is specially designed to make computing easy for children (and their parents too!). Could run without installation from USB or LiveCD. So, if you have kidz – DoudouLinux made specially for them!

The competition goal is to attract more designers to the project and up the style. Its a good way to get your feet wet with libre graphics and to gain some reputation :)

Speaking of which, I noticed that the Freedombox project’s logo came completely from remixing artwork on the Open Clip Art Library. I like the Freedombox logo, but we think this GNU dressed as Che might be more interesting.

GNU dressed like Che

Famous People Collection

Brad has been adding features and fixing bugs left and right. The collection functionality he added is getting a good work out now. Its getting more attention with this month’s main activity. Please submit your images and help collect images of Famous People.

Richard Stallman as Vector

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Libre Graphics Meeting 2011 Ramping Up

Totally inspired from seeing this great little short by Jakub Szypulka about our favorite conference that help put on, Libre Graphics Meeting (LGM), coming May 10-13, 2011 to Montreal.

Reclaim your tools. from Jake on Vimeo.

The Libre Graphics Meeting 2010.

A film by Jakub Szypulka

From the Create Project Mailing List, where LGM project is coordinated like many other plans and specs, Jakub said:

Hey guys,

I just finished editing “Reclaim your tools”, a short film about the
Libre Graphics Meeting 2010 in Brussels.

Here is the link:

All the filming and editing as well as the music was done by myself.
The movie is just some two and a half minutes, but I believe it might
be a useful marketing tool for LGM.

What I’m especially proud of is that everything you can see was done a
HUNDRED PERCENT using opensource software! (minus camera firmware I
suppose, haha)

Feel free to share the movie where ever you want! The only thing I’m
asking for is that you include my name.

As I count film-making to graphics, I feel that open source video
editing software should be a part of the LGM conference. Thus, I’d be
more than happy to have a short talk about the film at the next LGM. I
would present my workflow as well as point out areas where improvement
is possible (and sometimes really necessary) compared to closed
source, commercial software, which I’ve been using for a longer time.
What do you guys think about that?

I really hope you’ll enjoy it just as much as I enjoyed making it!
Can’t wait to hear your comments!

Jakub Szypulka

Totally inspirational Jakub! We at Fabricatorz will be ramping up our involvement towards the conference, especially since we love Montreal, Status.Net, have Fab affiliate CelineCelines there, and want to put on some really great Sharism-based events on this year!

Make sure to put LGM2011 on your calendar and join us at the Create Project to get involved deeper.

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分享主义 (Sharism) in 2010

We’ve had a big year for 分享主义. I took some time these past few holladaze to collect together links in English and Chinese about Sharism Forum and our new Sharism Presents events for the collection of history. Also, please check out the quick sharism presentation now live at Here’s to a big year of SHARISM in 2.0.11. Cheers!

Sharism Presents Hong Kong

Sharism Presents Singapore

Sharism Presents Montreal

Sharism Japan

Sharism at CC Korea

Random Posts about Sharism


Sharism Presents Montreal, Post-Sharism Forum Shanghai and Next Steps

What a year we’ve had with Sharism Forum Shanghai in October, then with the creation of our small salon-type event, Sharism Presents in Hong Kong and then Sharism Presents Singapore. 2010 has seen an increase in sharing between people in the world.

Sharism Present Montreal

Continuing with Sharism Presents, tomorrow night on December 21, 2010 starting at 6:30 PM in Montreal, Fabricatorz Affiliate, CelineCelines, Community Lead for Creative Commons Canada, has put together the first Creative Commons Salon Montreal, a Sharism Presents Event. The event has a superb line-up of artists, scholars and our very own Christopher Adams, speaking about the Sharism project, Fabricatorz and the project. CelineCelines is the MC and will also be doing videomixing live. If you are in Montreal (aka, YUL), then this is the place to be tomorrow night. All you LGM’rs, hackers, artists, wefunkers, developers and college students, Sala Rossa tomorow night at 6:30. Please eat some poutine for me at 4 AM ;)

At FablabSF and around the globe, the fabteam has been doing a lot of planning for what we are calling 2.0.11 — its like last year, but better and with bug fixes. A major part of last year is Sharism as I have explained on my personal website, Sharism is very basic about getting more people to share with each other. I developed this concept to further connect the various Free and Open Source movements into the Freedom Stack which I want to rename the Sharism Stack. And, last weekend, I took time to pay homage to my sister and the state of rapid fire development in the post “Charism, 7 Years in the Making” by defining that the more people you help, the more people who will help you.

And, on that note, we have publicly launched the public bug and feature tracker for the global Sharism movement on launchpad: Found Bugs? Want Features? If you want to do a Sharism Presents in your city, submit a blueprint for it. If you found a bug on the site please submit it. If you want to help us make the Aiki-based website better, the code is available. We will liberally hand out accounts to the site so others can help us make it great.

Sharism Logo

Sharism Logo is Unicode: Eight Spoked Asterisk is U+2733 ✳

Join us at at Sharism Launchpad and SHARISM.ORG. We need your input to make events, media, and software better and to be used by more people! We have to work on our cultural software together.