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Fabricatorz: This Week – Conference Recaps & Open Source in the Classroom

Weeks spent hopping the globe and spreading the word on Open Source Tech have brought the Fabricatorz back into a heavy development cycle. As all of these projects and events evolve, Community updates become vital to those keeping track, and the first week of November promises a month packed with new and exciting projects!

Fabricatorz Developer, Christopher Adams, has been busy promoting Sharism on a global scale. Christopher and other Fabricatorz launched The Sharism Forum, at Get It Louder 2010 in Beijing, where the ideology behind new cultures stressing openness and sharing was featured and promoted.

October 23 brought Fabricatorz (Barry, Bassel, Jon and Christopher) to Doha, where they held an Open Source Workshop at the Digitally Open conference hosted by ICTQatar. The Workshop brought in a maximum capacity crowd of students and professionals eager to learn techniques, histories, and best practices of an emerging and Open digital culture.

October 25 saw even more Sharism love at a Creative Commons Salon in Beirut at Karaj, where Christopher again spent time introducing and presenting. Last week was rounded out with a group Developer/Planning Session at Hackerspace Damascus, where progress on new features for Aiki Framework were focal points.

In related Open Source news, The Open Clip Art Library recently received some contributions from a group of first-time users of it’s key development tool: Inkscape. John Haltiwanger led a class where students investigated the possibilities of the tool as an alternative to proprietary systems for creating digital artwork. Some examples from the students are shown above, below and as a part of the heading graphic.

Marije Rooze notes in her blog, after her work in Inkscape:

I like the idea of open source, of community and sharing. In terms of sympathy my head goes to initiatives like Inkscape. But I am also a creature of habit, unwilling to let go of something so good as Illustrator.

Marije’s impressions are indicative of the challenges that the Open Source Community has to address in order to move forward and continue cultivating a healthier and more vibrant digital culture. The Fabricatorz are hard at work making this a reality. Stay tuned for more Fabricatorz Business and Open Source cultural happenings.

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Access2Research: Supporting A Great Initiative To Foster Innovation, Research, And Education

Congratulations to the Access2Research campaign, and a special thank you to all the petition signers for taking action on what you believe.

Access2Research Petition over 25,000 signatures

Starting with John Wilbanks “John Hancock”, the Access2Research crew has successfully gathered 25,630 signatures to petition President Obama to “Require free access over the Internet to scientific journal articles arising from taxpayer-funded research.” Now since at least 25,000 people have signed the petition before June 19 2012, it will be placed in the Executive Office of the President for integration into policy.

“We believe in the power of the Internet to foster innovation, research, and education. Requiring the published results of taxpayer-funded research to be posted on the Internet in human and machine readable form would provide access to patients and caregivers, students and their teachers, researchers, entrepreneurs, and other taxpayers who paid for the research. Expanding access would speed the research process and increase the return on our investment in scientific research.

The highly successful Public Access Policy of the National Institutes of Health proves that this can be done without disrupting the research process, and we urge President Obama to act now to implement open access policies for all federal agencies that fund scientific research.”

Fabricatorz congratulate YOU for supporting and sharing the initiative for open research, innovation, and education. Feel free to sign up and add your signature to the Access2Research petition until June 19th, 2012. Keep learning more about Consent To Research and Access2Research. For more information on the context of the petition see Access2Research’s site and Mr. Wilbanks’s blog DEL-FI.

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Video Games as Art? A Response to Roger Ebert

Legendary and often divisive Chicago-based film critic, Roger Ebert, has recently re-ignited the fury of the gaming community with a recent blog post. In said post, he reacts to a recent TED speech, given by Kellee Santiago. Through this tirade, the readers are gifted with gems like:

Let me just say that no video gamer now living will survive long enough to experience the medium as an art form.

Among the many retorts to this initial critique, Fabricatorz developer, Brad Phillips, has crafted a reaction of his own.

A key oversight in Ebert’s assessment of the medium is his lack of actual experience or connection to anyone with that experience. He boils each game cited in Santiago’s speech down to a few video clips streamed via YouTube. Below you can view the original talk that spurred this renewed debate. Head over to Brad’s blog post, and let us know what you think!

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Open Clip Art Library Preps Sports 2010 Release!

