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Making Dirt with Inkscape and Open Clip Art Library

dirt film simplifed

Its Friday and I want to make a fun post! Last night while working on a project with Christopher, I mentioned that we should add more dirt to some of our designz. He asked me how, so I made a quick HOWTO make dirt using our beloved Inkscape drawing software and then uploading the results, as scalable vector files to our project, Open Clip Art Library.

dirt bubbles on film

Check it out! If you like this post, please try to make your own dirt and upload to the Open Clip Art Library:

  1. Download image of dirt from a source like Google Image Search or Flickr.
  2. Download and use Inkscape, the free drawing tool!
  3. Import image in inkscape (I usually embed the image for now)
  4. Select Path > Trace Bitmap…
  5. Play with options (prefer simple black and white)
  6. Convert image to paths by clicking “OK”
  7. NOTE: At this point you will have some dirt. You may want to delete the image source material you imported now, or later.
  8. To create dirty type or make some shape dirrrty, then…
  9. Overlay shape or type on the dirt path.
  10. Then, play with path operations in the Inkscape Path menu like intersection, exclusion until you get a desirable result
  11. Have fun! Undo and Redo menu operations are your friend
  12. Upload your saved SVG (without the image in the file) to the Open Clip Art Library.

dirt bubbles detailed

Check out my growing collection in my Dirt Gallery (some of you who have known me for some time will get that KC comment ;).

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Art Basel – Miami Beach

A few of us made it to Miami Beach this year for the hoopla that is Art Basel. It’s always nice to drop in occasionally to see what the art world is up to, and glean what it deems hot or not. Not surprisingly, vulgarity still reigns large. But as I’ve noted elsewhere, hyper-superficiality can provide a breath of fresh air: making snap judgments based on whether or not something simply looks good is comforting in the same way that spending a December weekend in 80 degree weather is comforting.

Art Basel is definitely the most glamourous of all the art fairs that set up tent in Miami Beach, but several others created a strong buzz. Nada Art Fair, the free fair that focuses on smaller, independently-run galleries, is the younger, hipper and more tech-savvy alternative to Art Basel. The art at Nada wasn’t exactly impressive, but their events were far more eventful and exciting than those being hosted at Art Basel. I was able meet the people who run Bad At Sports, a dynamic group of people who do podcasts on contemporary art and had built a makeshift hut inside the lobby of the hotel where Nada was staged.

Almost as entertaining as crashing private cocktail parties that weekend was watching Miami Beach return to normal after everyone packed up and returned to their own private corners of the globe. Minus the influx of well-heeled visitors and sensational party buzz, Miami Beach felt almost as drab as the mannequin pictured above—blank and confused after being disrobed of all the designer garb.

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Sharism Presents Montreal, Post-Sharism Forum Shanghai and Next Steps

What a year we’ve had with Sharism Forum Shanghai in October, then with the creation of our small salon-type event, Sharism Presents in Hong Kong and then Sharism Presents Singapore. 2010 has seen an increase in sharing between people in the world.

Sharism Present Montreal

Continuing with Sharism Presents, tomorrow night on December 21, 2010 starting at 6:30 PM in Montreal, Fabricatorz Affiliate, CelineCelines, Community Lead for Creative Commons Canada, has put together the first Creative Commons Salon Montreal, a Sharism Presents Event. The event has a superb line-up of artists, scholars and our very own Christopher Adams, speaking about the Sharism project, Fabricatorz and the project. CelineCelines is the MC and will also be doing videomixing live. If you are in Montreal (aka, YUL), then this is the place to be tomorrow night. All you LGM’rs, hackers, artists, wefunkers, developers and college students, Sala Rossa tomorow night at 6:30. Please eat some poutine for me at 4 AM ;)

At FablabSF and around the globe, the fabteam has been doing a lot of planning for what we are calling 2.0.11 — its like last year, but better and with bug fixes. A major part of last year is Sharism as I have explained on my personal website, Sharism is very basic about getting more people to share with each other. I developed this concept to further connect the various Free and Open Source movements into the Freedom Stack which I want to rename the Sharism Stack. And, last weekend, I took time to pay homage to my sister and the state of rapid fire development in the post “Charism, 7 Years in the Making” by defining that the more people you help, the more people who will help you.

And, on that note, we have publicly launched the public bug and feature tracker for the global Sharism movement on launchpad: Found Bugs? Want Features? If you want to do a Sharism Presents in your city, submit a blueprint for it. If you found a bug on the site please submit it. If you want to help us make the Aiki-based website better, the code is available. We will liberally hand out accounts to the site so others can help us make it great.

Sharism Logo

Sharism Logo is Unicode: Eight Spoked Asterisk is U+2733 ✳

Join us at at Sharism Launchpad and SHARISM.ORG. We need your input to make events, media, and software better and to be used by more people! We have to work on our cultural software together.