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Fabricatorz Action Quarterly Volume One

Monmouth Path in Hong Kong

Hello Friendz!

This is the start of the Fabricatorz quarterly newsletter. The idea is to provide a recap on the various projects we’ve been working on, as well as those on the horizon. It’s a way for us to give you a comprehensive account of our efforts, something aside from the blogs and tweets, something like a Fabricatorz playlist. We want to keep you in the loop and we want to hear from you too! Just reply back and we’ll get back to you.


Hopefully you've already caught wind of the #FREEBASSEL campaign, a global effort to gather information and leverage that will help lead to the release of our beloved friend and fellow Fabricator, Bassel Safadi. As of March 15, Bassel has been detained in Syria without trial or news of his well-being. Everyone is in the dark, including his family and fiancee. To help shed some light, we built where we encourage you to sign the support letter and help spread the word via @freebassel, #freebassel and Any updates or queries can be directed to

CCD The Community

CCD — The Community
Beijing's most charming set of contradictions is undoubtedly found in Caochangdi. A small working class village slash artists colony on the outskirts of town, Caochangdi glows aura. This is especially true this fall where CCD — The Community will the set the stage for a spate of exhibitions, workshops and public art events surrounding the intersections of art, design and technology. CCD — The Community is conveniently planned alongside Beijing Design Week so if there were ever a reason to visit Beijing, this is it. If you do end up making it, or if you live in the area, be sure to register. We'll be there, of course, keeping things fresh as always.

Patrick Bike Day to Night with speakers

Simplicity = Static Sites and Spokes

Summertime for us has meant eliminating distractions so we can get outside more. In terms of web projects, this has meant a transition to static sites (e.g.,, to alleviate eyestrain and lighten the load on our servers. All of which helps keep the flow going. This new minimalist turn has encouraged us to promote our noise externally, most recently in the form of modified bicycles with soundsystems.

Fabricatorz Fixie Bike

Hot Posts from Fabricatorz Website

We believe in people
The projects we work on strengthen relationships between people, and the best business is derived from serving people. We work with great Fabricatorz at Creative Commons, Mozilla (Firefox), Modern Media, with startups Statusnet and Acawiki, and small businesses like F2 Gallery, Worldlabel, and Consent to Research. By providing services for hire, we also invest in growing platforms to support all of our projects. From the Aiki Framework web platform to Qi Hardware Milkymist video computer to Sharism social platform that encourages sharing worldwide, we create our future through "shared" solutions and agreements.

Do you have a project that needs a Fabricatorz touch? Please contact us today. We can be where you need us on Earth, and can operate with latitude of skills to solve your problems efficiently.

To all, past, present and future Fabricatorz around the world, let's fabricate together.

The Fabricatorz

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2nd round Sharism this year in Beijing!
Please click the links above to Join US!

Sharism is growing. Now its time for us to fix it in the line.

As you may know, the ideal for sharism is sharing. the more your sharing, the more your gain. from the last discussion, Isaac, Jon and me get a conclusion: Sharism should be sharing (as a direction), contenting (similar to TED), spreading (seeking on the deep co-op in many fileds including location), regular (with funding). We need you to paticipate in this sharism for brain storming together, to see what we can get for a sharing future.
This year we already got a Poland Sharism, a Amsterdam Sharism, and a Beijing one and a Shanghai Sharism.Please join us on 17th to share the idea of the growing Sharism.

Time: 7-10pm, 17th Nov.
Location: Chao Wai Da Jie Yi No.6, Chaowai Soho, room A-229

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Elections And Activism: How To Contact Your Representatives

We have been advocating for Bassel Khartabil (Bassel Safadi) through our #FREEBASSEL campaign for well over six months. Just recently there has been a flood of support thanks to the bolstering of Creative Commons, Electronic Frontier Foundation, and Amnesty International.

#FREEBASSEL Letters to high ranking officials of the Syrian Arab Republic (Syria)

Droves of people from all over the world have been licking stamps, writing letters, and addressing the unlawful detainment and suspected ill-treatment of detainees in Syria.

Since’s Amnesty International’s Urgent Action alert focused predominantly on writing letters to ranking officials in the Syrian Arab Republic, we are making a tutorial for those of you who want to make your voices heard in you local city, state, and country about this vastly important international issue regarding basic human rights.

