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VJing Made So Simple Anyone Can Do It With The Milkymist One

The Qi Hardware project is proud to announce the Milkymist One video

Milkymist One video Synthesizer

A total power consumption of 5 watts and latency of 60 milliseconds
are the highlights of the new high-performance video synthesizer.
Without additional computer, Milkymist One takes line-in audio to
create real-time music visualizations. Ideal for musicians and DJs,
restaurant and bar owners, people organizing parties or interested in
visual art. The included camera feeds live video into the synthesis.

Milkymist One is the second product launched by Qi Hardware after the
Ben NanoNote in March 2010. While the NanoNote was built around a
MIPS-architecture SoC, Milkymist One takes copyleft freedoms one step
further by being the first free computing architecture built around
the GPL licensed 32-bit Milkymist SoC.

Visual artists benefit by being able to program their patches,
including connectivity and control of DMX lights, lasers and MIDI
instruments, all directly and in real-time from the Milkymist One
synthesizer. Network connectivity allows the inclusion of live Twitter
feeds. Free software programmers benefit by having the first fully
programmable graphics accelerator at their disposal, opening the world
of reusable and portable Verilog to free software developers.

Milkymist SoC is a new generation of collaboratively developed IC
designs, founded in 2007 by Sebastien Bourdeauducq. It aims to be an
ARM competitor with new sharism business model, allowing for greater
development speed and better customization and optimization in
embedded products.

Milkymist One is available from Sharism Ltd. now, and sells for 499
USD plus shipping from Taipei.

[1] Milkymist One shop:
[2] Media Gallery:

One Comment (aka Media Experiments)

I’ve now integrated the old’s website posts and project page. The wiki is coming second after I get a breath of air post heading back to China.

We are trying to consolidate projects, and seemed to be doing a very similar function to this site. If you see some posts in Chinese below, they are more than likely from

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Naihanli&Co. Site Goes Live

Just today, Fabricatorz have publicly released a new and improved site for Beijing-based Naihanli&Co. Brad and Jon stepped up to the plate to deliver this latest offering, contributing on site design, implementation and deployment under our Aiki Framework platform. Naihanli&Co. founder, Jinjing Naihan Li strives to create furniture built on functional and socially responsive designs:

“..she introduces furniture as a fashionable, social concept that accommodates the mod- ern and mobile lifestyle we live. Her work poses the question, why not have furniture that represents the way you live? And, why not have fun with it? She does.”

Naihanli&Co. Screen

If you’re interested in having Fabricatorz work on your next project, contact us!

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ResourceSpace Plug-ins for EyeCandyNYC


We did some fun work for EyeBallNYC, a motion graphics house in New York, on an Open Source project called ResourceSpace. Even cooler, is that EyeCandyNYC contributed the code back into the community so others can use it, build upon it, etc. We were the vessel moving this forward. Thanks EyeBallNYC and ResourceSpace!

Here is the text to announce to the ResourceSpace community list:

Hi all, I made some quick infrastructure and plugins for
who is using resourcespace internally to manage some client assets.
They wanted to have the default video be quicktime and at the size of
the video they upload since their main clients need high quality video
to see their motion graphics.

Here is an updated plugin set that works quite well and is built for
future extensibility.

It also has a companion plugin which is useful for making the previews
directly show video rather than just the image thumbnail.

Oh, these are built off the work initially discussed here:

I’m not sure if there is a better place to put my code, or to alert
people about this. I released under GNU LGPL and hope others will use,
add to, send patches, fixes and/or more…thanks to Eyecandy who said
they wanted to give back to the community for this great piece of

Also, I will have another patch to the saved searches to make them a
bit more friendly to appear at least like collections within
collections. Anyone interested in that???


UPDATE: The SVN repository is gone, so at request of some, made these plugins available at fabricatorz’ github.


Fabricatorz Action Quarterly Volume Three


Happy New Year, friends!

To help take things up notch for 2013, this quarterly coincides with the official release of The Shimming EP—five hot rock tracks from my two-piece outfit that will get you shimmying into a sweat during the chilly new year.

The Shimming was born out of a circuitous 15 years of participating in what was previously considered “underground music.” From hardcore punk rock shows thrown at a cowboy ranch in southern Utah to diy warehouse events of all stripes around the world, I’ve experienced and seen a lot over the years. Music has been a major force in my life and has propelled me around the world in strange ways—flying to Tokyo for a night to cover cool bands, spending a summer singing karaoke in a small town in the middle of South Korea, dancing (just this last week) amongst the throngs in New Orleans at a second line parade—and it’s time to pay my dues.

