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Fabricatorz: This Week (July 19-26)

The Fabricatorz team continues their forward momentum this week. Among the notable activities, highlights include: pushing out new content, delivering passionate speeches, and assisting with Community announcements.

Leading off, founder and developer of Fabricatorz, Jon Phillips, is in Brasil this weekend, as a featured speaker at FISL. Topics covered in his Keynote range from the creation of a Federated Social Web, to components of such a web, like StatusNet (for whom Jon serves as Community Director).

In other Open Source news, work continues on the Open Font Library, spearheaded by member of Fabricatorz. A big announcement is expected in the very near future, regarding the status of OFLB.

Meanwhile, it’s sister site, The Open Clip Art Library, concluded it’s month-long Logo Design Contest, as a judging panel sifted through a staggering 240+ submissions to announce hank0071 as the winning designer (with the above entry). The Fabricatorz Team congratulates OCAL for an astonishing contest turnout!

Work continues on Open Clip Art Library’s next official Release. Users of the site who are eager to participate in the coming event are encouraged to submit sports-related clip art, tagging the new work with the key word “sports2010“.

Be sure to check in, next week, for updates on these and other goings on at!

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Wise Futures and Shared Hardware, Part II

Milkymist One

If I were to write an allegory of the computer manufacturing industry in “Greater China”, I might be tempted to call it Pingguo and Shanzhai.

Pingguo(蘋果)is the nickname by which Apple Computer is known in China. Its partner Foxconn (a Taiwanese company by the way) is the largest electronic component manufacturer in the world and the largest private employer in the PRC. Foxconn is the pinnacle of industrial scale electronics manufacturing in the Pearl River Delta (and, indeed, the world); and Apple would not be the Apple of today without Foxconn, and China.

Shanzhai(山寨)are the noble bandits of our little allegory: small-scale black market manufacturers who skirt regulations and quality control to produce affordable, relatively low yield, but surprisingly diverse electronics. (I should point out that these innovations were enabled by another Taiwanese company, Mediatek, which sells development kits that many Shanzhai products, such as mobile phones, are built on top of.)

Pinguo and Shanzhai are the well-known protagonists in the technological and social drama of the computer manufacturing industry that straddles the Taiwan Strait. But neither Pinguo nor Shanzhai tell the story of the kind of technology that I want in my life, or that I want to base my business on.

For me the real inspirational story is that of Qi Hardware. Qi Hardware is innovation built not at the cost of billions of dollars and legions of anonymous workers (Pingguo), nor at the cost of questionable legal and safety practices (Shanzhai). Rather, Qi Hardware is a collective dedicated to sharing knowledge, experience and technology, and represents the kind of wise future[1] I am looking to achieve.

Adam Wang

In discussing Qi Hardware I am constantly looking for a language to describe this new style of innovation. I am reluctant to call it ‘open’ hardware for reasons I have already explained; and calling it ‘copyleft’ hardware (in contrast to ‘copyright’) puts too much emphasis on the legal underpinning.

I finally settled on the term ‘shared’ hardware to describe what I feel captures the spirit of the movement. By sharing, Qi Hardware aim to lower barriers to innovation, as well as to profit and pump out genuinely cool technology!

Let’s keep telling this story.


[1] wise futures – I came by this term by listening to public talks by Rob van Kranenburg and Adam Greenfield in Taipei in February of this year. You can read Part I here.

The first photo in this post is of the Milkymist One, which I shot in my studio a couple of weeks ago. The second photo is of Adam Wang, when I visited him in Taipei, where he tests and assembles the Milkymist.

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Openclipart Scissors Logo and Clipart Opportunities

Openclipart Scissors Logo Guide Horizontal

Have you seen the new Openclipart scissors logo? This is one of many updates over at Openclipart. Most important, there are loads of new images that anyone can use freely for posters, business cards, presentations or other design needs.

Also, if you are desiging APPS, we want to talk with you about opportunities! The Openclipart is not only a website, but a full service platform for sharing and storing images. Think of the possibilities in using Openclipart to build a drawing APP for Android, iPhones and iPads. Let’s draw together and share clipart opportunities!

