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VJing Made So Simple Anyone Can Do It With The Milkymist One

The Qi Hardware project is proud to announce the Milkymist One video

Milkymist One video Synthesizer

A total power consumption of 5 watts and latency of 60 milliseconds
are the highlights of the new high-performance video synthesizer.
Without additional computer, Milkymist One takes line-in audio to
create real-time music visualizations. Ideal for musicians and DJs,
restaurant and bar owners, people organizing parties or interested in
visual art. The included camera feeds live video into the synthesis.

Milkymist One is the second product launched by Qi Hardware after the
Ben NanoNote in March 2010. While the NanoNote was built around a
MIPS-architecture SoC, Milkymist One takes copyleft freedoms one step
further by being the first free computing architecture built around
the GPL licensed 32-bit Milkymist SoC.

Visual artists benefit by being able to program their patches,
including connectivity and control of DMX lights, lasers and MIDI
instruments, all directly and in real-time from the Milkymist One
synthesizer. Network connectivity allows the inclusion of live Twitter
feeds. Free software programmers benefit by having the first fully
programmable graphics accelerator at their disposal, opening the world
of reusable and portable Verilog to free software developers.

Milkymist SoC is a new generation of collaboratively developed IC
designs, founded in 2007 by Sebastien Bourdeauducq. It aims to be an
ARM competitor with new sharism business model, allowing for greater
development speed and better customization and optimization in
embedded products.

Milkymist One is available from Sharism Ltd. now, and sells for 499
USD plus shipping from Taipei.

[1] Milkymist One shop:
[2] Media Gallery:

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Qi Hardware’s August News and Milkymist Logo Updates

Released today is the monthly Qi Hardware’s news where you’ll see a veritable explosion of developments.

Beyond the fun news of the homebrew CMOS project making the world’s smallest Nyan Cat, Fabricatorz Christopher Adams provided some design tweaks to the upcoming Milkymist One product launch:

Milkymist Logo Concept

The changes are included in the upcoming Milkymist One RC3 hardware with the new logo laser etched onto the top of the case, seen below.

Milkymist Engraved Logo

And then you can also see it propagated to the box design:

M1 Box Artwork

You can also see on the latest news the full spread of the slides I developed for FISL12 in Brazil:

Qi Hardware Milkymist Slides by REJON

This just scratches the surface of the last month of news from the Qi Hardware Project. Please read about the other developments and join the copyleft hardware revolution!

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Qi Hardware Introduces the Milkymist One @ FISL in Brazil

Watch me give the first complete Milkymist One presentation of the year, and check out this slide deck and feel that the Fabricatorz worked on for the upcoming Milkymist One, video synthesizer. Christopher came up with logotype with the Orbitron font, and I pulled together the general messaging, color palette and slide deck you will start seeing more and more as we move toward the Milkymist One RC3 launch. Its coming very soon!

(Download presentation)

(Use your keyboard arrows or click on the image to advance the slides.)

Also, I converted the original Fabricatorz update to the Qi Hardware look and feel, and Nanonote products, which needs to be distributed across sites, products and media:

(Download presentation)

We really are seeking feedback on these slide decks. What make sense? What looks good, bad, and how do you receive the messaging? Qi Hardware is Copyleft Hardware.

UPDATE: Qi Hardware and Nanonote use the Dustismo font. Added links to the SVG files for presentation. If you want to see the magic, then open the files to see the magic.

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Qi Hardware Releases First Batch of 6LoWPAN Wireless Devices

Today we’re proud to say that we have really big news coming out today from our Qi Hardware project! Two completely patent-free, copyleft hardware wireless devices have been made and are available for sale now!

Please meet the Ben WPAN. Its offspring are the ATBEN, a wireless device that fits into the Ben Nanonote’s microSD slot, and the ATUSB, an implementation that fits in a standard computer’s USB slot. These devices can now all communicate wirelessly now!

From the Ben WPAN page:

Ben WPAN is a project to create an innovative patent-free wireless personal area network (WPAN) that is copyleft hardware. The primary protocol is 6LoWPAN, pronounced “SLoWPAN”. The project lead is Werner Almesberger and it involves using the UBB, new testing software, and the Ben Nanonote to produce a next generation wireless personal area network.

We are extremely excited because this adds a crucial capability to our open hardware stack. That means that future products like the Milkymist and Nanonote lines will be able to communicate. Also, this allows for more people to join the development process, and to give us another innovative product.

For all those interested in 6LoWPAN uses, think Sensor Networks, Factory Automation, and short range connectivity.

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