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PD+HVH are Beijing-based Architects


PD+HVH are architects Phil Dunn and Henri Van Hoeve, based in Beijing. We built their simple website, like a few other colleagues in the Beijing ecosystem, early-on because we already have been working together and support their efforts.

D:workprojectsunspacebasic plan-section Model (1)

Check out their blog, and consider hiring them for architecture and construction projects in China, and elsewhere in the world.

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Deep Into Terra Firmware

I think it’s fair to say we’ve all heard the saying,

“So if you find yourself in a hole, what’s the first thing you do? Stop digging.”

That only holds true when you don’t have a treasure map.


I’ve got unlimited treasure maps, limited energy, and limited time. So what does this force me to do?

Be smart and look to the insight of others mimic what they do, iterate, process, repeat, and move forward with innovative ideas as they are revealed. The core of Sharism.

The metaphorical sweat on the brow, dust in the air, and blisters on the palms of a major dig are now substituted by dryness of the eyes, tingling of the elbows, and and a relentless drive to stop looking at a screen.

Rather than digging into the terra firma for a nugget, I’m headed to the terra firmware.

Not just software, not just hardware, the vein between where one false move and you get bricked.

Terra Firma: Dry land; the ground as distinct from the sea or air.

Terra Firmware: the ground as distinct from the software or hardware.

There is an relatively untapped territory for me and in the last few days I have been digging following the breadcrumbs on the Internet while learning how to improve my skills to reach the mother lode:

An Apache server, inside my router hosting my photos and videos stored on a shared external hard drive that will run tirelessly and wirelessly through a Roku and be displayed on a high definition flat panel near my studio door…

I fell like a cut-off shorts wearing prospector!

“Dere’s gold in that thar router!”

Once I figure everything out, I’ll share a tutorial about how to tie together all of this and give a full studio demo from photos to high definition video.

Here’s some info about the resources so far…

Roku 2 XS receiving on RoksBox from Asus RT-N56U router with custom firmware or OpenWrt streaming from external hard drive encoded from TC2120 Server running ubuntu (video encoder handbrake) from 2TB storage on my external drive which hosts twelve years video art and 75,000 stills.

I’ve now have a reasonable understanding about
Graphics Cards / CUDA / 32 vs. 64 bit systems
Video Codecs


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Cantocore Import/Export Opens in Guangzhou September 5

Guy Overfelts Untitled (Up in Smoke)

Our sister project, Fabricatorz, is launching Cantocore Import/Export in Guangzhou on September 5th. Here is a re-sample of the press release:


Today the Cantocore Project and Ping Pong Space announced the upcoming contemporary art show, Cantocore: Import/Export in Guangzhou, China during September 2008. This initial show features contemporary artists from San Francisco and Guangzhou producing artwork around the more detailed relationship between import and export of culture and materials between Guangzhou, China and San Francisco. This first part of the Cantocore exhibition, Import, begins with an opening on Friday, September 5 from 8 PM at the brand new Ping Pong Space in Guangzhou, China. The show continues until Tuesday, September 16 with gallery hours of 2:00 PM until 10:00 PM daily. The second part of the show, Export, opens Sunday, September 21 at 8 PM until 10 PM when a special video screening developed by San Francisco’s Mission 17 titled “Stardusted” will be presented at the Ping Pong Bar from 10 PM until 11PM. The second half, Export, continues daily until Saturday, October 4 with daily hours from 2:00 PM to 10:00 PM.

The Cantocore Import/Export exhibition examines, through applied art practice, the relationship between import and export of culture between Guangzhou and San Francisco by asking a simple phrase: Are you Cantocore? Guangzhou, also called Canton, is the third most populous city in China and its province, Guangdong, is a major manufacturer of textiles and electronics for export to the United States. San Francisco has the largest import of Chinese immigrants of any US city, primarily from the Guangdong province. Chinese immigrants also created the largest Chinatown in North America in San Francisco. However, understanding the conceptual framework of Cantocore is not limited to geographic divisions, nor reductive dichotomies driven by post-colonial stereotypes such as East vs. West, nor Olympic nationalism pridefully paramount in China vs. US “non-political” sports matches. Cantocore is the reality of life versus the theory set forth by jurisdictions where people live.