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Join us for the Libre Graphics Meeting 2010!

San Francisco and Brussels, Thursday 15 April 2010 – Libre Graphics Meeting is an annual working conference for the free software graphics application community. Developers from the full spectrum of graphics applications — image editors, photography, 3-D and 2-D animation, vector art, graphic design, typography – collaborate with each other on interoperability, push the state of the art in application functionality and user experience, and get important face-to-face interaction with users.

LGM 2010 will take place between May 27 and 30th at De Pianofabriek in Brussels, Belgium. Developers from GIMP, Inkscape, Blender, Krita, Scribus, Hugin, the Open Clipart Library, the Open Font Library, and other open source projects are scheduled to appear. Technical talks will showcase new work in digital asset management, natural-media simulation, and internationalized font design. The program will also emphasize real-world usage of open source graphics software in professional publishing houses, multimedia production, and both the secondary education and art school classroom. Developers, users, or community members who would like to give a talk at LGM 2010 are encouraged to submit a proposal by following the instructions at The deadline for submissions is May 1.

Attendance at LGM is free for developers and users alike – so the conference counts on the generosity of the open source graphics community to help underwrite the costs of putting on the conference and to help make it possible for individual open source developers to attend. This year the LGM team launched a fundraising campaign called
10by10by10 to raise $10,000 USD from grants, $10K from corporations and $10K from the community. The funds raised from granting organizations, public, and corporate partners will allow participants who have no other means of sponsoring their travel to Brussels to attend the event.

The public sector in Belgium and the EU has been tremendously supportive of LGM, and has already exceeded its 10,000 dollar goal. However, some of the grant money donated is for specific tools, such as providing simultaneous language translation of the talks, and thus cannot be put towards the goal of allowing every developer who wants to attend to be there in person.

Please make a donation to the community fundraising campaign at: – and help a free graphics software developer benefit from the in-person collaboration at this year’s LGM.

Community donations have already raised $3,020 – help us make the total by May 1st. Any amount, no matter how small, is helpful; many developers in Europe need only a small stipend for rail travel to make the trip a possibility. All donations are tax deductible for US taxpayers. For larger donations from corporations and individuals, contact us directly at

For more information about LGM 2010, previous years’ meetings, and the Create Project that organizes the workshop, please visit

Press Contacts

Nathan Willis

Jon Phillips

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Cantocore Import/Export Opens in Guangzhou September 5

Guy Overfelts Untitled (Up in Smoke)

Our sister project, Fabricatorz, is launching Cantocore Import/Export in Guangzhou on September 5th. Here is a re-sample of the press release:


Today the Cantocore Project and Ping Pong Space announced the upcoming contemporary art show, Cantocore: Import/Export in Guangzhou, China during September 2008. This initial show features contemporary artists from San Francisco and Guangzhou producing artwork around the more detailed relationship between import and export of culture and materials between Guangzhou, China and San Francisco. This first part of the Cantocore exhibition, Import, begins with an opening on Friday, September 5 from 8 PM at the brand new Ping Pong Space in Guangzhou, China. The show continues until Tuesday, September 16 with gallery hours of 2:00 PM until 10:00 PM daily. The second part of the show, Export, opens Sunday, September 21 at 8 PM until 10 PM when a special video screening developed by San Francisco’s Mission 17 titled “Stardusted” will be presented at the Ping Pong Bar from 10 PM until 11PM. The second half, Export, continues daily until Saturday, October 4 with daily hours from 2:00 PM to 10:00 PM.