This EP is my way of giving something back, a way to share a sliver of the pie that I’ve been gobbling like a greedy fat kid. So here’s the first of several to come. And as I continue to soak up the musical and artistic seeds found in backyard barns, seedy basements and garish galleries, I hope to keep spinning out thoughtful responses and creations of my own that inspire others as others have inspired me.

Enjoy. And by all means, play it loud!

P.S. We have free download codes for those who want them. Just write and ask!


In Fabricatorz news, we’ve had the good fortune of adding Jennifer Yip, a crucial stabilizing force, to join the team. For those of you who already know her it should come as no surprise that we are now running smoother (and looking prettier) thanks to her. For those who haven’t been introduced yet, here’s an interview.  And here’s an excerpt from that same interview where I ask her how she got involved with such a rad, ragtag group:

Spencer: What lead you (or how did you get swindled) into working with this crazed bunch?

Jennifer: Jon Phillips and I worked well together while he was at CC [Creative Commons]. I seem to prefer interacting with unconventional thinkers. Jon and I kept in touch after he left CC to start-up Fabricatorz. We always talked about working with each other in the future. We’re familiar with each of our working styles and skills. It seemed like he knew he’d eventually need help with the operational aspects of running a company, and we kept each other in mind over the past few years. Again the timing worked out, so that I could jump in to try to expand his capacity. I like the get-it-done mentality with smart, laid-back, conscientious team members.

Welcome to the team, Jennifer. It’s great to have you.


Other good news, #FREEBASSEL has taken off. In the past month we received the devastating report that Bassel was moved from a civilian prison (Adra) to a military field court where he would have been denied access to both lawyers and witnesses in a closed hearing. This was frightening news because the usual outcome of trials held at military courts in Syria is bleak. Thankfully, with the help of the reports by major organizations like Foreign PolicyAlJazeeraAmnesty International and France 24, and the continued efforts of the #FREEBASSEL community (including fasting!), enough leverage was applied to move Bassel back to Adra. He is still imprisoned but his fate isn’t as dire as it was a few weeks ago.

We, and of course, Bassel, appreciate your efforts to see him free again. There is still work to be done. is always the best place to start and where you can find links to the latest news and updates, as well as ways to get involved (e.g. using the #FREEBASSEL graphic (designed by  Brad), ordering #FREEBASSEL decals (created by Pete), and spreading the word and staying engaged socially via @freebassel and

Here’s to a happy and safe 2013.


P.S. Write us: We love letters, even love letters. Hire us: We also love working. If your project could use the Fabricatorz touch, get in touch. Represent us: Fabricatorz T’s—you know you want one.

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Fabricatorz: This Week – Conference Recaps & Open Source in the Classroom

Weeks spent hopping the globe and spreading the word on Open Source Tech have brought the Fabricatorz back into a heavy development cycle. As all of these projects and events evolve, Community updates become vital to those keeping track, and the first week of November promises a month packed with new and exciting projects!

Fabricatorz Developer, Christopher Adams, has been busy promoting Sharism on a global scale. Christopher and other Fabricatorz launched The Sharism Forum, at Get It Louder 2010 in Beijing, where the ideology behind new cultures stressing openness and sharing was featured and promoted.

October 23 brought Fabricatorz (Barry, Bassel, Jon and Christopher) to Doha, where they held an Open Source Workshop at the Digitally Open conference hosted by ICTQatar. The Workshop brought in a maximum capacity crowd of students and professionals eager to learn techniques, histories, and best practices of an emerging and Open digital culture.

October 25 saw even more Sharism love at a Creative Commons Salon in Beirut at Karaj, where Christopher again spent time introducing and presenting. Last week was rounded out with a group Developer/Planning Session at Hackerspace Damascus, where progress on new features for Aiki Framework were focal points.

In related Open Source news, The Open Clip Art Library recently received some contributions from a group of first-time users of it’s key development tool: Inkscape. John Haltiwanger led a class where students investigated the possibilities of the tool as an alternative to proprietary systems for creating digital artwork. Some examples from the students are shown above, below and as a part of the heading graphic.

Marije Rooze notes in her blog, after her work in Inkscape:

I like the idea of open source, of community and sharing. In terms of sympathy my head goes to initiatives like Inkscape. But I am also a creature of habit, unwilling to let go of something so good as Illustrator.

