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Totally Free Network Services

This is a slide share that describes how Status.Net is unique from other existing servies and why it is a step in the right direction towards a totally free network service:

Screen shot 2010-02-21 at 10.45.33 AM

Your life and your business are your own!

Screen shot 2010-02-21 at 10.50.55 AM

Take control of your status!

Screen shot 2010-02-21 at 11.17.33 AM

Need something federated and scalable beyond one person or companies efforts!

Totally Free Network Services

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Fabricatorz and Aiki Lab to Facilitate Open Source Developers Workshop in Collaboration With ictQATAR and Creative Commons Qatar

Register at

Join ictQATAR and Creative Commons Qatar for a workshop on Open Source Development, Saturday, September 24 – Sunday, September 25 at the W Doha. The workshop will run from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. both days. Workshop participants will receive a general overview of how open source works in development, including case studies of innovations in the field, then will engage in hands-on coding and development sessions that will result in a collaborative open source project.

This workshop is geared towards individuals with development experience, and is open to all web and software developers in Qatar, including those working in the IT industry, government, the public sector and students. It will focus on:
• Helping developers use the latest Open Source Software
• Working with developers to create sustainable software and business models
• Allowing for networking between local developers on their projects/business and global software development
• Working with startup founders who are also developers, attack their targets
• Showing and exploring new technologies

The Open Source Developers Workshop will be facilitated by Aiki Lab, a Singaporean company created to work globally to create technology which makes the quality of life better for people. It is co-founded by Bassel Safadi and Jon Phillips in order to build upon the software, Aiki Framework ( The company has created numerous open source projects such as Creative Commons Asia, Creative Commons Arab World, Joi Ito’s People Project, helped to launch the startup Creation Mix, and continues to be the steward for its rapidly evolving software.

The workshop is free, but advance registration is required and space is limited. Register at

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Open Clip Art Library Unleashes Version 3.0: Collections, Favorites & Batch Management

Montreal, May 12, 2011 – Today at the 6th Libre Graphics Meeting 2011 in Montreal, the Open Clip Art Library along with its commercial stewards, the Fabricatorz, have launched the biggest, most featureful version of everyone’s favorite public domain library of clip art, a collection that is free to use for any reason.

Lead developer of Open Clip Art Library and Fabricatorz Developer, Brad Phillips said, “This is our biggest release ever! We have fixed loads of bugs, and Fabricatorz have been leading an effort to create a traditional favorites system so all clip art may be rated by any artist. We have been actively working to close bugs and implement feature requests.”

Additional features include a new sorting category, displaying on the main page, that takes advantage of the new favorites system by listing clip art according to most popular. There is now enhanced profile management capabilities and also an ability to list links to a user’s different profiles. There are 50+ bug fixes on this 3.0 release that make the entire project work smoothly. And, now its easy to generate bitmap images on-demand, thanks to the contribution from user boobaloo from the project.

A major feature added in this release is the batch management action bar. This tool allows for librarians to add or delete clip art searches and tags. For normal artists (users) it allows for the ability to add to and remove clip art from collections. Collections is a feature from the last release so that themed sets of clip art are combined by someone.

As has come to be expected in recent Releases, a brand new Package of themed clip art is out. Open Clip Art Library 3.0’s theme is ‘Famous People’, and the package contains dozens of newly created graphics for all uses, many of which have been contributed by attendees of workshops at LGM 2011.

For all users and services using the Open Clip Art Library, Fabricatorz is a commercial production company that actively adds features to the Open Clip Art Library. Fabricatorz founder, Jon Phillips states, “The Fabricatorz stand ready to add desired features like a Request System, an Artist Donation System, and a Showcase section on the site. For any businesses, services or benefactors that are interested in these features, we want to work with you to realize new features on the project.”

3.0 Highlights

* Favorites system sprinkled throughout the site
* Most popular category on the main page
* Users can add multiple links to their profiles
* Batch management (collections and clipart management)
* 2 active events, famous people, doudou linux logo
* 50+ bug fixes
* Simpler personal information management
* Embed controls for clip art


We now provide monthly customized packages related to monthly themes. Please follow the url below to download the latest packages.