So here it is a how-to on contacting your representatives. The tutorial will focus on the process for the United States, though I image it will be quite similar in many of your countries as well.

  • Internet search for the folks who represent you: State senators(select state) and local representatives (just type in your local zipcode)
  • Write Letter, sometimes this is the hardest part so feel free to copy and paste the #FREEBASSEL template below
  • Vote for people who will support what you believe in on November 6th from human rights to health care to tax reform. Remember ultimately YOU are in power

Dear [Representative, President, Secretary of State, Senator],

I am writing to you to raise awareness about a topic of recent concern to me, and to seek information about [insert your nation here] American policies and initiatives in the Middle East.

As my representative, I hope that it is appropriate for me to raise this international issue with you.

Earlier this year I added my name to an online petition [] in support of the imprisoned Syrian software engineer, Bassel Khartabil, who has been detained in his home country since March 15, 2012.

The campaign surrounding this petition has received support from prominent Human Rights, Internet, and Free Culture organizations, such as Amnesty International, the Mozilla Foundation, Creative Commons, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Recently, I have tried to raise awareness about this case but, as merely a concerned citizen, there are obvious limits on what I can realistically do.

It is my understanding that he has been detained at the Military Intelligence Branch in Kafr Sousseh without access to a lawyer or his family, and that no charges have been raised against him. In addition, I have heard that he has been tortured and possibly denied access to the medical care which he requires as a diabetic.

I do not know Bassel personally, but I have been made aware of his good work in promoting Syrian culture and heritage. Learning about Bassel’s plight, I feel that I must express sadness at the ill treatment he has reportedly received.

I hope that you can see the need for compassion in this case, and trust that you can bring your influence to bear on investigating and improving his situation.

Are there existing initiatives to resolve human rights cases such as this one in Syria? If so, is it possible to report this case to the organization responsible? If not, will you suggest some organizations that can advise and support efforts to obtain the release of Bassel, and other prisoners like him at the international level?

Kind regards,

[Your Name Here]

Here is the link to the Urgent Action Alert from Amnesty International
[ ]

Pete Ippel Voting 2012, Ventura California

In the United States, we are on the verge of a very important election and now is the time to make your voice heard. Write letters, make phone calls, send emails, start by acting locally and thinking globally.

Thank you to all the folks who have sent copies of their letters to with permission to edit them and share. Please continue to do so.

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Fabricatorz Weekly Update (07/07/10)

It’s been another busy week at Fabricatorz and here are just some of the latest goings-on:

LGM follow-up and updates

  • Fabricatorz donated the rest to push the Libre Graphics Meeting pledge drive over the top (by $1!)
  • As noted in many places, our great friend Kaveh has uploaded all the videos from LGM2010 Conference – you can find them all online here.
  • Nicu, the original designer of the rejon avatar, wrote a nice post about LGM2010, you can read here.
  • Inkscape is about to release 0.48! Please help out by testing it!
  • The Open Font Library submitted an app for the Creative Commons Catalyst grant! Go Dave and crew!

Open Clip Art Library updates

Qi Hardware updates

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老板 赞助级别 (Laoban Soundsystem 2.0 Sponsorship in Chinese)

Thanks to Shasha Liu and Lu Jia, here are Chinese translations of the Laoban Soundsystem 2.0 Sponsorship blog post and main PDF.

Laoban Soundsystem 2.0 Infodoc Chinese

Fabricatorz的 “老板”音响系统2.0正式登陆中国。




迷你 赞助商 (250美元)
标志/图像 + 赞助商网站主页链接

标志/图像 +赞助商网站主页链接

超级赞助商 (1000美元)
标志/图像 +赞助商网站主页链接



老板音响系统活动是一个新型的媒体活动,活动鼓励大家来积极参与,并带来多媒体,笔记本电脑,各种视频播放器,相机和其他纪录工具。其目标就是混合各种媒体, 去探索艺术家,DJ, 音乐家,设计师和建筑师现在所做的事情——成功,失败和未完成的计划在老板活动中都会受到欢迎!最终计划就是通过混合多媒体和使人群通过他们的纪录在, flickr.com和其他地方上圈出“老板”,从而让消费者转变为制作人。

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Fabien Fryns Fine Art Gallery Launched by Fabricatorz Team!