Marije’s impressions are indicative of the challenges that the Open Source Community has to address in order to move forward and continue cultivating a healthier and more vibrant digital culture. The Fabricatorz are hard at work making this a reality. Stay tuned for more Fabricatorz Business and Open Source cultural happenings.

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Fabricatorz Dan and Daughter Video: Mole-Girl and the Anamoos

Mole-Girl and the Anamoos from Hsiao-Lan Wang on Vimeo.

Story by Mia Zajicek
December 2011

Video production assisted by Daniel Zajicek and Hsiao-Lan Wang

Our own Dan (aka tri-jack, aka zajicek, akak quadrajack) put together a great video with his daughter and wife. Please enjoy! (I think there is a happy holla-daze in there somewhere too btw)

Dan and his wife are both great contemporary composers living in Houston. We hope to do more great projects together soon. They remind me that to make a real company, especially long term, you have to have solid family and healthy growth.

Anyway, they have a great lil family and a cute kid! Here’s to the FabriZajicek family!

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Laoban Soundsystem 1.0 Holiday Mixing Event


This Friday, December 12, 8 PM – 12 Midnight, Fabricatorz and CPU:798 hosting the launch of the Laoban Soundsystem 1.0 with a free and open to the public event at
CPU:798 (map) in DaShanZi/798, Beijing

We invite all to come out to the launch of version 1.0 of the Laoban Soundsystem for a special Holiday Mixing Event at CPU:798. This is a new type of media event where all are welcome to join, bring media, laptops, video players, cameras, and other recording devices. The goal is to mix media, explore what artists, DJs, musicians, designers, and architects are working on RIGHT NOW — successes, failures, and rough edges are welcome at Laoban events! The ultimate plan is for consumers to be producers by both mixing media, and by tagging any recordings they have with “laoban” when posting onto,, or other places.

To kick off the first event, we have seeded the night with a few solid mixes including:

There will be the Laoban Soundsystem 1.0 to plug sound devices into, a projector for any videos, and free beer to provide the social lubricant for the evening.

  • WHEN Friday, December 12, 8 PM – 12 midnight
  • WHERE CPU:798 (map:, DaShanZi/798 in Beijing. Once inside DaShanZi/798, head to UCCA. Across from UCCA is Timezone8 Bookstore/Cafe. Walk towards Timezone8 and down the street until the very end where you will find CPU:798 at the end of the street and the Laoban Logo/Sound.
  • WHO Artists, Musicians, Friends, Software/Web
  • TAGS laoban, beijing, experimental, art, music, dubstep, media, sharing, freebeer

798 Art District
2 Jiuxianqiao Lu
Chaoyang District
100015 Beijing
P.R. China

Mobile: +86 1.360.282.8624

老板音响系统1.0, CPU:798圣诞Mixing活动


我们邀请大家来参加“老板音响系统1.0” 的启动活动,一次在 CPU:798 画廊的圣诞Mixing 活动。这是一个新的媒体活动尝试,欢迎大家带上你们的手提电脑、摄像机、播放器或其它录制设备来参加活动。我们的目的是混合媒体,并了解艺术家、DJ、音乐家、设计师、建筑师正在进行的工作和项目,无论是成功的、失败的还是未完成的项目。计划的最终目的是通过媒体的混合,以及通过在纪录的内容(照片,视频等)上添加“老板”的标签(tagging) 并上传到, 和其它地方,从而使消费者成为生产者。


地点:CPU: 798 (map:

地点:CPU: 798 (map:,798内优伦斯对面时八书店的小路尽头就是 CPU:798,将有“老板”标记。




As a note, please jump over to the Laoban page and you can download the plans for the first set of Laoban speakers under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 license. You can print them out, build them, and then share what you have created with the word with the tag, Laoban, on your favorite social networking websites.

Laoban Soundsystem is an open sound system. The plans for all speakers are available on-line. The events the soundsystem participates in are media events that generate further media. Anyone who attends the events, creates the speakers, or produces content for them, please tag your work with laoban.

My old friend, Matt Hope and are having the big bass edition of the Laoban Soundsystem fabricated in HeBei outside of Beijing over the holidays. We are on the look out to work with others, teach anyone how to make these speakers, and see what things can happen by producing these speakers and events.


