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Matt Hope Battles Beijing’s Bad Air with Fresh Bike “Breath”


Pollution in Beijing isn’t new. Beijing Cream recently stressed this in a write-up titled, China is Polluted. We Get It Already. But creative solutions to the pollution, like this breathing bike machine by artist Matt Hope, are new, especially when compared to the nonsense gimmickry being lobbed around today.

First exhibited in 2012 at Get It Louder (China’s most important contemporary art biennial), Hope’s Breath is a Frankenstein success story. Composed of a Walmart bicycle cobbled together with various found components, such as a wind generator, Ikea trash can and Chinese fighter pilot mask, Breath generates clean air through a electromechanical filtration system when in operation. Despite the fact that 5,000 volts of electricity are screaming between your legs when riding the Breath Machine, it’s clearly the most badass—and realistic—path to clean air in Beijing.

But see for yourself. Check this great introduction to Breath some cool Chinese girls just uploaded to YouTube:

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Matt Hope “Spectrum Divide” at Saamlung Gallery

Right about now, a room on the 26th floor of some unremarkable building in Hong Kong will go completely dark. The room, however, is quite remarkable as it is home to Saamlung Gallery, Hong Kong’s freshest contemporary art answer amidst “the Gagaosians and White Cubes”. And, despite retinally opting out, this same room will double its remarkability tonight as a result of Matt Hope‘s installation, “Spectrum Divide“:

“At one end of the gallery is constructed a bank of lightning sources numbering in the tens of thousands that emit a spectrum of light invisible to the naked eye. In terms of the vision of the machine world, however, the room is actually as bright as day. Certain kinds of cameras in the gallery are able to provide an illuminated video signal that seems to effectively double the architectural space of the installation: half bathed in floodlights and half under the cover of darkness.”

I’ve had the chance to experience Hope’s acoustic machinic assemblages before, and they’ve always delighted the senses, but this is a first in terms of “machine vision.” So if you find yourself in Hong Kong between now and October 6th make sure to check out “Spectrum Divide” and tell us what you think. In the meantime, the rest of us will have to make due by imagining our machines watching us as we sleep.

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Fabricatorz and Friendz In The Newz: Fine Art to Milkymist One MIDI Control (video)

Our friend Robin Peckham announces the launch of Saamlung, a new gallery and project office for Hong Kong. The forthcoming exhibitions will represent a survey of Post-Internet art as well as curatorial exhibitions alternating between project-based solo presentations and thematic group shows.

Nadim Abbas, I Would Prefer Not To, 2009, Digital photograph (C-print), 42 x 64 cm

The Saamlung model is research-driven and focuses on placing work within the exciting collections currently restructuring global visual culture to tell the story of a cosmopolitan present.

Get to Saamlung in person for the grand opening in February 2012.


Robin Peckham announces the launch of Saamlung, a new gallery and project office for Hong Kong.
26/F Two Chinachem Plaza
68 Connaught Rd. C.
(135-137 Des Voeux Rd. C.)
Central, Hong Kong

Pre-opening projects include:

João Vasco Paiva, “Palimpseptic,” 18 November – 5 December
Opening Friday 18 November, 19:00-21:00

Charles LaBelle, “Guilty,” 9 December – 7 January
Opening Friday 9 December, 19:00-21:00

For more information on the projects, please visit their website:

Our Friend Werner Almesberger states “You haven’t really seen what the Milkymist One (M1) really can do if you haven’t used it with some MIDI controls.”

Here’s Werner’s step-by-step instructions on how to make the Qi Hardware video synthesizer Milkymist One really pop. Get your very own Milkymist One here!

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Fabrication for Cantocore of Guy Overfelt’s “Untitled (Up in Smoke)”

Guy Overfelt just sent me this video to post up on Cantocore. I did and spread it around to all my sites because its such an mind blowing artwork and video. In Guangzhou, China, Fabricatorz facilitated the fabrication of this inflatable structure:

untitled (up in smoke)

Guy just sent me the brilliant video documenting the installation of his “Untitled (Up in Smoke)” which Fabricatorz facilitated in getting fabricated. Click the image above or follow the link to see the video.

Don’t forget tomorrow, Sat, Feb 28 from 4-6 PM is the Cantocore FOB Artists Talk at Mission 17. Come discuss the project with Guy, JD Beltran, David Johnson, Kathrine Worel, Justin Hoover, and myself.

After this fabrication, Fabricatorz assisted Matt Hope in connecting with the same Guangzhou-based inflatable company to begin fabrication on a 1/3 scale replica Russian submarine:

hunt is on inflatable by matt hope

While Fabricators does 50% creative projects, we also do contract work such as connecting up companies and artists with fabrication companies in China. If you are interested in getting something special (or not so special) fabricated, send us an e-mail.

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