The Cantocore Import/Export exhibition examines, through applied art practice, the relationship between import and export of culture between Guangzhou and San Francisco by asking a simple phrase: Are you Cantocore? Guangzhou, also called Canton, is the third most populous city in China and its province, Guangdong, is a major manufacturer of textiles and electronics for export to the United States. San Francisco has the largest import of Chinese immigrants of any US city, primarily from the Guangdong province. Chinese immigrants also created the largest Chinatown in North America in San Francisco. However, understanding the conceptual framework of Cantocore is not limited to geographic divisions, nor reductive dichotomies driven by post-colonial stereotypes such as East vs. West, nor Olympic nationalism pridefully paramount in China vs. US “non-political” sports matches. Cantocore is the reality of life versus the theory set forth by jurisdictions where people live.

The artists in the Cantocore exhibition were tasked with creating projects which explore import and export, materially and conceptually. Practically, how can one’s artwork be actualized either through fabrication locally in Guangzhou or imported from San Francisco? Guidelines for the creation of the work were left alone since modern strategies for creating artwork such as remaking, remixing, interpreting, pirating, translating, copying, and appropriating content, already espouse the Cantocore style. After the proposals were received from invited artists, curation of works took place based upon the processes, scope, location of artists and available resources to constitute this first Cantocore dialogue.

Curation for this show has been a group effort by Deer Fang, Justin Hoover, and Jon Phillips from the Cantocore Project and Wu Jay from Ping Pong Space (PPS). Layout and Design for the show is done by Pierre Picard (PPS) while wordsmithing has been handled by Nikita Choi (PPS), Jon Phillips and Deer Fang.

Exhibition Venue

#60 Xian Lie Dong Heng Lu Ping Pong Space, Guangzhou

Cantocore Import
September 6th – 26th, 2008
Opening: Friday, September 5th, 8PM – 10 PM.
Drinks after at Ping Pong Bar.

Cantocore Export
September 22nd – October 2nd, 2008
Opening: Sunday, September 21st, 8PM – 10PM

Video Screening “Stardusted” at Ping Pong Bar

September 21st 2008, 10PM – 11PM

Regular Gallery Hours
Tuesday – Sunday 2 PM – 10 PM
Gallery Closed on Monday

Ping Pong Bar Open Everyday


今天硬核广州项目和乒乓空间宣布当代艺术展 “硬核广州:进口/出口” 将在2008年9月到10月在广州乒乓空间展出。这个展览主要展出来自旧金山和广州两地当代艺术家的作品,这些作品将围绕进出口的文化和物质关系而创作。 整个展览分为两部份:2008年9月5日-9月26日为“进口”部分,开幕式为9月5日晚上8点;2008年9月21日-10月2日为“出口”部分,开幕式为9月21日晚上8点;晚上10点到11点,还将在乒乓酒吧举行由旧金山MISSION17策划的《星尘》录像作品的放映活动。

“硬核广州 进口/出口”展览通过艺术实践检验联系着广州和旧金山的进出口文化, 并提出这样的问题:你是硬核广州人吗? 广州是中国第三大人口城市,其省会广东省是主要出口美国纺织品和电子产品的生产地。同时旧金山是主要“进口”中国移民的美国城市。这些移民也主要来自广东地区。中国移民在旧金山建立了北美最大的唐人街。然而,理解“硬核广州”的概念框架不能仅仅局限于地理上的分界,也不应做简单后殖民的分裂模式:东方和西方,或国家主义至上的奥林匹克中的中国对美国,即所谓“非政治化的比赛”。“硬核广州”是生活的现实与人们生活管辖区内理论的对抗。


此展览是方鹿,Justin Hoover, Jon Phillips和乒乓空间吴捷的集体协作的成果。展览和出版由Pierre Picard (乒乓空间)设计,文字由蔡影茜(乒乓空间),Jon Phillips和方鹿负责。



展期: 2008年9月6日-9月26日
开幕:2008年9月5日 (星期五)晚上8点到10点

展期:2008年9月22日- 10月2日

开幕: 2008年9月21日(星期天) 晚上8点到10点

2008年9月21日(星期天) 晚上10点到11点


List of Artists in Cantocore Import
“硬核广州- 进口”艺术家名单

Deer Fang 方鹿
Justin Hoover
Huang Xiaopeng 黄小鹏
Misako Inaoka
Guy Overfelt
Jon Phillips