Cantocore Import/Export Opens in Guangzhou September 5

Guy Overfelts Untitled (Up in Smoke)

Our sister project, Fabricatorz, is launching Cantocore Import/Export in Guangzhou on September 5th. Here is a re-sample of the press release:


Today the Cantocore Project and Ping Pong Space announced the upcoming contemporary art show, Cantocore: Import/Export in Guangzhou, China during September 2008. This initial show features contemporary artists from San Francisco and Guangzhou producing artwork around the more detailed relationship between import and export of culture and materials between Guangzhou, China and San Francisco. This first part of the Cantocore exhibition, Import, begins with an opening on Friday, September 5 from 8 PM at the brand new Ping Pong Space in Guangzhou, China. The show continues until Tuesday, September 16 with gallery hours of 2:00 PM until 10:00 PM daily. The second part of the show, Export, opens Sunday, September 21 at 8 PM until 10 PM when a special video screening developed by San Francisco’s Mission 17 titled “Stardusted” will be presented at the Ping Pong Bar from 10 PM until 11PM. The second half, Export, continues daily until Saturday, October 4 with daily hours from 2:00 PM to 10:00 PM.

The Cantocore Import/Export exhibition examines, through applied art practice, the relationship between import and export of culture between Guangzhou and San Francisco by asking a simple phrase: Are you Cantocore? Guangzhou, also called Canton, is the third most populous city in China and its province, Guangdong, is a major manufacturer of textiles and electronics for export to the United States. San Francisco has the largest import of Chinese immigrants of any US city, primarily from the Guangdong province. Chinese immigrants also created the largest Chinatown in North America in San Francisco. However, understanding the conceptual framework of Cantocore is not limited to geographic divisions, nor reductive dichotomies driven by post-colonial stereotypes such as East vs. West, nor Olympic nationalism pridefully paramount in China vs. US “non-political” sports matches. Cantocore is the reality of life versus the theory set forth by jurisdictions where people live.

The artists in the Cantocore exhibition were tasked with creating projects which explore import and export, materially and conceptually. Practically, how can one’s artwork be actualized either through fabrication locally in Guangzhou or imported from San Francisco? Guidelines for the creation of the work were left alone since modern strategies for creating artwork such as remaking, remixing, interpreting, pirating, translating, copying, and appropriating content, already espouse the Cantocore style. After the proposals were received from invited artists, curation of works took place based upon the processes, scope, location of artists and available resources to constitute this first Cantocore dialogue.

Curation for this show has been a group effort by Deer Fang, Justin Hoover, and Jon Phillips from the Cantocore Project and Wu Jay from Ping Pong Space (PPS). Layout and Design for the show is done by Pierre Picard (PPS) while wordsmithing has been handled by Nikita Choi (PPS), Jon Phillips and Deer Fang.

Exhibition Venue

#60 Xian Lie Dong Heng Lu Ping Pong Space, Guangzhou

Cantocore Import
September 6th – 26th, 2008
Opening: Friday, September 5th, 8PM – 10 PM.
Drinks after at Ping Pong Bar.

Cantocore Export
September 22nd – October 2nd, 2008
Opening: Sunday, September 21st, 8PM – 10PM

Video Screening “Stardusted” at Ping Pong Bar

September 21st 2008, 10PM – 11PM

Regular Gallery Hours
Tuesday – Sunday 2 PM – 10 PM
Gallery Closed on Monday

Ping Pong Bar Open Everyday


今天硬核广州项目和乒乓空间宣布当代艺术展 “硬核广州:进口/出口” 将在2008年9月到10月在广州乒乓空间展出。这个展览主要展出来自旧金山和广州两地当代艺术家的作品,这些作品将围绕进出口的文化和物质关系而创作。 整个展览分为两部份:2008年9月5日-9月26日为“进口”部分,开幕式为9月5日晚上8点;2008年9月21日-10月2日为“出口”部分,开幕式为9月21日晚上8点;晚上10点到11点,还将在乒乓酒吧举行由旧金山MISSION17策划的《星尘》录像作品的放映活动。

“硬核广州 进口/出口”展览通过艺术实践检验联系着广州和旧金山的进出口文化, 并提出这样的问题:你是硬核广州人吗? 广州是中国第三大人口城市,其省会广东省是主要出口美国纺织品和电子产品的生产地。同时旧金山是主要“进口”中国移民的美国城市。这些移民也主要来自广东地区。中国移民在旧金山建立了北美最大的唐人街。然而,理解“硬核广州”的概念框架不能仅仅局限于地理上的分界,也不应做简单后殖民的分裂模式:东方和西方,或国家主义至上的奥林匹克中的中国对美国,即所谓“非政治化的比赛”。“硬核广州”是生活的现实与人们生活管辖区内理论的对抗。