About Open Clip Art Library

Since 2004, the Open Clip Art Library ( aims to create an archive of user contributed clip art that may be freely used. All graphics submitted to the project are placed into the Public Domain according to the Creative Commons Public Domain Declaration. The site is powered by the Aiki Framework (, a new web framework using the AGPL license. The Open Clip Art Library. Drawing Together.

About Fabricatorz

The Fabricatorz ( is a “open” production company that makes successful projects from start to finish, including development and community management. We specialize in Free and Open Source Software, Creative Commons technology, growing on-line and off-line communities in San Francisco, China and the Arab World. Our core focus is in developing software using Aiki Framework, hardware using Qi Hardware, and community-building around the philosophies of Sharism.

For More Information


Press Contact
Jon Phillips
+1.415.830.3884 San Francisco + China


Fabricatorz Launch CreativeCommons.Asia on Aiki Framework

Fabricatorz in collaboration with the DotAsia Organization has launched a new website to highlight news and promote development among regional Creative Commons (CC) affiliates in Asia. The new site, CreativeCommons.Asia, is the latest in a series of sites developed by Fabricatorz on the Aiki Framework software.

Fabricatorz is an “open” production company that divides its energies equally between internally developed and externally contracted projects. Fabricatorz specialize in Free and Open Source Software, Creative Commons licenses/technology, and growing on-line and off-line communities in San Francisco, China and the Arab World. The new release of CreativeCommons.Asia was developed by Fabricatorz pro bono as part of its ongoing commitment to the promotion of free culture and free software in Asia and around the globe.

Check out the Official Announcement for more information!

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AcaWiki Presentation at FISL12 in Brazil

One of my duties on the Fabricatorz client project, AcaWiki, is to present when possible about the project. We are supporters of AcaWiki and are actively growing the academic summaries and community. Below is a presentation I made at FISL12 in Porto Alegre, that provides an overview of the problems the AcaWiki project addresses, and the solutions its provides. Its very general, and for explaining the project’s drive and goals to get more people involved. Please do give your feedback and use the slides freely:

(Use your keyboard arrows or click on the image to advance the slides. You need the Droid Serif font to properly view the slides.)

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Platform Upgrades: Aiki Framework 0.6 + Open Clip Art Library 2.7

Today has proven to be a monumental day in the Open Source Community, with the Release of Aiki Framework 0.6 alongside it’s featured website: Open Clip Art Library 2.7. The Fabricatorz Team is largely responsible for the development of these latest iterations and we are proudly endorsing their entrance into the public domain!

Fabricatorz Developer (and Lead Aiki Developer), Bassel Safadi, has pushed out a new and improved package for Aiki’s latest instance. A major compatibility hurdle has been tackled with out-of-box Language Support. Now, sites created using the web framework can be efficiently localized all over the world!

If multi-lingual websites aren’t enough to peak interest, another (and even more promising) feature arrives in Aiki Framework 0.6: Revision Control. Adjustments made to sites and widgets are logged and it’s now possible to return to previous incarnations! Bassel says of this latest asset:

Revision Control was a hotly requested feature that I’m very excited to have been able to bring to Aiki Framework. Developers now have even greater control over the progress of their sites. In the future, we will expose this feature more along with other ways of notifying Aiki developers about updates to Aiki Installations.

The 2.7 Edition of The Open Clip Art Library is marked by several adjustments and ever-increasing stats. Most noticeably, a link to a web survey has been placed atop OCAL’s main pages. The Librarians encourage all users of the platform to fill out the short questionnaire, as the results will help Developers push Open Clip Art Library in more effective ways. October saw the upload of over 600 svg files and more than 1,500 new registered users! Along with the more robust collection, a Thanksgiving-themed clip art set is now available. Users can download individual works created by Community Artists or a single download that encapsulates the entire body of work.

For more information on the recent launch, check out the Official Press Release.