List of Artists in Cantocore Export
“硬核广州- 出口”艺术家名单

JD. Beltran

Lin Fang Suo 林芳所
Huang Pu Village Video Group 黄埔村项目小组
Kathrine Worel
Zhou Tao 周滔
David Johnson

Links 链结

Cantocore Exhibition and Research Site

Ping Pong Space
Ping Pong Space at

About Cantocore

Garage Biennale and the Fabricatorz bring you Cantocore, a research project investigating contemporary art and culture between Canton (Guangzhou) and cities around the world. The initial project is a contemporary art exhibition with two different versions of the same show initially in Guangzhou, China and then in San Francisco, USA.



About Ping Pong Space

What is Ping Pong? 乒乓是什么?


A public oriented multifunction space, which aims at promoting art and creative culture while strengthen cultural exchange. It functions as a communication and dynamic platform for urban culture movement, and will explore a new relationship between creators and consumers, artistic events and audiences in the context of globalization and rapid local culture development.

Ping Pong Strategy 乒乓的策略


From material to conception all these creative forms, we accept a wide range categories in art and creative culture with openness. (These events encompass the full spectrum of contemporary media: video and image, installation, contemporary paintings, stage and performance, sculpture and publishing.)

Press Contacts

Nikita Choi
Ping Pong Space
+86 20 2829 6300

San Francisco
Justin Hoover
+1 (415) 425-1647

Press Kit


Cantocore Guangzhou Press as PDF file


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Get Turned On By The Power Tower

Our friends at Fabien Fryns Fine Art have an exciting exhibition currently on display. The title of the show, “One Pinch of Heartache- Two Cups of Pain; One Dash of Sunshine- Two Drops of Rain”, is a bit emo, but the works included by artists Christian Tedeschi and Michael Bizon are far from a sad, lonely walk in the park.  Here’s a few pics of my favorites, which remind me a lot of Matt Hope‘s collosal speaker systems. These guys are taking over where Nam June Paik left off in interesting ways. Also, I have to say: the flyer for this show is one of the coolest I’ve seen in a while.

If you’re in the LA area anytime between now and March 17, be sure to check out the show and tell us what you think.

Christian Tedeschi and Michael Bizon, Power Tower

Christian Tedeschi and Michael Bizon, Man Behind Curtain

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Presenting the Fabricatorz Weekly Update…

Rejon Presenting at LGM2010

Photo by-nc Pete Ippel

The Fabricatorz team has been busy churning out projects. Because day by day so much goes on in the Fabricatorz studio, we realized we should share more with our public! So from now on, we will be giving regular weekly updates from the Fabricatorz studio on all our goings-on and the progress of our projects.

We begin this week with a re-cap of the LGM conference which was a great success this year and well attended! Here are some highlights from the conference, in the words of LGM attendee Barry Threw:

“Some of the most interesting things at the meeting were the sessions on desktop publishing. People self publishing and developing sophisticated tools made it clear that contrary to some opinions about the directions of literary technology, new tools will only strengthen the printmaking community, not wipe it out with dedicated e-readers. The sheer ingenuity of projects solving publishing issues with freely accessible tools showed a steady movement that will with time inevitably destroy even the highest volume censored app store in the world. Excellent presentations were given on open font design by Christopher Adams (the publisher of Joi Ito’s book Freesouls) and on self publishing by Ana Carvalho at Plana Press on transitioning from closed source software to created independent comic books. Also Tom Lechner’s talk on his program Laidout shows off its many impressive features, including laying out print on an arbitrary polygon.”

(And if you are interested in reading more about the conference or thinking of participating in the future, check out more details about the event at hypermodern’s blog.)

On the Status.Net front – we have implemented a new desktop client:

“With StatusNet Desktop, anyone can connect to multiple StatusNet sites, including secure and private installations. It is simple to post new notices and replies, and view public, user, friends, replies, tag and group timelines. StatusNet Desktop lets you directly manage your user and group subscriptions, manage your inbox of direct messages, search for notices across all timelines and have an auto-refreshed timeline with new status updates.”