The artists in the Cantocore exhibition were tasked with creating projects which explore import and export, materially and conceptually. Practically, how can one’s artwork be actualized either through fabrication locally in Guangzhou or imported from San Francisco? Guidelines for the creation of the work were left alone since modern strategies for creating artwork such as remaking, remixing, interpreting, pirating, translating, copying, and appropriating content, already espouse the Cantocore style. After the proposals were received from invited artists, curation of works took place based upon the processes, scope, location of artists and available resources to constitute this first Cantocore dialogue.

Curation for this show has been a group effort by Deer Fang, Justin Hoover, and Jon Phillips from the Cantocore Project and Wu Jay from Ping Pong Space (PPS). Layout and Design for the show is done by Pierre Picard (PPS) while wordsmithing has been handled by Nikita Choi (PPS), Jon Phillips and Deer Fang.

Exhibition Venue

#60 Xian Lie Dong Heng Lu Ping Pong Space, Guangzhou

Cantocore Import
September 6th – 26th, 2008
Opening: Friday, September 5th, 8PM – 10 PM.
Drinks after at Ping Pong Bar.

Cantocore Export
September 22nd – October 2nd, 2008
Opening: Sunday, September 21st, 8PM – 10PM

Video Screening “Stardusted” at Ping Pong Bar

September 21st 2008, 10PM – 11PM

Regular Gallery Hours
Tuesday – Sunday 2 PM – 10 PM
Gallery Closed on Monday

Ping Pong Bar Open Everyday


今天硬核广州项目和乒乓空间宣布当代艺术展 “硬核广州:进口/出口” 将在2008年9月到10月在广州乒乓空间展出。这个展览主要展出来自旧金山和广州两地当代艺术家的作品,这些作品将围绕进出口的文化和物质关系而创作。 整个展览分为两部份:2008年9月5日-9月26日为“进口”部分,开幕式为9月5日晚上8点;2008年9月21日-10月2日为“出口”部分,开幕式为9月21日晚上8点;晚上10点到11点,还将在乒乓酒吧举行由旧金山MISSION17策划的《星尘》录像作品的放映活动。

“硬核广州 进口/出口”展览通过艺术实践检验联系着广州和旧金山的进出口文化, 并提出这样的问题:你是硬核广州人吗? 广州是中国第三大人口城市,其省会广东省是主要出口美国纺织品和电子产品的生产地。同时旧金山是主要“进口”中国移民的美国城市。这些移民也主要来自广东地区。中国移民在旧金山建立了北美最大的唐人街。然而,理解“硬核广州”的概念框架不能仅仅局限于地理上的分界,也不应做简单后殖民的分裂模式:东方和西方,或国家主义至上的奥林匹克中的中国对美国,即所谓“非政治化的比赛”。“硬核广州”是生活的现实与人们生活管辖区内理论的对抗。


此展览是方鹿,Justin Hoover, Jon Phillips和乒乓空间吴捷的集体协作的成果。展览和出版由Pierre Picard (乒乓空间)设计,文字由蔡影茜(乒乓空间),Jon Phillips和方鹿负责。



展期: 2008年9月6日-9月26日
开幕:2008年9月5日 (星期五)晚上8点到10点

展期:2008年9月22日- 10月2日

开幕: 2008年9月21日(星期天) 晚上8点到10点

2008年9月21日(星期天) 晚上10点到11点


List of Artists in Cantocore Import
“硬核广州- 进口”艺术家名单

Deer Fang 方鹿
Justin Hoover
Huang Xiaopeng 黄小鹏
Misako Inaoka
Guy Overfelt
Jon Phillips

List of Artists in Cantocore Export
“硬核广州- 出口”艺术家名单

JD. Beltran

Lin Fang Suo 林芳所
Huang Pu Village Video Group 黄埔村项目小组
Kathrine Worel
Zhou Tao 周滔
David Johnson

Links 链结

Cantocore Exhibition and Research Site

Ping Pong Space
Ping Pong Space at

About Cantocore

Garage Biennale and the Fabricatorz bring you Cantocore, a research project investigating contemporary art and culture between Canton (Guangzhou) and cities around the world. The initial project is a contemporary art exhibition with two different versions of the same show initially in Guangzhou, China and then in San Francisco, USA.