此展览是方鹿,Justin Hoover, Jon Phillips和乒乓空间吴捷的集体协作的成果。展览和出版由Pierre Picard (乒乓空间)设计,文字由蔡影茜(乒乓空间),Jon Phillips和方鹿负责。



展期: 2008年9月6日-9月26日
开幕:2008年9月5日 (星期五)晚上8点到10点

展期:2008年9月22日- 10月2日

开幕: 2008年9月21日(星期天) 晚上8点到10点

2008年9月21日(星期天) 晚上10点到11点


List of Artists in Cantocore Import
“硬核广州- 进口”艺术家名单

Deer Fang 方鹿
Justin Hoover
Huang Xiaopeng 黄小鹏
Misako Inaoka
Guy Overfelt
Jon Phillips

List of Artists in Cantocore Export
“硬核广州- 出口”艺术家名单

JD. Beltran

Lin Fang Suo 林芳所
Huang Pu Village Video Group 黄埔村项目小组
Kathrine Worel
Zhou Tao 周滔
David Johnson

Links 链结

Cantocore Exhibition and Research Site

Ping Pong Space
Ping Pong Space at

About Cantocore

Garage Biennale and the Fabricatorz bring you Cantocore, a research project investigating contemporary art and culture between Canton (Guangzhou) and cities around the world. The initial project is a contemporary art exhibition with two different versions of the same show initially in Guangzhou, China and then in San Francisco, USA.



About Ping Pong Space

What is Ping Pong? 乒乓是什么?


A public oriented multifunction space, which aims at promoting art and creative culture while strengthen cultural exchange. It functions as a communication and dynamic platform for urban culture movement, and will explore a new relationship between creators and consumers, artistic events and audiences in the context of globalization and rapid local culture development.

Ping Pong Strategy 乒乓的策略


From material to conception all these creative forms, we accept a wide range categories in art and creative culture with openness. (These events encompass the full spectrum of contemporary media: video and image, installation, contemporary paintings, stage and performance, sculpture and publishing.)

Press Contacts

Nikita Choi
Ping Pong Space
+86 20 2829 6300

San Francisco
Justin Hoover
+1 (415) 425-1647

Press Kit


Cantocore Guangzhou Press as PDF file


One Comment

Source Code Updated + Big ResourceSpace Code Contribution

I helped one of the #illiboyz, Pete Ippel, setup the Fabricatorz Project Management code yesterday, and remembered I added to a few more sites. The documentation is updated for this. If you like the way Projects are structured on this site, its a good system for adding a nice visible way to look at projects quickly throught wordpress. Please try it out and let me know your thoughts, and/or submit patches.

In other news, I just sent off a big patch for ResourceSpace. Thanks to EyeBallNYC for supporting this developement for their own uses, which benefits the larger community. To RS crew, hopefully you will accept all these patches, provide me SVN access, and lets keep making ResourceSpace better!

Attached is the patch, the feedback.php page (must save as, and rename .php) necessary for the latest subversion trunk of resourcespace, and a readme as a text file.

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Sharism Presents Shanghai Tonite September 8, 2011

Tonite in Shanghai Fabricatorz are hosting, along with many great friendz, the first Sharism Presents Shanghai.


Sharism Presents are events where sharing is encouraged. Its not show and tell, but more of show and share. Sharism Presents are gifts of knowledge. Events are for all those interested in sharing and are informal. People are encouraged to introduce themselves at the beginning with what they are sharing at the meeting, and then the entire event is ad-hoc in development. If you are interested in hosting a Sharism Presents, please email the sharism team.

Sharism Presents分享会是一系列鼓励大家分享的活动。在这里,没有教训和教义,只有分享,再分享。分享会是来自常识的礼物,是来自日常生活的礼物,也是给予想要分享的人们的礼物。分享主义鼓励人们介绍自己,继而通过分享主义建立一种点对点的联系。如果您也希望举办分享会,请写信给 分享主义.

Following in the footsteps of the previous Sharism Presents Beijing, the event is the second Sharism event in Shanghai after last year’s Sharism Forum. All are welcome to come out and sample Ai Mi Fan provided food and drinks. Spread the news:

Sharism Presents Shanghai, @ 新车间 (Xinchejian), 7-10 PM, Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dear Friends,

You are kindly invited to “Sharism Presents Shanghai”.