Fabricatorz has recently completed work on the re-design of site for Fabien Fryns Fine Art Gallery in LA – we are now pleased to announce the launch of the new site!!
Fabien Fryns has a new exhibition by MadeIn, an art collaboration founded by Chinese artist Xu Zhen. It wil be on display from May 15 through June 26, 2010. For more details check out the site!

Fabien Fryns Fine Art
314 N. Crescent Heights Blvd
Los Angeles, California, 90048
Phone: +1 323.998.6236

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Visiting Saamlung in Hong Kong

In the early days of the New Year I travelled to Hong Kong to look in on our client and friend Robin Peckham, whose new gallery had just opened to not unexpected acclaim.

Saamlung manages to skirt both the geographical and curatorial boundaries of the established Hong Kong art scene. The space is perched on the top floor of a nondescript commercial building on Connaught Road (not far from the sightseeing Central galleries of Wyndham Street and Hollywood Road, but only if you discount the vertical dimension). At the same time, Saamlung’s curatorial program hews between the heavyweight international galleries that care nothing for the city’s local context, and the indigenous Hong Kong galleries that don’t care to escape it.

When I visited the gallery with Sophie this January, we were lucky to catch Charles LaBelle’s exhibition Corpus just before it closed. The work on display makes up part of Charles’s life-long Buildings Entered project, and depicts a series of drawings of buildings with religious significance, atop pages excised from a copy of George Bataille‘s Je suis coupable.

Up now at Saamlung is a group exhibition, featuring work by a new favorite of mine, Chen Chien-jung.

Finally, don’t miss this interview with Robin by CNN which gets it just right: Saamlung: showcasing Hong Kong’s best new art.

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Hi all, we launched and are ramping up promotion for this show in Guangzhou initially in September 2008. Here is the post re-blogged:

Hi all, welcome to a new project which is a collaboration between Fabricatorz and Garage Biennale. Here are two levels of scale about the project:

“Art show in Guangzhou, China in September 2008 and then in San Francisco November 2008.”

And, a few more sentences…

“Garage Biennale and the Fabricatorz are bringing you Cantocore, a research project investigating contemporary art and culture between Canton (Guangdong) and cities around the world. The initial focus is a contemporary art exhibition with two versions of the same show in San Francisco and Guangzhou, China.”

There is a solid line-up of artists working on projects at present for both shows with the main concept being the ideas of import and export where projects in both locations are the same, but different versions.

Lu re-blogged the Cantocore Home Concert Preview we are doing next WED in SF, and so, I’m pushing out this post about the Cantocore project which is a contemporary art show that Lu, myself and Justin Hoover are pushing out this early September and November. The first instance of Cantocore is to generate some funds to help in production of the artwork. No one is getting paid from the raising of monies to support art production, so we are putting on a concert to preview the artwork for the show.

Lu wrote about here:

What it will take to make an art show. You will need three things: Artists, Space and Money! Sometimes these three things don’t come so easy, don’t they?

These are the things we are pushing right now for Cantocore exhibition, a show in both Guangzhou China and San Francisco this fall. There is a home concert preview party coming Wednesday 7/23 to fund the production of the shows. I am not a very good sales woman, but really want to make this one works!

Visit Cantocore site for information about the show, artists, and detail about the preview concert. Performing musicians for the the preview concert are Ma Jie and Christopher Willits.


And then there is a follow-up post on the Cantocore website:

Cantocore Home Concert Preview is coming up next Wednesday July 23rd, 7-9 PM in San Francisco. Right now our RSVP deadline for this event is extended to Monday, July 21st. And tickets are on sale right now for $50 USD! All money goes to the production of the Cantocore exhibition in Guangzhou and San Francisco. And, all contributions will be rewarded with praise, promotion in printed materials and on this website.

This event is a preview of the coming exhibitions, and also a home concert featuring Chinese traditional instrument musician Ma Jie and electronic musician Christopher Willits.

To reserve your tickets please do one of the following:

Call Justin at 415-425-1647
Or use Paypal option

We are eager to raise some funds from those interested in the ideas which will gain both a plug on the website and then in our printed material. Feel free to ask questions here on this blog post publicly, or send us email about this.

Please participate in this project and if in SF, RSVP by next MONDAY, July 21 to come to the Cantocore Home Concert Preview.