The Open Clip Art Library has spent much of 2010 actively pursuing higher ground and greater methods of user contribution, beginning with the March Release of Version 2.0. Since that landmark release, the OCAL team has been on a regular iteration schedule, geared toward simplifying the user experience and fixing bugs.

More recent releases have begun adding incentives for content creation, in the form of themed package releases. To date, said releases have resulted in a wide array of content that forms a spectrum of seasonal work.

For the next release, scheduled on August 2nd, the Librarians are changing things up a bit, by calling for Sports-themed content from the Community. These new works will be included in the coming release and featured, as the latest downloadable package. Artists wishing to step up to the plate and contribute their original works are encouraged to register (if not already a member) and upload the SVG(s), tagging them with the keyword “sports2010“. Deadline for user submissions is Sunday, August 1st.

Members of the Fabricatorz team are currently hard at work on improving The Open Clip Art Library in many ways, including contributing to this new Sports pack. Join us and help make Open Clip Art Library Version 2.4 a landmark Release!


Open Font Library Release 0.5: Calling All Translators and Typophiles

San Francisco and Beijing, July 9, 2012Open Font Library, the preeminent online library of community-generated open fonts, is happy to announce version 0.5. With the help of the Fabricatorz development and design team, the new version is more instructive, organized and pretty. These updates enhance the Open Font Library’s commitment to the freedom of fonts, but the new version places special emphasis on the role of people and the community behind the project.

The new features and revisions increase the collaborative nature of the Open Font Library. Chief among them is an online translation tool which allows volunteers to improve language support on the site. The translation tool is simple and straight-forward, with step-by-step instructions in the Guidebook to walk translators through the process. Currently, Portuguese, German, Polish, and Spanish translations are in development—which will broaden the global appeal of the Open Font Library.

The Guidebook itself—Open Font Library’s “How-to” manual, so to speak—has received significant updates and revisions to assist those interested in using the site in whatever capacity. Every page is now divided into three main categories: Contribute, Information and Technical. The Guidebook pages help explain everything from basic activities, like “How to report a bug” and “How to contribute to an existing font”, to technical concerns like, “How to install FontForge” and the details of “Collaborative Design Workflows.”

“There are now more ways to participate in the Open Font Library than ever before,” says Open Font Library’s lead developer Christopher Adams. “With this latest release, everyone from serious type designers to curious typophiles has a chance to get involved. That is the beauty of the Open Font Library: it allows for a diverse community with a common passion to work together, regardless of expertise.”

With the 0.5 release, the Open Font Library aims to get even more people on board with free fonts. You too can get started by signing up for a free account, reading the guidebook, and then uploading your first font!

About Open Font Library
The mission of the Open Font Library ( is to promote your freedom as it relates to fonts. All of the typefaces contained in the library are available under a free license, which gives you the freedom to use, study, remix and share each and every font. The site is powered by the Aiki Framework (, a powerful web framework for building network services using the AGPL license.

About Fabricatorz
Fabricatorz ( is an open global production company that makes successful projects from start to finish. We specialize in developing software using Aiki Framework (, hardware using Qi Hardware (, and community-building around the philosophies of Sharism (


For more information, please write, or visit

Press Contact
Spencer Young
+49 1573 7430013



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Open Clip Art Library Version 2.9 Hits the Web

In mid-December, the Librarians at The Open Clip Art Library issued a final site upgrade for the year. Among many notable upgrades, a shift to a new Public Domain Dedication: CC Zero, a new Collections Feature, more streamlined and user account management, along with a Winter Holiday 2010 themed package were highlights.

gathering clip art

Today, the Open Clip Art Librarians are Officially Releasing the Latest Version of their website: Open Clip Art Library 2.9. This newest iteration, the first of the new year, again focuses on the end-user experience, along with filling out the ever-expanding body of art the site contains.

Kicking things off, a long-standing bug has been fixed in a major way. One of OCAL’s leading contributors, johnny_automatic, has gone through a gigantic list of clip art that had been previously not been connected to the site in transition from Open Clip Art lIbrary’s upgrade to 2.0, last spring and brought all of it back to life. As a result, OCAL’s collection has been fully restored to it’s original glory and the current Clip Art Tally stands at nearly 40,000 images!