Attendees include:

Jon Phillips 王力中 *Sharism Co-founder发起人,Fabricatorz Founder创始人
David Li, *新车间Xinchejian负责人
Lucas Englehardt, *BloggerInsight CEO
Liu Yan, 刘妍 *新单位Xindanwei CEO和Co-founder创始人
Lu Rui, 卢睿 *九州生气jzsz专家Guru
Clement Renaud, *分享主义实验室负责人researching at sharismlab
Habib Belaribi, *makesense成员gangster
Yuan曲宏媛 *设计师Designer

We will serve wine, cheese and snacks. Presentation will be followed.

Time: 8th September, Thursday, 7pm – 10pm
Location: 新车间 (xinchejian), Anhua Road No.76 suite 301, Changning District, Shanghai, CHINA 200050 (near Jiangsu Road)

地址:中国上海市长宁区安化路76号301室 (靠近江苏路)

交通:我们附近的地铁与公交非常方便,建议您不要开车。地铁二、十一号线(江苏站四号出口)及公交 01, 44, 57, 62, 71, 76, 96, 127, 138, 311, 328, 323, 562, 825, 921, 923, 925, 936, 939 等均可轻松到达。

Please join us and have fun!

If you want to learn more about Sharism, please visit the link

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Post Laoban Soundsystem 1.0 Event Notes

The first Laoban Soundsystem event at CPU:798 in Beijing went quite well for the a frist event thanks to Ed having a great space, lots of current and new friends coming out and of course, because some really great artists came out to mix in. After getting our contractor friends to drop off the soundsystem, some installers mounting a projector, and then us taping up the Laoban posters, we started the night off with getting five crates of beer and some street meat sellers and progressed to having a rotating set of people from all over Beijing stopping in. From Yang Tao’s blip hop, Long2’s brilliant visuals and symphonic set all the way to good friends like Ya Zhu, Jenny and our friend Phil bringing out the cool contingent from Ai Wei Wei’s fake studio, the event jumpstarted the creation of the Laoban soundsystem. Thanks to Ed, here’s a quick video sampling of some of the sets:

Ed also has a good wrap-up keeping critical of the event and holding us to task for what the outcome for Laoban events will be. I definitely agree with him about the format of the event and not having enough women mixing in. We did have some video from Lu which we ran out of time to play and I wanted to get our friend Ya Zhu to plug into the event, but we pushed this event out in a week from lock-in to event, so without really knowing anyone doing this type of work in Beijing really until Friday, I’m still happy with where we arrived. Check out a bit more from Ed on his comments:

Looking ahead, I hope there will more variety in the material in future events, last night was very focused on DJs and VJs. Films and short talks were promised, which would have given more of a conceptual structure to the proceedings and will help prevent it becoming just another club night.

I hope, too, that more women will present their work. Last night the performers were without exception all men – it seemed to be the cliché of boys with their toys (I don’t know maybe this is perhaps a feature of the scene rather than a bug, as they say to excuse some oddity in software). I can’t believe there are no women making material and this would make a valuable contribution to the event.

But this was the first version of the event, and was very much about investigating a format for the future, so I want to see how it develops. The original spec for the night I thought was very exciting and something which had the potential for development into something very strong – and this was one of the reasons why I agreed to go with it. I hope that more of what was originally announced becomes incorporated into future events, as they have the possibility to a) bring together some of the creative communities here in Beijing and China in general which hover round each other but which don’t really get to cross-fertilise so often, and b) make links out from the local to the international creative scenes which all have their representatives here in BJ.

I’m not giving a description of the night adequate love, so I will just say thanks to all the folks who came out to both consume and produce at the first Laoban event. Xu Tao came on last for the night and I look forward to plugging him into a larger event as well. Him and his mate had really great tracks and kicked in some San Francisco House music which was quite cool. I look forward to stretching out a bit more and getting these guys on with some extended sets. I’m even happy that Sandy and his trance mates came out and brought their laser which added to the overall event’s decor and theme of seeing who comes out to this type of mixing event in Beijing.

I’ll post up other photos as they become available. Ed took some great shots of the night up on flickr like:

Long2 Mixing with Laser
Long2 Mixing by Ed

Yang Tao Mixing by Ed
Yang Tao Mixing by Ed

Matt and I talked yesterday and set-up plans for Laoban Soundsystem 2.0 which is going to be made in parts, CNC’d and then put together by us. We will make it all with Chinese wood, hardware, parts and companies. It will have a distinctive look, but be of supreme quality.

