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2nd round Sharism this year in Beijing!
Please click the links above to Join US!

Sharism is growing. Now its time for us to fix it in the line.

As you may know, the ideal for sharism is sharing. the more your sharing, the more your gain. from the last discussion, Isaac, Jon and me get a conclusion: Sharism should be sharing (as a direction), contenting (similar to TED), spreading (seeking on the deep co-op in many fileds including location), regular (with funding). We need you to paticipate in this sharism for brain storming together, to see what we can get for a sharing future.
This year we already got a Poland Sharism, a Amsterdam Sharism, and a Beijing one and a Shanghai Sharism.Please join us on 17th to share the idea of the growing Sharism.

Time: 7-10pm, 17th Nov.
Location: Chao Wai Da Jie Yi No.6, Chaowai Soho, room A-229

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StatusNet launches StatusNet Enterprise Network!

Screen shot 2010-02-25 at 12.22.36 PM

StatusNet did a launch today of StatusNet Enterprise Network, their support program specifically tailored for corporate clients.

Enterprise Network members participate in StatusNet’s exclusive on-line enterprise community, where they can get advice from other enterprise users and interact directly with StatusNet architects and engineers.

For details on SEN plans, see network.

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Fabricatorz Logo Design: Kunsthalle Kowloon

Fabricatorz is proud to promote an affiliation with the Society for Experimental Cultural Production.  We provided logo design services for the Society and their Kunsthalle Kowloon Project.  Kunsthalle Kowloon aims to provide: imagined platform for the tentative investigation of cultural production.

Visit the Kunsthalle Kowloon Project Page to learn more about Robin and Venus’ work. We look forward to future collaborations with the Society!

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Bassel Hits #19 on Foreign Policy’s Top 100 Global Thinkers List!

Foreign Policy just announced Bassel Khartabil (Bassel Safadi) for the #19 slot, alongside Rima Dali,  in its list of 2012’s top 100 global thinkers for “insisting, against all odds, on a peaceful Syrian revolution.” This is very exciting news! It also looks like FP nabbed one of Christopher‘s shots of Bassel for the article. Doubly cool.

Not all those who have publicly defied Assad have been so fortunate. Bassel Khartabil is, or was, a young computer engineer living in Damascus whose innovative programming skills helped integrate Syria into the online community — laying much of the groundwork for the revolution to come. He became a well-known citizen journalist when the improbable uprising broke out, tweeting and blogging about the spreading crackdown under the moniker Bassel Safadi. He was hauled off by Assad’s security forces in March, and despite a “#FREEBASSEL” campaign launched by his friends, he has not been heard from since. “The people who are in real danger never leave their countries,” he tweeted weeks before his arrest. “They are in danger for a reason and for that they don’t leave.”

Be sure to sign the Support Letter at and follow @freebassel if you have yet to do so. We need to see Bassel free!

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Notes on Berlin

1. Bravo Fenstermaker German craftsmanship is addictive. I now sympathize with Adorno who after emigrating to the US from Germany bitched in his book Minima Moralia about the absence of casement windows with “gentle latches” and doors that close “quietly and discreetly, yet firmly.” A petty concern given the fact that he emigrated because of Nazi Germany, but German windows and doors really are works of art. I often find myself opening and closing them just for the pleasure alone.

Balconies too are addictive. I now worry that I’ll never be able to live without one. Fortunately, they are everywhere in Berlin. They’re the perfect solution to subverting the whole public/private dilemma of Do I stay in or do I go out? With a balcony you can do both!

2. Teen USA Art that takes as its subject delinquint American youth who flout bougeious norms is hot right now. At least that’s what two recent shows featuring works by Dash Snow and Larry Clark suggests. I didn’t see the Snow show, but the Clark opening was extravagent and drew an enormous crowd, half of which appeared to seriously ponder the significance of the 100 or so pictures of marginalized, naked teenagers and needle-injecting lovers. The other half, obviously bored, were there to party. I was caught somewhere in-between, thoroughly confused by the whole thing, especially the wall text that attempted to invoke Marshall McLuhan as way to read Clark’s work in terms of medium and form, not content. An idealistic imposition given that the car wreck is always going to draw more attention than the median divider.