About Ping Pong Space

What is Ping Pong? 乒乓是什么?


A public oriented multifunction space, which aims at promoting art and creative culture while strengthen cultural exchange. It functions as a communication and dynamic platform for urban culture movement, and will explore a new relationship between creators and consumers, artistic events and audiences in the context of globalization and rapid local culture development.

Ping Pong Strategy 乒乓的策略


From material to conception all these creative forms, we accept a wide range categories in art and creative culture with openness. (These events encompass the full spectrum of contemporary media: video and image, installation, contemporary paintings, stage and performance, sculpture and publishing.)

Press Contacts

Nikita Choi
Ping Pong Space
+86 20 2829 6300

San Francisco
Justin Hoover
+1 (415) 425-1647

Press Kit


Cantocore Guangzhou Press as PDF file


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Weak Soundsystem: Beijing Design Week 2012

Matt Hope was commissioned to build a custom soundsystem for CCD, The Community, a satellite event to this year’s Beijing Design Week, so he stole a page from his teenage speaker plan book and realized the project in common plasterboard and off-the-shelf speaker drivers.

The Weak Soundsystem fit right in at the CCD Pavilion, nestled in the courtyard of White Space Beijing, and survived a week of exposure to the cultural and climatic elements of Caochangdi.

If you need proof, check out the complete photoset I’ve uploaded to Flickr.

CCD, The Community ran from September 28 to October 6 as part of Beijing Design Week 2012. Fabricatorz built the Caochangdi website, kept the Weak Soundsystem humming, and helped deliver on a successful event.

Weak Soundsystem

Weak Soundsystem

Weak Soundsystem

Weak Soundsystem

Weak Soundsystem

Weak Soundsystem

Weak Soundsystem

CCD Pavilion

CCD Pavilion

Weak Soundsystem

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Art Basel – Miami Beach

A few of us made it to Miami Beach this year for the hoopla that is Art Basel. It’s always nice to drop in occasionally to see what the art world is up to, and glean what it deems hot or not. Not surprisingly, vulgarity still reigns large. But as I’ve noted elsewhere, hyper-superficiality can provide a breath of fresh air: making snap judgments based on whether or not something simply looks good is comforting in the same way that spending a December weekend in 80 degree weather is comforting.

Art Basel is definitely the most glamourous of all the art fairs that set up tent in Miami Beach, but several others created a strong buzz. Nada Art Fair, the free fair that focuses on smaller, independently-run galleries, is the younger, hipper and more tech-savvy alternative to Art Basel. The art at Nada wasn’t exactly impressive, but their events were far more eventful and exciting than those being hosted at Art Basel. I was able meet the people who run Bad At Sports, a dynamic group of people who do podcasts on contemporary art and had built a makeshift hut inside the lobby of the hotel where Nada was staged.

Almost as entertaining as crashing private cocktail parties that weekend was watching Miami Beach return to normal after everyone packed up and returned to their own private corners of the globe. Minus the influx of well-heeled visitors and sensational party buzz, Miami Beach felt almost as drab as the mannequin pictured above—blank and confused after being disrobed of all the designer garb.

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10by10by10: Support the Libre Graphics Meeting!

Screen shot 2010-02-22 at 9.23.57 AM

10by10by10: Support LGM2010!

The Libre Graphics Meeting (LGM) is the annual working conference for free software graphics application users and developers. The fifth edition takes place 27-30 May 2010 in Brussels, Belgium. Teams from GIMP, Inkscape, Blender, Krita, Scribus, Hugin, Open Font Library and many other graphics projects gather to improve their software and discuss new ideas for interoperability and shared standards.

LGM2010 has launched a fundraising campaign called 10by10by10 to raise $10,000 USD from grants, $10K from corporations and $10K from the community. The funds raised from granting organizations, public, and corporate partners will allow participants who have no other means of sponsoring their travel to Brussels to attend the event.