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Weak Soundsystem: Beijing Design Week 2012

Matt Hope was commissioned to build a custom soundsystem for CCD, The Community, a satellite event to this year’s Beijing Design Week, so he stole a page from his teenage speaker plan book and realized the project in common plasterboard and off-the-shelf speaker drivers.

The Weak Soundsystem fit right in at the CCD Pavilion, nestled in the courtyard of White Space Beijing, and survived a week of exposure to the cultural and climatic elements of Caochangdi.

If you need proof, check out the complete photoset I’ve uploaded to Flickr.

CCD, The Community ran from September 28 to October 6 as part of Beijing Design Week 2012. Fabricatorz built the Caochangdi website, kept the Weak Soundsystem humming, and helped deliver on a successful event.

Weak Soundsystem

Weak Soundsystem

Weak Soundsystem

Weak Soundsystem

Weak Soundsystem

Weak Soundsystem

Weak Soundsystem

CCD Pavilion

CCD Pavilion

Weak Soundsystem

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Cantocore Guangzhou on September 5th!

I’ve blogged about Cantocore launching on, and of course, Please help us by spreading the news about the project to all your friends!

Cantocore Graphic

Last week we did a press barrage for the upcoming Cantocore show in Guangzhou, China! I know a lot of you are spread all throughout the globe, but nonetheless, I hope that anyone in the region can make it for the big September 5th Opening! It will be fantastic.

I wrote the exhibition text, have been coordinating fabrication, and somewhere in the midst trying to finish my project for the exhibition. We are up late right now finishing some projects and the publication is coming along nicely for the last minute print deadline for tomorrow :) Here is a sampling of the press text which you can read in full at

Today the Cantocore Project and Ping Pong Space announced the upcoming contemporary art show, Cantocore: Import/Export in Guangzhou, China during September 2008. This initial show features contemporary artists from San Francisco and Guangzhou producing artwork around the more detailed relationship between import and export of culture and materials between Guangzhou, China and San Francisco. This first part of the Cantocore exhibition, Import, begins with an opening on Friday, September 5 from 8 PM at the brand new Ping Pong Space in Guangzhou, China. The show continues until Tuesday, September 16 with gallery hours of 2:00 PM until 10:00 PM daily. The second part of the show, Export, opens Sunday, September 21 at 8 PM until 10 PM when a special video screening developed by San Francisco’s Mission 17 titled “Stardusted” will be presented at the Ping Pong Bar from 10 PM until 11PM. The second half, Export, continues daily until Saturday, October 4 with daily hours from 2:00 PM to 10:00 PM.

The Cantocore Import/Export exhibition examines, through applied art practice, the relationship between import and export of culture between Guangzhou and San Francisco by asking a simple phrase: Are you Cantocore? Guangzhou, also called Canton, is the third most populous city in China and its province, Guangdong, is a major manufacturer of textiles and electronics for export to the United States. San Francisco has the largest import of Chinese immigrants of any US city, primarily from the Guangdong province. Chinese immigrants also created the largest Chinatown in North America in San Francisco. However, understanding the conceptual framework of Cantocore is not limited to geographic divisions, nor reductive dichotomies driven by post-colonial stereotypes such as East vs. West, nor Olympic nationalism pridefully paramount in China vs. US “non-political” sports matches. Cantocore is the reality of life versus the theory set forth by jurisdictions where people live.

The artists in the Cantocore exhibition were tasked with creating projects which explore import and export, materially and conceptually. Practically, how can one’s artwork be actualized either through fabrication locally in Guangzhou or imported from San Francisco? Guidelines for the creation of the work were left alone since modern strategies for creating artwork such as remaking, remixing, interpreting, pirating, translating, copying, and appropriating content, already espouse the Cantocore style. After the proposals were received from invited artists, curation of works took place based upon the processes, scope, location of artists and available resources to constitute this first Cantocore dialogue.

Curation for this show has been a group effort by Deer Fang, Justin Hoover, and Jon Phillips from the Cantocore Project and Wu Jay from Ping Pong Space (PPS). Layout and Design for the show is done by Pierre Picard (PPS) while wordsmithing has been handled by Nikita Choi (PPS), Jon Phillips and Deer Fang.