Longtime visitors will also notice a major menu-item change. A new section, Collections, has replaced Packages. Users will still find information and links to download their favorite packages in this new section, but the change reflects a long-gestating idea that will shift the direction of content from managers of the site to it’s users. With Collections, any user is able to save a Clip Art that they love to a group that they themselves have created. Found a really useful set of icons? Create a Collection & share them with the Community, as a set! The latest Collections are displayed in this new section. As Collections grow and more data is gathered, this section will become vital to the new direction that The Open Clip Art Library will be shifting towards in future Releases.

anime hacker

Another key librarian turned developer, Chovynz, has made great strides in several key bugs, including a few related to Clip Art Comments. Registered users can now log into OCAL, select their ‘My Cliparts’ section, scroll to the bottom of the page and see a list of the most recent comments made on their uploaded works!

Shanghai City Skyline

New work continues to drive Open Clip Art Library’s progress. A new package has been made available with this release. Chinese New Year 2011 contains work related to the yearly shift, created by the Artists of OCAL’s expanding Community. Users wishing to contribute to the next Release’s package, Presidents, can do so by tagging any related work with the key term “presidents”.

Abraham Lincoln

The Fabricatorz are pushing The Open Clip Art Library to this next plateau with our development the Aiki Framework, the software engine that powers OCAL. We would like to thank everyone else who have helped this project continue to grow and succeed. You can also help find bugs and submit your feature requests, or join us as a librarian today! Please check out Open Clip Art Library to upload your clip art.

UPDATE: Don’t forget to check out all the great contributions towards this 2.9 release.


老板 赞助级别 (Laoban Soundsystem 2.0 Sponsorship in Chinese)

Thanks to Shasha Liu and Lu Jia, here are Chinese translations of the Laoban Soundsystem 2.0 Sponsorship blog post and main PDF.

Laoban Soundsystem 2.0 Infodoc Chinese

Fabricatorz的 “老板”音响系统2.0正式登陆中国。




迷你 赞助商 (250美元)
标志/图像 + 赞助商网站主页链接

标志/图像 +赞助商网站主页链接

超级赞助商 (1000美元)
标志/图像 +赞助商网站主页链接



老板音响系统活动是一个新型的媒体活动,活动鼓励大家来积极参与,并带来多媒体,笔记本电脑,各种视频播放器,相机和其他纪录工具。其目标就是混合各种媒体, 去探索艺术家,DJ, 音乐家,设计师和建筑师现在所做的事情——成功,失败和未完成的计划在老板活动中都会受到欢迎!最终计划就是通过混合多媒体和使人群通过他们的纪录在, flickr.com和其他地方上圈出“老板”,从而让消费者转变为制作人。

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Elections And Activism: How To Contact Your Representatives

We have been advocating for Bassel Khartabil (Bassel Safadi) through our #FREEBASSEL campaign for well over six months. Just recently there has been a flood of support thanks to the bolstering of Creative Commons, Electronic Frontier Foundation, and Amnesty International.

#FREEBASSEL Letters to high ranking officials of the Syrian Arab Republic (Syria)

Droves of people from all over the world have been licking stamps, writing letters, and addressing the unlawful detainment and suspected ill-treatment of detainees in Syria.

Since’s Amnesty International’s Urgent Action alert focused predominantly on writing letters to ranking officials in the Syrian Arab Republic, we are making a tutorial for those of you who want to make your voices heard in you local city, state, and country about this vastly important international issue regarding basic human rights.

So here it is a how-to on contacting your representatives. The tutorial will focus on the process for the United States, though I image it will be quite similar in many of your countries as well.

  • Internet search for the folks who represent you: State senators(select state) and local representatives (just type in your local zipcode)
  • Write Letter, sometimes this is the hardest part so feel free to copy and paste the #FREEBASSEL template below
  • Vote for people who will support what you believe in on November 6th from human rights to health care to tax reform. Remember ultimately YOU are in power

Dear [Representative, President, Secretary of State, Senator],

I am writing to you to raise awareness about a topic of recent concern to me, and to seek information about [insert your nation here] American policies and initiatives in the Middle East.

As my representative, I hope that it is appropriate for me to raise this international issue with you.