The next event we do, I really want to make heavy on the dubstep side. Maybe that means that Matt and I both need to get our DJ’ing chops up and we need to plan ahead a bit more to get folks like DJ Mael and others out from Beijing art and music scenes.

In closing, I will ask what you all out there want to see in these events? Are you interested in mixing in? We are quite hopeful to make these events different each time, make them sustainable, easy to put on, but also as a great venue to get new artists out to mix work, show work, and have things fail or succeed in a live setting. This is another invitation to plug into the Laoban Soundsystem by producing art at the events, consuming art at the events, making your own speakers, and generally connecting up with the soundsystem to help shape what happens. You are the Laoban!


Wise Futures and Shared Hardware, Part I

Christopher Adams at TELDAP 2012

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to Academia Sinica in Taipei to address an audience of the Culturemondo forum on Smart Cultures, held alongside TELDAP and convened by Ilya Li. Ilya had asked me to prepare some remarks about open hardware culture, particularly as it relates to recent developments in Taiwan and China.

The Fabricatorz are often asked about “free and open” hardware. Jon shared his views on open hardware manufacturing during a talk he gave in Miami last December. It is not an idle topic for us, as we believe that investing in our own hardware platforms is just as important to the future of our business as is the software we create.

Copying hardware is hard to do —rms

Can Hardware be Free?

The term ‘open’ hardware is used by way of analogy to free and open source software. The freedoms of ‘free’ software comprise the right to use, study, duplicate and improve that software. These freedoms as they relate to hardware apply not to the physical device itself, but rather to its design; for it is only the hardware design that can be truly studied, duplicated, and, most important, improved.

However, a process which begins with a free hardware design and ends with a finished product requires a non-trivial provision of capital, resources, skill, and time. This plain fact leads the founder of the free software movment, Richard Stallman, to conclude that “freedom to copy hardware is not as important, because copying hardware is hard to do.”

People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware—Alan Kay

I think the logic of that assessment is backward. The difficulty that hardware presents to our freedoms makes the issue more important, not less. It is the reason that we at Fabricatorz are investing time, money and talent to find solutions to the hardware dilemma. Recall the famous words of Alan Kay: “People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware.”

Is Richard Stallman serious about software? I know we are.

Credits (images remixed by me on an M1):

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SXSW & Status Badges!

Fabricatorz developer Jon Phillips invaded Austin Texas, with members of StatusNet, for the annual group of interactive art, film, & music festivals known as South by Southwest (SXSW).

During the panel “Can you copyright a tweet?,” Jon, Evan Prodromou, Fred Benenson, and Wendy Seltzer each spoke about aspects of micro-blogging including character limits. Have a look at Jon’s presentation slide show below:

Post-SXSW, LibrePlanet kicked off, in Boston, where Free Network Service advocates converged. Jon said this of his time at the conference:

the hottest topic for StatusNet and myself were the sessions by Luis Villa, Bradley Kuhn, Mako, and Matt Lee on Free Network Services. We at StatusNet are big believers in Free Network Services. Please check out if you are interested in this topic.

If all this isn’t enough content to rock an open source/micro-blogging/free software nut’s world, another Fabricatorz developer, Brad Phillips, has created the following StatusNet-related badges for anyone to use and remix!

Any OStatus advocates should feel free to use these additional badges:

Visit the StatusNet Wiki to view and utilize many more related graphics created by members of Fabricatorz and others in the community.

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Thanks to You (Happy Thanksgiving)

beirut sunset
[ Photo of beirut sunset by Joi ]

Happy Thanksgiving! Don’t forget to eat some pumpkin pie and tell everyone around you how thankful you are for them!

With that being said, thank you to you for supporting Fabricatorz! Thanks to all who have contributed to our projects and working with us. Also, thanks to all our friends and family members!

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Artists at Laoban Soundsystem 1.0 Beijing

A couple more artists are now a part of the event tomorrow night, Friday, December 12 from 8-12 at CPU798 in Beijing, including Xu Tao and video artist Cai Kai:

We want new people to come out to this event each time we do it and feel free to mix into the media and social situations of Laoban events. The event is not a party nor art show, but more a context for interaction, testing out ideas, and discovery. And remember, art shows (or rather the people that attend them) possibly might hate low-end bass and partygoers into cutting edge music don’t have too much time for treble, discussion, wine and cheese — both love to have a drink, consume, produce media and co-locate together.