Exhibition Venue

#60 Xian Lie Dong Heng Lu Ping Pong Space, Guangzhou

Cantocore Import
September 6th – 26th, 2008
Opening: Friday, September 5th, 8PM – 10 PM.
Drinks after at Ping Pong Bar.

Cantocore Export
September 22nd – October 2nd, 2008
Opening: Sunday, September 21st, 8PM – 10PM

Video Screening “Stardusted” at Ping Pong Bar

September 21st 2008, 10PM – 11PM

Regular Gallery Hours
Tuesday – Sunday 2 PM – 10 PM
Gallery Closed on Monday

Ping Pong Bar Open Everyday

Also, we just updated some images of works for the show. Here is a sampling of the full post over at

For all you needing images out there, we have just up pushed out images for David Johnson who will be exhibiting a work titled “Made in China” and Guy Overfelt who is getting some magic smoke fabricated.

Guy Overfelts Untitled (Up in Smoke) Sketch

Please check out the press section to help blog and promote this show!

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FREEBASSEL SUNLIGHT: Celebrate Bassel’s Birthday

Bassel Khartabil photocopy style freebassel

Our brother Bassel is still not out of Syrian Jail Hell. He is not yet a FREEBASSEL. Our campaign has worked to bring him media attention and some form of increased safety. What has not worked is that journalists are not writing about Bassel because we don’t have novel information and/or journalists are not finding his story exciting enough without some new original sources of information.

Also, today is Bassel’s 32nd birthday. He was born a Gemini on May 22, 1981. This is the second birthday that he has spent in Syrian jail hell. Have you ever spent your birthday in jail, and then for a second time? This is horrible.


Rather than add more words, retweets or spamism to the topic of our dear friend, we ask only one thing today. Please help shine some sunlight on Bassel by doing some novel research on his situation, where he is located, and help connect the dots of his situation and life. If you are not in a situation where you have the resources to help with this, then please create some art, design or action about Bassel. Some people are sending happy birthday wishes on twitter. Our friends at Index on Censorship made a blog post to their readership with quotes from Index CEO Kirsty Hughes, Creative Commons founder Lawrence Lessig and more sending their wishes to Bassel on his birthday.

A great FREEBASSEL SUNLIGHT project Niki Korth’s group The Conversation Space just launched today with an open discussion about Bassel by Creative Commons CEO, Cathy Casserly, and staff. Thanks to you all for doing this!

Part 2

Creative Commons reflects on Bassel pt. 2 from The Big Conversation Space on Vimeo.

Elliot Harmon of Creative Commons theorizes about why Bassel's detainment has received scant coverage by major media.

Sound "Thriller-Dramatic" by Toam on

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Sharism Forum 2010.10.22 Shanghai 800 SHOW

时间:二零一零年十月二十二日 AM 10:00 – PM7:00
与会嘉宾:Christopher ADAMS、钟宏安 Edmon CHUNG、付晓东 FU Xiaodong、
宫力 Li GONG、胡泳 HU Yong、Brianna LAUGHER、Mike LINKSVAYER、刘妍 LIU Yan、毛向辉 Isaac MAO、欧宁 OU Ning、Jon PHILLIPS、Nate PRODROMOU、邱林川 Jack QIU、 田霏宇 Philip TINARI、於积理 Gino YU、张安定 Zafka ZHANG


本届大声展精选了北京及上海两站,继续采取巡展的模式,9月19日在北京开展(展期至 10月10日),此后将移至上海(10月22日至11月7日)。在展览创始人——同时也是去年深圳·香港城市建筑双城双年展的总策展人 ——欧宁的主持下,2010大声展将探讨分享主义这一主题。在网络2.0与社交媒体、云智能、推特等现象的语境下,“分享主义”将审视逐步纠结、难以分割的公共和私人领域。从更广阔的角度来看,这一主题将涉及合作、个人主体及集体行动等问题,同时致力于把展览变成争取虚拟和真实社区空间的场所。