You can contribute to 10by10by10 at:

All donations are tax deductible for US taxpayers. For larger donations from corporations and individuals, please contact us directly at

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Matt Hope “Spectrum Divide” at Saamlung Gallery

Right about now, a room on the 26th floor of some unremarkable building in Hong Kong will go completely dark. The room, however, is quite remarkable as it is home to Saamlung Gallery, Hong Kong’s freshest contemporary art answer amidst “the Gagaosians and White Cubes”. And, despite retinally opting out, this same room will double its remarkability tonight as a result of Matt Hope‘s installation, “Spectrum Divide“:

“At one end of the gallery is constructed a bank of lightning sources numbering in the tens of thousands that emit a spectrum of light invisible to the naked eye. In terms of the vision of the machine world, however, the room is actually as bright as day. Certain kinds of cameras in the gallery are able to provide an illuminated video signal that seems to effectively double the architectural space of the installation: half bathed in floodlights and half under the cover of darkness.”

I’ve had the chance to experience Hope’s acoustic machinic assemblages before, and they’ve always delighted the senses, but this is a first in terms of “machine vision.” So if you find yourself in Hong Kong between now and October 6th make sure to check out “Spectrum Divide” and tell us what you think. In the meantime, the rest of us will have to make due by imagining our machines watching us as we sleep.

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Video Poem: Thoughts on the “web”

Our own Jon Phillips is featured in a recent video sharing his thoughts on what the web means, in both a personal and historical context.

Head over to commonspace to read the full article detailing the video!

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Naihanli&Co. Site Goes Live

Just today, Fabricatorz have publicly released a new and improved site for Beijing-based Naihanli&Co. Brad and Jon stepped up to the plate to deliver this latest offering, contributing on site design, implementation and deployment under our Aiki Framework platform. Naihanli&Co. founder, Jinjing Naihan Li strives to create furniture built on functional and socially responsive designs:

“..she introduces furniture as a fashionable, social concept that accommodates the mod- ern and mobile lifestyle we live. Her work poses the question, why not have furniture that represents the way you live? And, why not have fun with it? She does.”

Naihanli&Co. Screen

If you’re interested in having Fabricatorz work on your next project, contact us!

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Fabien Fryns Fine Art Gallery Launched by Fabricatorz Team!

Fabricatorz has recently completed work on the re-design of site for Fabien Fryns Fine Art Gallery in LA – we are now pleased to announce the launch of the new site!!
Fabien Fryns has a new exhibition by MadeIn, an art collaboration founded by Chinese artist Xu Zhen. It wil be on display from May 15 through June 26, 2010. For more details check out the site!

Fabien Fryns Fine Art
314 N. Crescent Heights Blvd
Los Angeles, California, 90048
Phone: +1 323.998.6236

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Visiting Saamlung in Hong Kong

In the early days of the New Year I travelled to Hong Kong to look in on our client and friend Robin Peckham, whose new gallery had just opened to not unexpected acclaim.

Saamlung manages to skirt both the geographical and curatorial boundaries of the established Hong Kong art scene. The space is perched on the top floor of a nondescript commercial building on Connaught Road (not far from the sightseeing Central galleries of Wyndham Street and Hollywood Road, but only if you discount the vertical dimension). At the same time, Saamlung’s curatorial program hews between the heavyweight international galleries that care nothing for the city’s local context, and the indigenous Hong Kong galleries that don’t care to escape it.

When I visited the gallery with Sophie this January, we were lucky to catch Charles LaBelle’s exhibition Corpus just before it closed. The work on display makes up part of Charles’s life-long Buildings Entered project, and depicts a series of drawings of buildings with religious significance, atop pages excised from a copy of George Bataille‘s Je suis coupable.

Up now at Saamlung is a group exhibition, featuring work by a new favorite of mine, Chen Chien-jung.

Finally, don’t miss this interview with Robin by CNN which gets it just right: Saamlung: showcasing Hong Kong’s best new art.

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“Clipart of the Month” for October of 2009

“Clip Art of the Month” honors for October of 2009 go to raulxav for his unique spin on the RSS feed icon.

Regular internet users know that RSS feeds can significantly reduce time spent finding new content on your favorite web pages.

Visit to read the full article!

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Hardware, Software, and Communities – We Built That.