Earlier this year I added my name to an online petition [] in support of the imprisoned Syrian software engineer, Bassel Khartabil, who has been detained in his home country since March 15, 2012.

The campaign surrounding this petition has received support from prominent Human Rights, Internet, and Free Culture organizations, such as Amnesty International, the Mozilla Foundation, Creative Commons, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Recently, I have tried to raise awareness about this case but, as merely a concerned citizen, there are obvious limits on what I can realistically do.

It is my understanding that he has been detained at the Military Intelligence Branch in Kafr Sousseh without access to a lawyer or his family, and that no charges have been raised against him. In addition, I have heard that he has been tortured and possibly denied access to the medical care which he requires as a diabetic.

I do not know Bassel personally, but I have been made aware of his good work in promoting Syrian culture and heritage. Learning about Bassel’s plight, I feel that I must express sadness at the ill treatment he has reportedly received.

I hope that you can see the need for compassion in this case, and trust that you can bring your influence to bear on investigating and improving his situation.

Are there existing initiatives to resolve human rights cases such as this one in Syria? If so, is it possible to report this case to the organization responsible? If not, will you suggest some organizations that can advise and support efforts to obtain the release of Bassel, and other prisoners like him at the international level?

Kind regards,

[Your Name Here]

Here is the link to the Urgent Action Alert from Amnesty International
[ ]

Pete Ippel Voting 2012, Ventura California

In the United States, we are on the verge of a very important election and now is the time to make your voice heard. Write letters, make phone calls, send emails, start by acting locally and thinking globally.

Thank you to all the folks who have sent copies of their letters to with permission to edit them and share. Please continue to do so.

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LGM 2011 Recap: Fabricatorz Drive New Releases

The Fabricatorz recently capped off an exciting and eventful week at the 6th annual Libre Graphics Meeting, in Montreal. The 4-day Conference was packed with developers and users of free software including Inkscape, Scribus, Gimp, Blender, DeviantArt, and many more. Developer Brad Phillips closed out the Day One talks with a guide to making our unique avatars, as well as announcing the Release of Open Clip Art Library 3.0.

As the talks rolled into Day Two, Christopher Adams revealed the highly-anticipated, refreshed Open Font Library, to much adulation.

The hits kept coming through Day Four, when Fabricatorz Founder, Jon Phillips, unveiled the Milkymist video synthesizer, alongside a vision of an open hardware future for LGM.

The Fabricatorz want to send out a big thanks to all involved in organizing and hosting events for this year’s Libre Graphics Meeting. More great events and Releases lay ahead, as we look forward to the rest of 2011!

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“Clipart of the Month” for October of 2009

“Clip Art of the Month” honors for October of 2009 go to raulxav for his unique spin on the RSS feed icon.

Regular internet users know that RSS feeds can significantly reduce time spent finding new content on your favorite web pages.

Visit to read the full article!

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Laoban Soundsystem 1.0 Holiday Mixing Event


This Friday, December 12, 8 PM – 12 Midnight, Fabricatorz and CPU:798 hosting the launch of the Laoban Soundsystem 1.0 with a free and open to the public event at
CPU:798 (map) in DaShanZi/798, Beijing

We invite all to come out to the launch of version 1.0 of the Laoban Soundsystem for a special Holiday Mixing Event at CPU:798. This is a new type of media event where all are welcome to join, bring media, laptops, video players, cameras, and other recording devices. The goal is to mix media, explore what artists, DJs, musicians, designers, and architects are working on RIGHT NOW — successes, failures, and rough edges are welcome at Laoban events! The ultimate plan is for consumers to be producers by both mixing media, and by tagging any recordings they have with “laoban” when posting onto,, or other places.

To kick off the first event, we have seeded the night with a few solid mixes including:

There will be the Laoban Soundsystem 1.0 to plug sound devices into, a projector for any videos, and free beer to provide the social lubricant for the evening.