Mean Chan will get on here shortly and write something better and in Chinese for all you reading this in China.

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Fab Fashionz: Appropriate Appropriation, Not American Apparel

Check out the beginning of a new line of Fabricatorz T’s. Since nothing is more boring than a sterile design printed on a new shirt, I hand picked a bunch of second-hand T’s in New Orleans and slapped the Fabricatorz chop on ’em. Recycling is rarely this hot,  re-contextualizing this fun. More iterations to come as well as a shop where you can cop all this hot to trot Fab Fashion.






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Fabricatorz Week in Review: July 11 – 18

This week’s Fabricatorz update is chalk-full of interviews, project iterations and conferences!

Getting things rolling, Christopher Adams will be speaking at the joint conference COSCUP/GNOME.Asia 2010, which takes place August 14-15. His topic will be “Elements of Typographic Freedom.”

Another Fabricatorz developer, Barry Threw, recently released StringPort, a one-of-a-kind computer interface for stringed instruments! StringPort arrived in response to the limitations many stringed performers find in MIDI programming and capturing compelling recordings.

In StatusNet land, Derek Derouin has been hard at work on the company’s own weekly StatusReport. Fabricatorz founder, Jon Phillips will be speaking, on behalf of StatusNet and free software, at FISL11 (Fórum Internacional Software Livre), which will be taking place this month (July 21-24) in Brazil.

This Sunday (July 18th) marks the Federated Social Web Summit, and Fabricatorz Florica and Jon have been working, in Portland, on representing new standards and agreed upon best-practices in web development.

Meanwhile, The Open Clip Art Library continues it’s evolution, following the recent release of Version 2.3. The FCRC Logo Design Contest deadline was pushed back an extra week (from July 9 to July 16) in order to accommodate for all of the incredible entries. Contest participants can expect an announcement of the winning design this Monday (July 19)! OCAL has also recently received recommendations from Luther College: Library and Information Services and @BobChao.

Jon has been all over the map this week, and is also featured in a Q & A at the Libre Graphics Meeting, defining the gathering and it’s personal relevance. Another interview, curtesy of the Meeting, is documented on a recent post.

Solid work across the board from the Fabricatorz team. We’ll continue bringing updates on these and future projects as the weekly reports continue!

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Jon Phillips Interviewed by KPFK Los Angeles About #FREEBASSEL Campaign

Audio Clip of Jon Phillips interview by Digital Village about #FREEBASSEL Campaign 06/30/2012 KPFK, Los Angeles, California USA. Download the full episode of Digital Village.

Remember to sign and support and share and #FREEBASSEL on your social networks. Together we can raise awareness. Thank you to Ric Allen and Doran Barons, and Lawrence Lessig for the opportunity.

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Fabricatorz 50/50

I’ve tuned the language about Fabricatorz on the about page to make it clear we are a company that does both our own projects and for-hire contracts:

The Fabricatorz is an “open” production company that creates projects 50% of the time internally and then takes on external projects the other 50% of the time. We specialize in Open Source Software, Creative Commons licenses/technology, growing on-line and off-line communities in San Francisco and China.

The company builds upon the current roster of fabricatorz’ skillsets. The company currently consists of Jon Phillips with 14+ years of experience in new media production, the software industry, building communities and free/open software development. Lu Fang brings her design and localization skills bridging the English and Chinese languages. Then, newcomer Brad Phillips delivers with his general production magic and a specific skillset in mobile development, 3D design and virtual reality production. The company has offices in San Francisco, Guangzhou and Beijing in order to serve as local interface for many forms of creative production. In these locations the team scales with new employees, adapting to each project.

For a listing of all projects, both active and completed, please see the /projects section of the site. Here are some of the services we do:

  • International On-line and Off-line Community Building
  • Website Programming, Design and Development
  • Software Design, Development, and Management
  • Open Source + GNU/Linux Software Development
  • Open Content (Creative Commons-based projects)
  • International Business Development
  • Video + Audio Production
  • 3D + Virtual Reality Production
  • Translation/Internationalization with emphasis on English and Chinese languages
  • Conversion from closed to open source development model
  • Object production: Interface with Chinese production companies

Contact us if you need the Fabricatorz.