Spencer has been exerting amazing effort on contacting, individually, every person who supports the #FREEBASSEL campaign that has signed up to

Get your #freebassel vinyl cut stickers by sending your name and address to

At this point we have well over 1600 signers and are always looking for more. In addition we have new vinyl cut stickers to share, send a request along with your mailing address over to and we’ll send one for you. Stick it on your bike, waterbottle, window, or laptop.

Open Clip Art Library which is now, according to Alexa, the 9,298th most popular website in the WORLD. The global impact of sharing is truly stunning and we are seeing rapid growth in the United States (7,430) as well as abroad with high rankings in South Africa, Slovenia, and Mexico.

Open Clip Art Library Presentation at LUGOD in Davis, California by Pete Ippel

Because of our rapidly increasing popularity we are completely updating the code to make it faster and more stable. Last month Pete gave a presentation in Davis, California about recent developments in the community.

Just the other day Barry Threw, who works with Obscura Digital, explained in IGN‘s video segment “The Future of Gaming” about the potential for non-console based games. Mr. Threw is confident that due to advances of laser projection and detection of human movement in the environment we can grow beyond the console. Watch the Barry’s commentary about gaming in our environment starting at 6:55.

Our Markiting campaign is moving forward so for all of you cool kids who have now received your shirts and stickers, make sure to send us some photos of you wearing your new gear and where you’ve stuck your #FREEBASSEL! I’ve got mine!

Fabricatorz hat #FREEBASSEL vinyl stickers#FREEBASSEL vinyl sticker netbook

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Hi all, we launched and are ramping up promotion for this show in Guangzhou initially in September 2008. Here is the post re-blogged:

Hi all, welcome to a new project which is a collaboration between Fabricatorz and Garage Biennale. Here are two levels of scale about the project:

“Art show in Guangzhou, China in September 2008 and then in San Francisco November 2008.”

And, a few more sentences…

“Garage Biennale and the Fabricatorz are bringing you Cantocore, a research project investigating contemporary art and culture between Canton (Guangdong) and cities around the world. The initial focus is a contemporary art exhibition with two versions of the same show in San Francisco and Guangzhou, China.”

There is a solid line-up of artists working on projects at present for both shows with the main concept being the ideas of import and export where projects in both locations are the same, but different versions.

Lu re-blogged the Cantocore Home Concert Preview we are doing next WED in SF, and so, I’m pushing out this post about the Cantocore project which is a contemporary art show that Lu, myself and Justin Hoover are pushing out this early September and November. The first instance of Cantocore is to generate some funds to help in production of the artwork. No one is getting paid from the raising of monies to support art production, so we are putting on a concert to preview the artwork for the show.

Lu wrote about here:

What it will take to make an art show. You will need three things: Artists, Space and Money! Sometimes these three things don’t come so easy, don’t they?

These are the things we are pushing right now for Cantocore exhibition, a show in both Guangzhou China and San Francisco this fall. There is a home concert preview party coming Wednesday 7/23 to fund the production of the shows. I am not a very good sales woman, but really want to make this one works!

Visit Cantocore site for information about the show, artists, and detail about the preview concert. Performing musicians for the the preview concert are Ma Jie and Christopher Willits.


And then there is a follow-up post on the Cantocore website:

Cantocore Home Concert Preview is coming up next Wednesday July 23rd, 7-9 PM in San Francisco. Right now our RSVP deadline for this event is extended to Monday, July 21st. And tickets are on sale right now for $50 USD! All money goes to the production of the Cantocore exhibition in Guangzhou and San Francisco. And, all contributions will be rewarded with praise, promotion in printed materials and on this website.

This event is a preview of the coming exhibitions, and also a home concert featuring Chinese traditional instrument musician Ma Jie and electronic musician Christopher Willits.

To reserve your tickets please do one of the following:

Call Justin at 415-425-1647
Or use Paypal option

We are eager to raise some funds from those interested in the ideas which will gain both a plug on the website and then in our printed material. Feel free to ask questions here on this blog post publicly, or send us email about this.

Please participate in this project and if in SF, RSVP by next MONDAY, July 21 to come to the Cantocore Home Concert Preview.

Mean Chan will get on here shortly and write something better and in Chinese for all you reading this in China.