If you are interested in learning more, please read here for more information.

Finally we would love to plug a project of a dear friend of ours who has made a clever comic called Bear and Fox. Bear and Fox needs to raise some funds to get printed so please take a moment to look at the Kickstarter page and give your support! Thanks so much!

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Thanks to You (Happy Thanksgiving)

beirut sunset
[ Photo of beirut sunset by Joi ]

Happy Thanksgiving! Don’t forget to eat some pumpkin pie and tell everyone around you how thankful you are for them!

With that being said, thank you to you for supporting Fabricatorz! Thanks to all who have contributed to our projects and working with us. Also, thanks to all our friends and family members!

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Commons Congress 2013 and Sage Bionetworks site launch

The 4th Sage Bionetworks Commons Congress kicks off today in San Francisco, and will run from Friday April 19th through Saturday April 20th, 2013. The theme of this year’s Congress is “The Truth of Personalized Medicine“, centering on the future of the Commons as it relates to biomedical research and data sharing.

Standing behind the Commons Congress is Sage Bionetworks, a new and promising nonprofit biomedical research organization based in Seattle, Washington. Sage is working at the intersection of technology, governance, and research in order to facilitate data sharing and reuse in the fields of science and medicine.

Fabricatorz recently collaborated with Sage Bionetworks to refresh their website at Sage was in need of a simple, legible, and mobile-friendly site that could communicate their work and their vision. Fabricatorz developed a flexible and easy-to-use theme consistent with Sage’s message and spirit. Screenshot

We at Fabricatorz are proud of the work that Sage is doing to advance human health and knowledge, and wish them the best at this year’s Commons Congress!

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Amnesty International Joins #FREEBASSEL

Dear #FREEBASSEL supporters,

Last week Amnesty International joined #FREEBASSEL by calling for the safe and immediate release of Bassel Khartabil (Bassel Safadi). In the report new information about Bassel’s detainment has come to light that reinforces the need for further, timely action. Alongside Amnesty International, we urge all of you to write letters to the Syrian authorities and your local diplomatic representatives. (Amnesty has already provided the Syrian addresses for you.)

To help build the momentum and support of the #FREEBASSEL community we also encourage you to send a photo of your signed letter(s) to, where a collection will be hosted on the website. And if you’re on Twitter, please tweet your photos directly to @freebassel.

The film industry recently helped Free Orwa, a Syrian filmaker, with the help of letters, phone calls and videos. What will the #FREEBASSEL community do to help Free Bassel?

In other #FREEBASSEL news, now has an “Interviews and Stories” section that includes interviews with Giorgos CheliotisJon Phillips and Oussama Al Rifai (Bassel’s uncle). If you have a Bassel story and would like to contribute, please get in contact.

Thank you for your support.

The full Amnesty International report, in English, French and Spanish:

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Qi Hardware’s August News and Milkymist Logo Updates

Released today is the monthly Qi Hardware’s news where you’ll see a veritable explosion of developments.

Beyond the fun news of the homebrew CMOS project making the world’s smallest Nyan Cat, Fabricatorz Christopher Adams provided some design tweaks to the upcoming Milkymist One product launch:

Milkymist Logo Concept

The changes are included in the upcoming Milkymist One RC3 hardware with the new logo laser etched onto the top of the case, seen below.

Milkymist Engraved Logo

And then you can also see it propagated to the box design:

M1 Box Artwork

You can also see on the latest news the full spread of the slides I developed for FISL12 in Brazil:

Qi Hardware Milkymist Slides by REJON

This just scratches the surface of the last month of news from the Qi Hardware Project. Please read about the other developments and join the copyleft hardware revolution!

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StatusNet 0.9.0 and OStatus – Try it out!