2010大声展将在上海举行的为期一天的“分享主义论坛”,届时会通过小组讨论和讲座的形式探讨本届展览的主题。该论坛同时是2010大声展上海站的开幕活动。在全球性的分享文化正在世界各地持续发声的同时,许多国际与本地人士,纷纷以其行动与作品,实践了分享主义精神,塑造出这一波全球性的分享主义风潮。论坛邀请多位认同”分享主义”精神、打造“分享主义“文化的国际与本地思想家、实践者与行动份子,一同探讨并分享其经验。 我们诚挚邀请您的参与,加入我们成为这一波分享文化运动的一份子。会议中将探讨各种基于分享精神的实践,并引介最新的分享科技、特色及其运用。


分享主义是一场心灵革命:你给出的越多,你得到的越多。你分享的越多,你将得到更多人的分享。它是我们身处的资讯时代的信仰系统;是透过自由及开放源代码软件的人际与技术网络所传播的哲学;也是每一则用户生成内容(UGC, User-Generated Content)的背后动机。它是知识共享(Creative Commons)的宗旨,鼓励人们分享、重混,并给予文化创造更多的认同与肯定。分享主义:是一种人人都可以尝试的精神实践,它也是一种日常的行为,召唤了日益精进的集体智慧的到来。我们更不应忽略,乐于分享的人们获得了来自各种社群的敬意,社会资本因此得以不断地累积。






分享主义, 正将我们所有人紧密地连结在一起。


Google Inc.
Mozilla Foundation and Mozilla Drumbeat.



Access2Research: Supporting A Great Initiative To Foster Innovation, Research, And Education

Congratulations to the Access2Research campaign, and a special thank you to all the petition signers for taking action on what you believe.

Access2Research Petition over 25,000 signatures

Starting with John Wilbanks “John Hancock”, the Access2Research crew has successfully gathered 25,630 signatures to petition President Obama to “Require free access over the Internet to scientific journal articles arising from taxpayer-funded research.” Now since at least 25,000 people have signed the petition before June 19 2012, it will be placed in the Executive Office of the President for integration into policy.

“We believe in the power of the Internet to foster innovation, research, and education. Requiring the published results of taxpayer-funded research to be posted on the Internet in human and machine readable form would provide access to patients and caregivers, students and their teachers, researchers, entrepreneurs, and other taxpayers who paid for the research. Expanding access would speed the research process and increase the return on our investment in scientific research.

The highly successful Public Access Policy of the National Institutes of Health proves that this can be done without disrupting the research process, and we urge President Obama to act now to implement open access policies for all federal agencies that fund scientific research.”

Fabricatorz congratulate YOU for supporting and sharing the initiative for open research, innovation, and education. Feel free to sign up and add your signature to the Access2Research petition until June 19th, 2012. Keep learning more about Consent To Research and Access2Research. For more information on the context of the petition see Access2Research’s site and Mr. Wilbanks’s blog DEL-FI.

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Fabricatorz: This Week – Laoban Soundsystem at Get It Louder

The Fabricatorz are charging through a week filled with sets of hotly-anticipated projects and collaborative efforts. Just today, Fabricatorz Founding Developer Jon Phillips led the way in the Announcing Laoban Soundsystem 2.0 and it’s associated debut at Get It Louder in Beijing (beginning at 7:00pm, this Sunday, September 19). Christopher Adams, who has been hard at work on Get It Louder organization, will be present at the event, alongside Jon.

Also just Released,, the latest in an exciting lineup of new pages developed under Fabricatorz Developer Bassel Safadi, and his Aiki Framework. Visitors to Laoban Soundsystem’s new homepage will find details of Laoban-powered events, as well as official documentation and steps to take to replicate these 6000-watt beasts.

Speaking of Aiki Framework, Bassel continues behind-the-scenes plowing, as the platform encroaches ever nearer it’s 0.5 Release. Enthusiasts can stay tuned in to Fabricatorz and expect a new iteration in the very near future!

Another Aiki-Powered Project, The Open Clip Art Library, is fast moving up it’s Release Schedule and adding new features, to boot. Fabricatorz Developer Brad Phillips has inserted a new ‘Community Status Updates’ Section, at the base of the home page sidebar, in which the latest updates from the Open Clip Art Library StatusNet Page are featured.