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Wise Futures and Shared Hardware, Part I

Christopher Adams at TELDAP 2012

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to Academia Sinica in Taipei to address an audience of the Culturemondo forum on Smart Cultures, held alongside TELDAP and convened by Ilya Li. Ilya had asked me to prepare some remarks about open hardware culture, particularly as it relates to recent developments in Taiwan and China.

The Fabricatorz are often asked about “free and open” hardware. Jon shared his views on open hardware manufacturing during a talk he gave in Miami last December. It is not an idle topic for us, as we believe that investing in our own hardware platforms is just as important to the future of our business as is the software we create.

Copying hardware is hard to do —rms

Can Hardware be Free?

The term ‘open’ hardware is used by way of analogy to free and open source software. The freedoms of ‘free’ software comprise the right to use, study, duplicate and improve that software. These freedoms as they relate to hardware apply not to the physical device itself, but rather to its design; for it is only the hardware design that can be truly studied, duplicated, and, most important, improved.

However, a process which begins with a free hardware design and ends with a finished product requires a non-trivial provision of capital, resources, skill, and time. This plain fact leads the founder of the free software movment, Richard Stallman, to conclude that “freedom to copy hardware is not as important, because copying hardware is hard to do.”

People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware—Alan Kay

I think the logic of that assessment is backward. The difficulty that hardware presents to our freedoms makes the issue more important, not less. It is the reason that we at Fabricatorz are investing time, money and talent to find solutions to the hardware dilemma. Recall the famous words of Alan Kay: “People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware.”

Is Richard Stallman serious about software? I know we are.

Credits (images remixed by me on an M1):

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Sharism Presents Beijing at Grapevine Successful

Thanks to Xiaowu for taking a nice photo of the event. We had many great wine tastings from the excellent new wine club in Chaowai Soho, a Sharism supportive business. We had a few old friends and also some cool new people who live in Beijing came out like Alan Boyd, @imcherry and many more people in attendance. I also shared my new markiting project and heard great things from local investors, the progress of Yeeyan from akid, all while sampling some amazing South African wines.

See you soon at a next Sharism Presents Beijing!

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Our Incubated Company, Aiki Lab Supports Aiki Framework

A few years ago, we got swept up in a wave of projects in Singapore. A little prior, Bassel invented the Aiki Framework software for powering the heavily trafficked Open Clip Art Library which needed a fast database-backed engine that allowed for collaboration. Bassel and myself set out to make a company around this project, because we had some good offers of support in the Neoteny Singapore project by Joi Ito, and Christopher and I didn’t want Fabricatorz to become locked into one technology platform.

Aiki Lab HackerSpace logo (PT Sans)

While we do prefer to use Aiki Framework for web-based software, we push the development and holding of all Aiki projects over to the completely separate company, Aiki Lab. While this is mostly an on-paper different project right now, expect more from Aiki Lab in the future.

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Open Font Library Release 0.5: Calling All Translators and Typophiles

San Francisco and Beijing, July 9, 2012Open Font Library, the preeminent online library of community-generated open fonts, is happy to announce version 0.5. With the help of the Fabricatorz development and design team, the new version is more instructive, organized and pretty. These updates enhance the Open Font Library’s commitment to the freedom of fonts, but the new version places special emphasis on the role of people and the community behind the project.

The new features and revisions increase the collaborative nature of the Open Font Library. Chief among them is an online translation tool which allows volunteers to improve language support on the site. The translation tool is simple and straight-forward, with step-by-step instructions in the Guidebook to walk translators through the process. Currently, Portuguese, German, Polish, and Spanish translations are in development—which will broaden the global appeal of the Open Font Library.

The Guidebook itself—Open Font Library’s “How-to” manual, so to speak—has received significant updates and revisions to assist those interested in using the site in whatever capacity. Every page is now divided into three main categories: Contribute, Information and Technical. The Guidebook pages help explain everything from basic activities, like “How to report a bug” and “How to contribute to an existing font”, to technical concerns like, “How to install FontForge” and the details of “Collaborative Design Workflows.”

“There are now more ways to participate in the Open Font Library than ever before,” says Open Font Library’s lead developer Christopher Adams. “With this latest release, everyone from serious type designers to curious typophiles has a chance to get involved. That is the beauty of the Open Font Library: it allows for a diverse community with a common passion to work together, regardless of expertise.”

With the 0.5 release, the Open Font Library aims to get even more people on board with free fonts. You too can get started by signing up for a free account, reading the guidebook, and then uploading your first font!