OStatus Logo designed by REJON + AndyFitz

StatusNet 0.9.0 is released and is available for immediate download from the site.
This release includes the following new features and we invite the developer community to please try it and report back :

  • Support for the new distributed status update standard OStatus, based on PubSubHubbub, Salmon, Webfinger, and Activity Streams.
  • Support for location using the Geolocation API. Notices are (optionally) marked with lat-long information with geo microformats, and can be shown on a map.
  • No fixed content size. Notice size is configurable, from 1 to unlimited number of characters. Default is still 140!
  • An authorization framework, allowing different levels of users.
  • A Web-based administration panel.
  • A moderation system that lets site moderators sandbox, silence, or delete uncooperative users.
  • A flag system that lets users flag profiles for moderator review.
  • Support for OAuth authentication in the Twitter API.
  • User roles system that lets the owner of the site to assign administrator and moderator roles to other users.
  • A pluggable authentication system.

see the full list of features here:
A full changelog is available at StatusNet 0.9.0/Changelog.

Also, the OStatus process is underway!

OStatus lets people on different social networks follow each other. It’s transparent to your friends, colleagues and family which software or service you use. They can get your status updates on their own sites and reply, like, or re-post your updates.

OStatus isn’t a new protocol; it applies some great protocols in a natural and reasonable way to make distributed social networking possible.

The OStatus spec is a first step in this direction. We’re eager to work with other implementers to make it better, to smooth the rough edges, and to improve the overall experience.

Everyone interested is invited to join the ostatus-discuss mailing list to get this discussion moving.

Thanks to everyone who’s made these protocols work so well together. We hope that OStatus can bring these efforts one more step forward.

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Open Clip Art Library Releases Version 2.4

Members of the Fabricatorz team have been working side-by-side with The Open Clip Art Library in order to provide monthly updates to the newly-revamped platform. This month marks the Release of Version 2.4 of The Open Clip Art Library.

This new release is significant on several levels. One of the more exciting bullet points in this series of improvements, the RSS Feed, featuring the latest submitted clip art, has been upgraded to display the uploaded images, along with the information surrounding it. It’s an incredibly welcomed change that allows the newest content to be presented to OCAL followers in their own data spaces!

Behind-the-scenes tweaks to the cache system have allowed to load many times more quickly than in previous Releases.

Along with these new features, a brand-new themed package of clip art is presented for download! The Sports 2010 Clip Art Package Release features new & recent original designs from the Open Clip Art Library Community, including Fabricatorz developer, Brad Phillips (a.k.a. pianoBrad).

Bassel Safadi, another developer at Fabricatorz, shines in this latest Release, with the Release of Aiki Framework: Version 0.35. Aiki Framework is the platform that drives The Open Clip Art Library, and key features regarding the usability and functionality of the software have supplanted. Sites added to the Aiki resume include Sharism and Open Colour.

Any not already versed in OCAL culture should register a free account to begin contributing and utilizing the vast resources offered. For more information on the 2.4 Release, have a look at the Official Announcement.

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Bassel Needs Us. Join #FREEBASSELDAY on March 15.

Rainbow @freebassel! Good sign!!! Like rainbow after the rain you can see sunshine. Great future!!! Blessing #freebassel

This Friday, please join Fabricatorz, Creative Commons, Mozilla, and so many people and other organizations in hosting the first #FREEBASSELDAY. The plan is simple, visit and add to List your city, you (or your group) as the organizers of an event, a venue name and location, time and the action(s) you or your group will take. Please be as public as you can about your action! Some groups are having dinner like in France, other groups putting up fliers in Amsterdam, and more are getting together for a beer to take photos having a cheerz for Bassel. Help us free one of the original Fabricatorz, and one of our best friends, Bassel.

Here is a sample of the press release at #FREEBASSEL:

Announcing The 1st Annual #FREEBASSELDAY on March 15.

We, the supporters of the #FREEBASSEL project are inviting every person, everywhere to make an event on March 15, 2013 with other people in your city in global solidarity to call for the immediate release of open web advocate Bassel Khartibil. This day is the one year anniversary of the illegal jailing of Bassel Khartibil, well known free internet pioneer, software engineer, teacher, husband, family-man and friend. Bassel is a normal guy, in a bad situation. He is now stuck in a Syrian jail cell where he is not able to directly contribute to his local and global communities. We demand his captors to #FREEBASSEL!