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Access2Research: Supporting A Great Initiative To Foster Innovation, Research, And Education

Congratulations to the Access2Research campaign, and a special thank you to all the petition signers for taking action on what you believe.

Access2Research Petition over 25,000 signatures

Starting with John Wilbanks “John Hancock”, the Access2Research crew has successfully gathered 25,630 signatures to petition President Obama to “Require free access over the Internet to scientific journal articles arising from taxpayer-funded research.” Now since at least 25,000 people have signed the petition before June 19 2012, it will be placed in the Executive Office of the President for integration into policy.

“We believe in the power of the Internet to foster innovation, research, and education. Requiring the published results of taxpayer-funded research to be posted on the Internet in human and machine readable form would provide access to patients and caregivers, students and their teachers, researchers, entrepreneurs, and other taxpayers who paid for the research. Expanding access would speed the research process and increase the return on our investment in scientific research.

The highly successful Public Access Policy of the National Institutes of Health proves that this can be done without disrupting the research process, and we urge President Obama to act now to implement open access policies for all federal agencies that fund scientific research.”

Fabricatorz congratulate YOU for supporting and sharing the initiative for open research, innovation, and education. Feel free to sign up and add your signature to the Access2Research petition until June 19th, 2012. Keep learning more about Consent To Research and Access2Research. For more information on the context of the petition see Access2Research’s site and Mr. Wilbanks’s blog DEL-FI.

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Friday StatusNet Hacking at our San Francisco Office + StatusCheck Party

There are so many people in town and so little time! With our CEO, Evan Prodromou here for a couple of weeks and all the Pre-Chirp and Chizzurp excitement, all of us in the SF StatusCrew decided we needed some face2face hacking and a StatusCheck, VIP style.

This Friday, April 16, we invite you to our new San Francisco Office at Awesome Jar from 2 – 6 PM to hack with us. That’s right! Its a (FREE and OPEN) StatusNet Hackfest that will segue into a StatusCheck drink meetup in the VIP at the Cigar Bar nearby from 6 PM until at least 8 PM.

Since our software, the StatusNet Server Software is Free and Open Source Software, we have an Open Twitter compatible API, and since we track our bugs, features, and code out in the open, its simple to hack on StatusNet’s code. Come on Friday and work directly with @evan, @zach, @nate, and @rejon who will all be hacking up a storm. To all Twitter developers in town, come on over and lets get StatusNet support added to your hard work.

Hackfest Priorities

Setup Your Own (anyone who contributes here, contact us!)
SpreadStatusNet (help spread the love!)
Make Themes
Add OStatus Support to Your Project
Develop Plugins (quick list to implement Supported Networks)
Translate StatusNet Software
Do a Novice Task

StatusNet Hackfest, 2-6 PM. Friday, April 16
615 Sansome Street #300
San Francisco, CA 94111
TEL 415-692-5271

StatusCheck Meetup, 6-8 PM
Cigar Bar
850 Montgomery Street
San Francisco, CA 94133

Map of both locations

Until then, please Sign-up to StatusNet Cloud Service and download the latest StatusNet Server code. See you on Friday!

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Get It Louder 2010 Beijing Presents, Laoban Soundsystem Get It Harder Thursday Sept 23 Beijing

laoban soundsystem top cabinet

So you want to make it louder? More hardcore? Come get hard, low and deep with the Laoban Soundsystem crew at Sanlitun SoHo on Thursday, September 23 from 9 PM onward in the basement of the mall behind the Get It Louder Pavilion. Bringing the bass is Aussie Little Wu (Dave Thompson) cutting minimal techo, TommyBoy from UK cranking old school jungle, Rez and Marula tripping the drum and bass switch from the Spanish Corelabs and Get It Louder curator Jiancui mixing it up from an iPad. Also, echoing Mall Rats and Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Laoban Soundsystem founders Matt Hope (UK/Beijing) and Jon Phillips (SF/Beijing) will chop n screw up dancehall, drum and bass and dirty southern hip hop through the 6000 watts of pure sound through the aptly titled, Laoban Soundsystem 2.0. Communing at the new Chinese commodified temple where money ain’t a thing, hustling visual imagery without spending a dime, and expanding conversation with a pure sound and video experience that exemplifies the sound clash heard from Kingston, you don’t want to miss this realideal. Invite your friends, spread the news, and let’s get it louder!