  • WHEN Friday, December 12, 8 PM – 12 midnight
  • WHERE CPU:798 (map:, DaShanZi/798 in Beijing. Once inside DaShanZi/798, head to UCCA. Across from UCCA is Timezone8 Bookstore/Cafe. Walk towards Timezone8 and down the street until the very end where you will find CPU:798 at the end of the street and the Laoban Logo/Sound.
  • WHO Artists, Musicians, Friends, Software/Web
  • TAGS laoban, beijing, experimental, art, music, dubstep, media, sharing, freebeer

798 Art District
2 Jiuxianqiao Lu
Chaoyang District
100015 Beijing
P.R. China

Mobile: +86 1.360.282.8624

老板音响系统1.0, CPU:798圣诞Mixing活动


我们邀请大家来参加“老板音响系统1.0” 的启动活动,一次在 CPU:798 画廊的圣诞Mixing 活动。这是一个新的媒体活动尝试,欢迎大家带上你们的手提电脑、摄像机、播放器或其它录制设备来参加活动。我们的目的是混合媒体,并了解艺术家、DJ、音乐家、设计师、建筑师正在进行的工作和项目,无论是成功的、失败的还是未完成的项目。计划的最终目的是通过媒体的混合,以及通过在纪录的内容(照片,视频等)上添加“老板”的标签(tagging) 并上传到, 和其它地方,从而使消费者成为生产者。


地点:CPU: 798 (map:

地点:CPU: 798 (map:,798内优伦斯对面时八书店的小路尽头就是 CPU:798,将有“老板”标记。




As a note, please jump over to the Laoban page and you can download the plans for the first set of Laoban speakers under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 license. You can print them out, build them, and then share what you have created with the word with the tag, Laoban, on your favorite social networking websites.

Laoban Soundsystem is an open sound system. The plans for all speakers are available on-line. The events the soundsystem participates in are media events that generate further media. Anyone who attends the events, creates the speakers, or produces content for them, please tag your work with laoban.

My old friend, Matt Hope and are having the big bass edition of the Laoban Soundsystem fabricated in HeBei outside of Beijing over the holidays. We are on the look out to work with others, teach anyone how to make these speakers, and see what things can happen by producing these speakers and events.


Qi Hardware Introduces the Milkymist One @ FISL in Brazil

Watch me give the first complete Milkymist One presentation of the year, and check out this slide deck and feel that the Fabricatorz worked on for the upcoming Milkymist One, video synthesizer. Christopher came up with logotype with the Orbitron font, and I pulled together the general messaging, color palette and slide deck you will start seeing more and more as we move toward the Milkymist One RC3 launch. Its coming very soon!

(Download presentation)

(Use your keyboard arrows or click on the image to advance the slides.)

Also, I converted the original Fabricatorz update to the Qi Hardware look and feel, and Nanonote products, which needs to be distributed across sites, products and media:

(Download presentation)

We really are seeking feedback on these slide decks. What make sense? What looks good, bad, and how do you receive the messaging? Qi Hardware is Copyleft Hardware.

UPDATE: Qi Hardware and Nanonote use the Dustismo font. Added links to the SVG files for presentation. If you want to see the magic, then open the files to see the magic.

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Totally Free Network Services

This is a slide share that describes how Status.Net is unique from other existing servies and why it is a step in the right direction towards a totally free network service:

Screen shot 2010-02-21 at 10.45.33 AM

Your life and your business are your own!

Screen shot 2010-02-21 at 10.50.55 AM

Take control of your status!

Screen shot 2010-02-21 at 11.17.33 AM

Need something federated and scalable beyond one person or companies efforts!

Totally Free Network Services

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Platform Upgrades: Aiki Framework 0.6 + Open Clip Art Library 2.7

Today has proven to be a monumental day in the Open Source Community, with the Release of Aiki Framework 0.6 alongside it’s featured website: Open Clip Art Library 2.7. The Fabricatorz Team is largely responsible for the development of these latest iterations and we are proudly endorsing their entrance into the public domain!

Fabricatorz Developer (and Lead Aiki Developer), Bassel Safadi, has pushed out a new and improved package for Aiki’s latest instance. A major compatibility hurdle has been tackled with out-of-box Language Support. Now, sites created using the web framework can be efficiently localized all over the world!