Bassel is ALIVE.

Join us to create an activity, event or even a party to celebrate the great work and ongoing life of Bassel. We challenge other leaders of the free internet and open web to create events to make #FREEBASSEL t-shirts, release #FREEBASSEL software, put up #FREEBASSEL posters in your city, to make food together or even to throw a party at a local bar with #FREEBASSEL images and songs playing. Have a cheers for #FREEBASSEL and tweet the picture of your group publicly in your local language.


By freeing Bassel, you help to free the Internet. Joining the global movement is simple. List your city below, use the #FREEBASSELDAY hashtag on Twitter, Instagram and other social networks, set a goal for what you will do on this day and spread the word! For those community leaders out there like Bassel, pick an activity, a location for people in your community to meetup and make known the time for the gathering to your community. Then, let’s all have a global #FREEBASSELDAY.

The 2nd Anniversary of Syrian Uprising and #FREEBASSELDAY

If this event is successful we will #FREEBASSEL. Setup your event with an idea below, and have your community #FREEBASSEL:

✳ Update Bassel’s Wikipedia entry:

✳ Translate Bassel’s Wikipedia entry into your own language

✳ Make our event global:

✳ Make #FREEBASSEL t-shirts from the FREEBASSEL Avatar:

✳ Print out #FREEBASSEL Posters, and put them up all over your city

✳ Take pictures of your meeting raising your cups to #FREEBASSEL

✳ Create #FREEBASSEL artwork

✳ Write a #FREEBASSEL song

✳ Make a video to #FREEBASSEL, post on the web

✳ Write a blog-post or news article about #FREEBASSELDAY

✳ Release software into the public domain dedicated to #FREEBASSELDAY

✳ Release audio, video, image and texts dedicated to #FREEBASSELDAY


#FREEBASSEL is a campaign to bring about the safe and immediate release of Bassel Khartabil from wrongful detainment in Syria since March 2012. He is a well known contributor to global software and culture communities like Creative Commons, Mozilla Firefox, Wikipedia, Open Clip Art Library, Fabricatorz, and Sharism. He is missed by these communities, his family, friends and loved ones. The campaign says, “We will not stop campaigning for him until we see him as a free global citizen once again.”

For more information

Organizing Page:

Official Website:

Press Release:

Press Contact:


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Fabricatorz: This week (August 29 – September 4)

The Fabricatorz Team remains busy and productive as the month of September sets off. The past few weeks have seen a Fabricatorz collective, as nearly every member of our team convened in China to extend global reach and push current projects to greater heights.

Among the array of projects making serious headway, the official launch of Creative Commons’ Arab World Site is a key step forward in the global copyleft mission. CC Iftar events describe informal gatherings, set up in Arab communities, where leading social media and open web producers can network, while enjoying a meal, to celebrate the breaking of the traditional Ramadan fast. Through such events, it’s hoped that ideas are shared and foundations for new and even more innovative content are formed. In this way, a shift from “content consumption” to “content production” can take place.

Another Fabricatorz initiative, Laoban Soundsystem, is in the spotlight. Laoban is a unique copyleft hardware soundsystem. China houses the current hub for Laoban speaker production, but complete documentation exists online for the construction and implementation of the soundsystem. This Saturday, in China, Laoban is having it’s very first dedicated event showcasing the exciting capabilities of the speakers.

Expect more on these and recurring projects, like The Open Clip Art Library, in next week’s Fabricatorz update!

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Fabricatorz Dan and Daughter Video: Mole-Girl and the Anamoos

Mole-Girl and the Anamoos from Hsiao-Lan Wang on Vimeo.