Check this space again soon, for more on Get It Louder, Sharism, and other projects and events in the Fabricatorz Universe!

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Qi Hardware Releases First Batch of 6LoWPAN Wireless Devices

Today we’re proud to say that we have really big news coming out today from our Qi Hardware project! Two completely patent-free, copyleft hardware wireless devices have been made and are available for sale now!

Please meet the Ben WPAN. Its offspring are the ATBEN, a wireless device that fits into the Ben Nanonote’s microSD slot, and the ATUSB, an implementation that fits in a standard computer’s USB slot. These devices can now all communicate wirelessly now!

From the Ben WPAN page:

Ben WPAN is a project to create an innovative patent-free wireless personal area network (WPAN) that is copyleft hardware. The primary protocol is 6LoWPAN, pronounced “SLoWPAN”. The project lead is Werner Almesberger and it involves using the UBB, new testing software, and the Ben Nanonote to produce a next generation wireless personal area network.

We are extremely excited because this adds a crucial capability to our open hardware stack. That means that future products like the Milkymist and Nanonote lines will be able to communicate. Also, this allows for more people to join the development process, and to give us another innovative product.

For all those interested in 6LoWPAN uses, think Sensor Networks, Factory Automation, and short range connectivity.

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New Releases: Aiki Framework 0.5 + Open Clip Art Library 2.6

Fabricatorz Developer & Creator of Aiki Framework, Bassel Safadi has spearheaded a new Version of his open source website-generating platform. The official press release speaks of some of the upgrades that can be found in Aiki Framework 0.5:

The administration panel has seen the benefit of Event Listeners logging changes made and more intuitive and real-time widget modification. File handling is also becoming friendlier, as ZIP files can now be uploaded to a server, stored, and unzipped, all through Aiki Framework 0.5.

The Librarians at The Open Clip Art Library have also been working hard to bring the Community it’s latest: Version 2.6. Boasting a collection of work that now eclipses 35,000 unique and remixed images, OCAL remains a dominant force in free and transparent digital art and design.

Profile Management, an often requested feature, finally returns in OCAL 2.6, thanks to cgbug. Users now have control of their displayed name, e-mail, and homepage details. Also, avatars are back! New and returning users can now associate their profile with their favorite uploaded graphic.

For more detailed information about the progress of Aiki Framework and Open Clip Art Library, have a look at the official press release

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Laoban Soundsystem 2.0 Debut at In Bass We Trust in Beijing


That’s right! Its finally time to kickoff some real Laoban Soundsystem. You don’t understand how much blood, sweat, tears, relationships and more have gone into make this thing realidad. Its with the highest level of happiness I can say we get to use the biggest, best soundsystem Matt and myself have ever produced, at the next In Bass We Trust in Beijing on Saturday, September 4th at 2kolegas at 10 PM. Laoban DJ Nick Bell is opening the night and Yang Tao as well will be doing visuals. Also, friend JCICI from Guangzhou is the headliner. Don’t miss this event! It is the first, and we are powering it!

Please make sure to live update from there on your mobile and take loads of photos and video with the tag #laoban2010.

After this event, get ready for some big announcements about Laoban Soundsystem and Sharism at Get It Louder in China this fall!


Libre Graphics Meeting 2011 Call for Participation Closes April 20, Registration Open Now!

The OSP table of design

We Fabricatorz working hard to bring the world the best Libre Graphics Meeting ever! We have big releases planned, several core Fabricatorz will be speaking, and newest Fabricator CelineCelines is organizing the night events including one big Fabricatorz party. LGM2011 May 10-13 in Montreal is the place to be!

Please submit a presentation before April 20! Go register yourself now! And, if you use and support Free and Open Source Graphics, Multimedia and Creativity, please become a sponsor! Individuals please donate to our community campaign. We still have a ways to go and really need your help! Fabricatorz are pouring ourselves into LGM this year and we need you there there.