About Open Font Library
The mission of the Open Font Library ( is to promote your freedom as it relates to fonts. All of the typefaces contained in the library are available under a free license, which gives you the freedom to use, study, remix and share each and every font. The site is powered by the Aiki Framework (, a powerful web framework for building network services using the AGPL license.

About Fabricatorz
Fabricatorz ( is an open global production company that makes successful projects from start to finish. We specialize in developing software using Aiki Framework (, hardware using Qi Hardware (, and community-building around the philosophies of Sharism (


For more information, please write, or visit

Press Contact
Spencer Young
+49 1573 7430013



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Laoban Containment or Expansion Onto 2009

Edward from CPU:798 made a follow-up laoban post to his previous post I noted thinking about the connection between Ullens Dior show’s commercial sellout and the eye candy of some of the visuals at Laoban. I think its a good comparison and something most definitely to be critical about for future Laoban Soundsystem events.

In retrospect to the Laoban 1.0 event, Edward stated:

Looking back, the only artist who directly addressed some audience or source outside of the small group, some kind of larger society, with a hope perhaps of making some kind of comment, was Du Qin (a.k.a. D4Q1N), specifically generating a flying array of what I think was the current RMB to USD exchange rate as part of his projection – at any point in time a quite meaningful piece of information for society.

Du Qin
Image by Edward of Du Qin.

Edward has also makes a good point about events in general:

I would go further, though, and give more credit to the event itself as a process which creates some change, some difference. At the end of the day the event can only (re)present what the individuals are doing at any given moment. If no one is engaging through their work, then engagement will not appear. But the evening itself can serve as an engagement. By moving the means of engagement onto the level of the container, this perhaps avoids a situation where participants feel pressured to conform to a particular mode of display, one which has a rather bad reputation for histrionics.

I must admit that myself and Matt Hope often posit soundsystems as something that ignite activity, projecting outward bass and activity in hopes that dynamic emergent activity happens that we never planned for. However, the reality, especially in spaces like galleries with more restrictions rather than a free party, or random event where restrictions are lowered, is that events, such as Laoban are containers rather than expanders or catalysts.

There is a place for both. I’m most interested in the emergent actions at an event. This is a bit naive though since there is always some level of containment and also some level of expansion at any event. Artists and curators spend much of their time trying to understand the world in order to control or channel chaos as a creative act. Hence, the level of containment or expansion, while ignoring or attempting to not control at an event, is usually bound or contained already by others, institutions, or legal systems. Thus, the effective parameter for an event might be to actually structure some type of boundaries for emergent activities and document the activities that happen. In this way, Laoban may be both experimental and interesting.

For Laoban 1.0 we allowed for anyone to mix in, and we tightened the structure of the space towards a traditional proscenium model. For 2009, I think good to make each Laoban events’ emergent rules be quite clear up front, and encourage this type of containment vs expansion debate. Come on Edward and others, let’s setup some emergent Laoban Soundsystem events for 2009! Shoot me an email and lets expand.

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Come to StatusCheck Brussels at FOSDEM 2010 Next Saturday

That’s right! The StatusNet crew invites you #StatusCheckBRU to grab a beer on Saturday night, February 6, 2010 in Brussels at nearby “A La Mort Subite” for a couple of hours to talk all things StatusNet, the free network service microblogging software. Myself (@rejon) and @Evan will be on hand and  have free limited number of new StatusNet shirts, loads of new stickers, and lots of discussions to be had. This is a StatusCheck to coincide with FOSDEM, a Free and Open Software Developer Meeting. You don’t miss StatusNet CEO and Founder, Evan Prodromou’s presentation on Sunday at 4 PM at FOSDEM, either.


You are invited to this #StatusCheckBRU where we will have beers, free shirts, free StatusNet sign-ups for private beta, stickers, and great discussion fun. Please go to the wiki page and let us know you are coming!

Put it on your calendars and share it with your friends!

StatusCheckBRU, 6 PM

A La Mort Subite
rue Montagne-aux-Herbes Potagères 7
B-1000 Brussels


UPDATE: In addition to some other staffers and community members, StatusNet’s own User Experience Designer, @csarven (Sarven Capadisli) will be on-hand at FOSDEM and the StatusCheckBRU.

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