Story by Mia Zajicek
December 2011

Video production assisted by Daniel Zajicek and Hsiao-Lan Wang

Our own Dan (aka tri-jack, aka zajicek, akak quadrajack) put together a great video with his daughter and wife. Please enjoy! (I think there is a happy holla-daze in there somewhere too btw)

Dan and his wife are both great contemporary composers living in Houston. We hope to do more great projects together soon. They remind me that to make a real company, especially long term, you have to have solid family and healthy growth.

Anyway, they have a great lil family and a cute kid! Here’s to the FabriZajicek family!

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Libre Graphics Meeting 2011 Ramping Up

Totally inspired from seeing this great little short by Jakub Szypulka about our favorite conference that help put on, Libre Graphics Meeting (LGM), coming May 10-13, 2011 to Montreal.

Reclaim your tools. from Jake on Vimeo.

The Libre Graphics Meeting 2010.

A film by Jakub Szypulka

From the Create Project Mailing List, where LGM project is coordinated like many other plans and specs, Jakub said:

Hey guys,

I just finished editing “Reclaim your tools”, a short film about the
Libre Graphics Meeting 2010 in Brussels.

Here is the link:

All the filming and editing as well as the music was done by myself.
The movie is just some two and a half minutes, but I believe it might
be a useful marketing tool for LGM.

What I’m especially proud of is that everything you can see was done a
HUNDRED PERCENT using opensource software! (minus camera firmware I
suppose, haha)

Feel free to share the movie where ever you want! The only thing I’m
asking for is that you include my name.

As I count film-making to graphics, I feel that open source video
editing software should be a part of the LGM conference. Thus, I’d be
more than happy to have a short talk about the film at the next LGM. I
would present my workflow as well as point out areas where improvement
is possible (and sometimes really necessary) compared to closed
source, commercial software, which I’ve been using for a longer time.
What do you guys think about that?

I really hope you’ll enjoy it just as much as I enjoyed making it!
Can’t wait to hear your comments!

Jakub Szypulka

Totally inspirational Jakub! We at Fabricatorz will be ramping up our involvement towards the conference, especially since we love Montreal, Status.Net, have Fab affiliate CelineCelines there, and want to put on some really great Sharism-based events on this year!

Make sure to put LGM2011 on your calendar and join us at the Create Project to get involved deeper.

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Fabricatorz and Friendz In The Newz: Fine Art to Milkymist One MIDI Control (video)

Our friend Robin Peckham announces the launch of Saamlung, a new gallery and project office for Hong Kong. The forthcoming exhibitions will represent a survey of Post-Internet art as well as curatorial exhibitions alternating between project-based solo presentations and thematic group shows.

Nadim Abbas, I Would Prefer Not To, 2009, Digital photograph (C-print), 42 x 64 cm

The Saamlung model is research-driven and focuses on placing work within the exciting collections currently restructuring global visual culture to tell the story of a cosmopolitan present.

Get to Saamlung in person for the grand opening in February 2012.


Robin Peckham announces the launch of Saamlung, a new gallery and project office for Hong Kong.
26/F Two Chinachem Plaza
68 Connaught Rd. C.
(135-137 Des Voeux Rd. C.)
Central, Hong Kong

Pre-opening projects include:

João Vasco Paiva, “Palimpseptic,” 18 November – 5 December
Opening Friday 18 November, 19:00-21:00

Charles LaBelle, “Guilty,” 9 December – 7 January
Opening Friday 9 December, 19:00-21:00

For more information on the projects, please visit their website:

Our Friend Werner Almesberger states “You haven’t really seen what the Milkymist One (M1) really can do if you haven’t used it with some MIDI controls.”

Here’s Werner’s step-by-step instructions on how to make the Qi Hardware video synthesizer Milkymist One really pop. Get your very own Milkymist One here!

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Clip Art of the Month: “Locked” Technology

Our latest “Clip Art of the Month” post is up on

With so much attention directed at Apple and their highly anticipated tablet technology, it may be interesting to discuss the approach they’ve taken toward content regulation and how it might impact the open source community. As you read the full blog post, feel free to share your thoughts.

Also, visit Open Clip Art Library to view and contribute work of your own!

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