If multi-lingual websites aren’t enough to peak interest, another (and even more promising) feature arrives in Aiki Framework 0.6: Revision Control. Adjustments made to sites and widgets are logged and it’s now possible to return to previous incarnations! Bassel says of this latest asset:

Revision Control was a hotly requested feature that I’m very excited to have been able to bring to Aiki Framework. Developers now have even greater control over the progress of their sites. In the future, we will expose this feature more along with other ways of notifying Aiki developers about updates to Aiki Installations.

The 2.7 Edition of The Open Clip Art Library is marked by several adjustments and ever-increasing stats. Most noticeably, a link to a web survey has been placed atop OCAL’s main pages. The Librarians encourage all users of the platform to fill out the short questionnaire, as the results will help Developers push Open Clip Art Library in more effective ways. October saw the upload of over 600 svg files and more than 1,500 new registered users! Along with the more robust collection, a Thanksgiving-themed clip art set is now available. Users can download individual works created by Community Artists or a single download that encapsulates the entire body of work.

For more information on the recent launch, check out the Official Press Release.

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CCD – The Community | OPEN CALL!


2012 Theme: The Politics of Meeting
CCD – The Community is the newest and most awaited addition to the ever growing, city-wide events of Beijing Intl’ Design Week. Debuting with the 2012 edition set to open on September 28, CCD – The Community is a creative incubator playing host to a research-driven program rethinking synergies across art, design and technology, to shape unprecedented encounters among intersecting communities of local and international players, professional visionaries, innovative makers and thinkers.

Drawn as a thematic ensemble of exhibitions, special installations, live events, educational programs, workshops and seminars, CCD – The Community features projects spanning geographical locations, design strategies, visual languages, theoretical and academic investigations, methodologies of material and intangible production unpacking the cultural and economic predicaments of China’s call for “indigenous innovation”.

A ‘city within the city’ CCD is a space of convergence that has grown organically around the life of its inhabitants: here life goers, migrants workers, farmers, small entrepreneurs and taxi drivers sit with designers, artists, collectors and dealers.

CCD – THE COMMUNITY arises from a wishful, positive proposition of creative communication with its unique social and spatial dimension. It plays out a urban fantasia enlivened by the meeting of participatory, haphazard systems of communal existence and the open-source, self-generated technologies of contemporary creative production. CCD is a grassroots, authentic self-expression of a networked community predicated on sustainable values of collective intelligence.

Log on as an Exhibitor.

Follow the online instructions: tell us who you are, how we can contact you, and provide a brief description of your project (300 words max) including up to 3 images.

You can apply with projects in any design category (product, fashion, interactive, digital, graphic, etc.).

Under Notes please specify what type of event (i.e. an exhibition, installation, indoor or outdoor project, workshop, talk, screening program or performance, etc.).

CCD – The Community does not ask for any participation or rental fee.

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Xiaoban 0.5

Xiaoban 0.5

Originally uploaded by rejon

This is just a nice post to tide you over until the real Xiaoban 1.0 samples arrive here in Beijing and we can post more. Promise there is movement towards making these real. Don’t forget this all comes from the Laoban project.

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Sharism Presents Berlin

rejon doing che sharerra
Jon in front of the Wall Barry Threw made for Book Sprint

On Wednesday, February 2, 2.0.11 from 1400 – 1600 will be the first Sharism Presents Berlin at the Transmediale festival. Let us know, by following us at @sharism you are coming, or just show up! Its a free and open event. Sharism Presents are events without slides and everyone shares one thing for an open discussion. This events features several sharists including:

Open Zone @ transmediale [main lobby]
Haus der Kulturen der Welt
John-Foster-Dulles-Allee 10
10557 Berlin – Germany

Public transport connections

S-Bahn Hauptbahnhof – Main Station (S3, S5, S7, S9, S75)
U-Bahn Bundestag (U 55)
Bus 100 and Bus M 85

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Cantocore Free On Board Artists Talk in SF!

Come this Saturday, February 28, 4-6pm to Mission17 and join us for drinks and conversation! This program is free and open to the public.

Artists JD Beltran, David Johnson, Guy Overfelt, Jon Phillips, and Kathrine Worel will discuss contemporary art production in the decentralized global economy, with specific emphasis on connections to the conceptual framwork, Cantocore. The discussion will be moderated by curator/artist Justin Hoover.

Please RSVP on the facebook event page.

Reblogged from Cantocore website.

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