If you want to get harder, visit:


Little Wu (Little Five), aka David Thompson

Hailing from the shores of Australia, Little Five has been globetrotting for the last seven years stopping off in Europe, America and now China. Weaving together sounds from all sides of the table, his sets are full of energy and excitement a journey to the dark side.

Expect Techno, Tribal, Tech House.

We are just going to keep tacking on more friends as they come together here!


Fabricatorz Action Quarterly Volume Two

Dear Friendz,

Summer’s leaves are finally at our feet, so we’re picking through the pieces that have stuck to our boots to reflect on the productive maelstrom of the past few months, as well as giving the remainder of 2012 a necessary spit shine. Here’s what’s been keeping our wheels spinning, hearts pumping, and vision focused. There’s plenty of road ahead, so come ride with us because we ride our best together.


Amnesty International Advocates for Bassel Khartabil (Bassel Safadi)

Amnesty International joins #FREEBASSEL
Amnesty International’s recent report on Bassel is big news. It comes at a pivotal time when critical and urgent attention is needed more than ever. Christopher has recently helped organize a #FREEBASSEL event in Taiwan to lobby action and get others involved in Bassel’s plight. We plan to seed these events globally, to help spread the word even further, and get the necessary leverage to see Bassel free once again. If you can help organize an event in your town, let us know! We’re also asking everyone to write letters to their representatives and Syrian diplomats, then share them with the #FREEBASSEL community at @freebassel and

From Amnesty’s report:

Please write immediately in Arabic, English, French or your own language:

Expressing concern that Bassel Khartabil has been detained incommunicado since 15 March, and urging the Syrian authorities to grant him immediate access to his family, a lawyer of his choice, and all necessary medical treatment;

Calling on the Syrian authorities to release Bassel Khartabil, unless he is promptly charged with an internationally recognizable criminal offence and tried in proceedings that respect international fair trial standards;

Calling on the authorities to ensure that Bassel Khartabil is protected from torture and other ill-treatment.

You can also help spread the word graphically by ordering some #FREEBASSEL decals and informing the world via your car bumper, mailbox or laptop. We even have a video tutorial on how to place them.

It’s been over six months since Bassel has been detained and we refuse to give up the fight. Join us!

Get your #freebassel vinyl cut stickers by sending your name and address to

Spectrum Divide by Matt Hope

Spectrum Divide shines at Saamlung
Our own, Matt Hope, had a solo show at Saamlung Gallery in Hong Kong this past August. Jon and Christopher were there. Christopher explained it as such:

Once we turned out the lights at the gallery, Matt’s installation crossed over into the infrared spectrum. Visitors had to brave the dark, with only the glow of a small TV set to guide their steps. The sculpture was only visible through the mediation of an image sensor and electronic visual display.

Christopher also managed to capture Spectrum’s brilliance on film.

Be on the lookout for Robin Peckham and his gallery; this young curator has hot talent and we plan on being there every step of the way.

Robin Peckham and Jon Phillips photograph by Christopher Adams


The long-awaited WorldLabel launch
After converting thousands of old html pages and images into HTML5, CSS2/3, and building a makefile-based static file generation software called makestatic, is finally complete! For those who are unfamiliar with the label giant, Worldlabel, is a label manufacturing company from Peekskill, New York that’s been around since 1998. It has been a pleasure working with such a strong small business, and the company’s head, Russ Ossendryver. We’re looking forward to a long, meaningful relationship.

Miscellaneous Mashup

Still haven’t had enough?

Write us: We love letters, even love letters. Hire us: We also love working. If your project could use the Fabricatorz touch, get in touch. Represent us: Fabricatorz T’s—you know you want one.

The Fabricatorz

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Fab Fashionz: Appropriate Appropriation, Not American Apparel

Check out the beginning of a new line of Fabricatorz T’s. Since nothing is more boring than a sterile design printed on a new shirt, I hand picked a bunch of second-hand T’s in New Orleans and slapped the Fabricatorz chop on ’em. Recycling is rarely this hot,  re-contextualizing this fun. More iterations to come as well as a shop where you can cop all this hot to trot Fab Fashion.






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