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Fabricatorz Invite All to Sharism Forum at Get It Louder

Sharism Forum 2010.10.22 Shanghai 800 SHOW

The Fabricatorz will be in China the third week of October coordinating the first Sharism Forum at Get It Louder 2010 in Shanghai on 22 October, 2010. The Forum brings together thinkers, practitioners and activists whose work concerns and shapes the global movement of a new sharing culture. We have invited open-source entrepreneurs, community leaders, academics, artists and critics to actively advance the agenda of Sharism. We hope you can attend the forum!

This is a major milestone event for the Sharism project connecting together the larger picture of the global sharing culture between Creative Commons, Wikipedia, Free Network Services like Status.Net, Copyleft Hardware, and the sharing activities that happen on commercial sites like Flickr. Since Fabricatorz is a global company operating in both San Francisco and China, this project is close to our hearts in connecting many of the greatest people we know working in Internet, Business, and Culture in the region.

Get It Louder is China’s most influential and closely-watched exhibition of emerging, young talent across creative disciplines. Get It Louder 2010 debuted in Beijing with great fanfare and press. It opens in Shanghai on 22 October until 7 November, 2010. The theme for this year’s event is Sharism! Get It Louder Shanghai kicks off with the Sharism Forum that will segue into the opening of the exhibits at 8 PM.

We’ve been working on this massively over the last few months and hope you will join us to spread the word about this event globally, online and offline. We will do more Sharism events in the future, but right now need your support to make the project expand by using the tags #SHARISM and #SHARISM2010 online. You can learn more about sharism now:

About the Sharism Forum


Time: October 22, 2010
Location: 800 SHOW Creative Park, Shanghai, China

Guest Speakers

Christopher ADAMS, Edmon CHUNG, Li GONG, HU Yong, Brianna LAUGHER, Mike LINKSVAYER, LIU Yan, Isaac MAO, OU Ning, Jon PHILLIPS, Nate PRODROMOU,Jack QIU, Philip TINARI, Gino YU, Zafka ZHANG


Forum Coordinator


Additional sponsorship for the Sharism Forum provided by Google Inc., the Mozilla Foundation and Mozilla Drumbeat.


Laoban Soundsystem Tonite ! 老板音响系统1.0, CPU:798圣诞Mixing活动

Lu posted up on her website a shorter Chinese translation of the announcement text for the event tonite! Help spread the word! Come on out. We will have person making meat on sticks, free crate of beer, and then other drinks from local people selling. Its going to be a blast!


老板音响系统1.0, CPU:798圣诞Mixing活动


我们邀请大家来参加“老板音响系统1.0” 的启动活动,一次在 CPU:798 画廊的圣诞Mixing 活动。这是一个新的媒体活动尝试,欢迎大家带上你们的手提电脑、摄像机、播放器或其它录制设备来参加活动。我们的目的是混合媒体,并了解艺术家、DJ、音乐家、设计师、建筑师正在进行的工作和项目,无论是成功的、失败的还是未完成的项目。计划的最终目的是通过媒体的混合,以及通过在纪录的内容(照片,视频等)上添加“老板”的标签(tagging) 并上传到, 和其它地方,从而使消费者成为生产者。


地点:CPU: 798 (map:

地点:CPU: 798 (map:,798内优伦斯对面时八书店的小路尽头就是 CPU:798,将有“老板”标记。



This Friday, December 12, 8 PM – 12 Midnight, Fabricatorz and CPU:798 hosting the launch of the Laoban Soundsystem 1.0 with a free and open to the public event at
CPU:798 (map) in DaShanZi/798, Beijing

We invite all to come out to the launch of version 1.0 of the Laoban Soundsystem for a special Holiday Mixing Event at CPU:798. This is a new type of media event where all are welcome to join, bring media, laptops, video players, cameras, and other recording devices. The goal is to mix media, explore what artists, DJs, musicians, designers, and architects are working on RIGHT NOW — successes, failures, and rough edges are welcome at Laoban events! The ultimate plan is for consumers to be producers by both mixing media, and by tagging any recordings they have with “laoban” when posting onto,, or other places.

参与人包括 Participants Include:

UPDATE: Here are a couple more people mixing into the event!

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