Come on out and get out of the cold! We invite you to come mix into the event, learn how to build your own Laoban Soundsystem and meet a lot of HQ people.

Also, a big thanks to those who have given this a good response and Ed from CPU:798 who is hosting the event. Buy art from them!

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Fabien Fryns Fine Art Gallery Launched by Fabricatorz Team!

Fabricatorz has recently completed work on the re-design of site for Fabien Fryns Fine Art Gallery in LA – we are now pleased to announce the launch of the new site!!
Fabien Fryns has a new exhibition by MadeIn, an art collaboration founded by Chinese artist Xu Zhen. It wil be on display from May 15 through June 26, 2010. For more details check out the site!

Fabien Fryns Fine Art
314 N. Crescent Heights Blvd
Los Angeles, California, 90048
Phone: +1 323.998.6236

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WorldLabel: The Future of Tagging

We’re happy to announce the launch of the new It’s been a long road, involving the conversion of thousands of old html pages and images into HTML5, CSS2/3, and the building of a makefile-based static file generation software called makestatic—but it’s finally complete! Now that the label behemoth is more streamlined, it’s time to get your label on. This is the Future of Tagging!

WorldLabel Press Release (Peekskill, NY), October 9, 2012—WorldLabel, the preeminent label manufacturer and distributor, is pleased to announce the launch of their new website and branding identity. Created by Fabricatorz, a global software and hardware production company, the new incorporates the latest in website technology, including HTML5 and makestatic software. The updates make for faster navigation, easier browsing and a fresh clean look—essentials when considering the breadth and depth of WorldLabel’s products.

In addition to the technological overhaul, WorldLabel’s visual identity has also received a refreshing upgrade. The new logo, designed by NYC-based new media company, represents a “flat world” that appears like a label, partially peeled. Its retro design and feel is striking, bold and—given its vintage look—surprisingly contemporary.

Part and parcel to keeping things fresh is something Fabricatorz founder Jon Phillips noticed when working on updates to the website. “The new site, with its tech and design updates, makes everything more accessible,” said Phillips. “ is a successful business built up with very simple technology. Now, with the update to HTML5, and using Fabricatorz makestatic technology, thousands of pages have been converted to a contemporary, lighter technology.”

“This really opened my eyes to parts of WorldLabel’s offerings that I never considered before,” Phillips said. This just goes to show how crucial design is when it comes to visibility. For instance, all of a sudden I noticed that WorldLabel carries RFID chips, something I didn’t realize on the previous site because it was way too complicated, visually and otherwise. All this got me thinking about RFID as the future of tagging because RFID enables automated shipping and inventory, and is included in all the smart cards used in transit systems, credit cards, and so on. It’s literally the future of tagging!”

“We were definitely ready to reset our image with both a great new logo and an awesome new website,” said Russell Ossendryver, CEO of WorldLabel Holdings Inc. “We concentrated totally on designing a site for the user base—we want to give our customers the best user experience possible. We’re very excited, and with this new branding initiative, along with our upgraded web technology, we are more than ready to give our customers better service. This will also allow us to continue to grow our markets at an even faster pace.”

With WorldLabel’s products now coupled with top-notch technology and a fresh face, it’s time to start tagging, like Phillips suggests, for the future.

About WorldLabel

Founded in 1998, WorldLabel Holdings Inc (Peekskill, NY) ( is a label manufacturer of PrintPeelApply™ Blank Label Sheets for multifunctional labeling applications including address, mailing, shipping, CD and media labeling, as well as general business office labeling requirements. Our labels are designed to format with label templates you are currently using in your popular label software and templates sizes, Windows® Mac® and Linux programs.

About Fabricatorz

Fabricatorz ( is global production company that makes successful projects from start to finish with major companies, startups and small businesses. They specialize in the development of software, hardware, and community-building based on the philosophy of Sharism (


For more information, please contact
Russell Ossendryver, CEO
104 South Division Street, Suite 4A
Peekskill, NY 10566
T +1(877) 955-2235

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PD+HVH are Beijing-based Architects


PD+HVH are architects Phil Dunn and Henri Van Hoeve, based in Beijing. We built their simple website, like a few other colleagues in the Beijing ecosystem, early-on because we already have been working together and support their efforts.

D:workprojectsunspacebasic plan-section Model (1)

Check out their blog, and consider hiring them for architecture and construction projects in China, and elsewhere in the world.

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