3. Fireworks not gunshots Part of the reason I find Clark’s images ineffective (at least in terms of shock value) is that previous to Berlin I was living in downtown San Francisco where it’s all too common to stumble upon extreme scenes. And getting jumped or being in proximity to live gunfire from time to time is not unheard of. Berlin by comparison is safe, almost too safe. Its village-like atmosphere, where everybody seems to get along with everybody, keeps things remarkably calm. I’ve had to learn how to relax while walking the streets at night, something that does wonders for the nerves. But if I ever miss the danger I’ve been told Wedding gets exciting from time to time.

4. Rockstar? Major musicians in Berlin are friendly, approachable even. Maybe it’s because there’s so many of them and Berlin lacks a significant celebrity culture. Or maybe because I’m just hanging out in old crowds that are still hung up on outmoded music. Either way, I was a bit starstruck to meet Andrew Chudy (Einstürzende Neubauten drummer) and Irmin Schmidt (CAN keyboardist). I prefer CAN’s jams, but Andrew is defintely the cooler of the two. I’m guessing this has something to do with the fact that he’s still making music, the latest of which is a project that involves a room full of amateur drummers thrashing away to nothing in particular.

5. Waxy poetics Berlin is all too easy a place to romanticize. This is as true now as it was when Robert Walser wrote a slew of shorts in jubliant praise of the dynamic cultural hub a century ago, a collection of which was recently published with the unpoetic title Berlin Stories. With such a high standard of living, affordable rents, access to cutting-edge culture, and the list goes on… it’s incredibly difficult to write anything negative about Berlin. It’s frustrating that no one knows how to play basketball here, but they’re German, I forgive them. And the only thing locals seem to complain about is the long, depressing winter. But a hibernation period sounds all too fair given the current carnivalesque climate.

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You don’t know Phil Tinari? We built his website.

Ever since I first stepped foot into China, I started getting questions if I know person X or person Y. Phil Tinari is by far one of the most connected and smart people I know in China. He bridges the gap between art and criticism, English and Chinese, and has perceptively been launching career nukes for years. He is a true Fabricator.

Polit-Sheer-Form Office, "Only One Wall," 2005.

Polit-Sheer-Form Office, “Only One Wall,” 2005. (from an art review from Phil’s blog)

I first met Phil through friend Robin Peckham. Scenarios collided because Phil needed our skillz to crank out a simple site for his blogging activities. He didn’t want anything flashy, so people could focus on his writing and projects.

Cover, LEAP 1, February 2010. Shown: Huang Yong Ping, Sand Bank/Bank of Sand, 2000.

Cover, LEAP 1, February 2010. Shown: Huang Yong Ping, Sand Bank/Bank of Sand, 2000.

Since, we have helped Phil on some unreleased projects and with Modern Media on launching Leap Magazine, the first real critical art magazine from China. This is a major project that he took from idea, to complete execution. Now you can find it all throughout China and the world.

And, more recently, Phil has been brought on as the director of the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art in Beijing. This has been announced in major press as an excellent strategic move by Tinari and UCCA.

Tinari is a heavy hitter. We look forward to more projects in the future with Mr. Tinari. Follow him on his twitter and blog.

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New Milkymist Action Shots

There isn’t much video out there that does the Milkymist justice, an unfortunate circumstance because it really is an impressive little machine. In an attempt to remedy this Barry and I recently shot some video with the hopes of mirroring the representation of the Milkymist with it’s actual ability. We (actually, I, since I’m the one responsible for the editing) fell well short of this mark. But despite the poor editing (I haven’t edited video since the VHS days!) and poor image quality (who knew high-quality video required so many damn GB’s?), you’ll get to see how non-intimidating the set-up is and how fast this little guy can get a party started.

The drum clips are meant to demonstrate the Milkymist’s integration with electronic instruments and external sound, both of which stimulate the visuals when plugged directly into the Milkymist or intercepted via the onboard microphone. And the club shots, well, those are testament to the Milkymist’s party credibility. We actually smuggled the Milkymist into that particular party at a warehouse-like venue in San Francisco’s Mission District, then set it up guerrilla-style and proceeded to project on the walls and dance floor despite the fact that there was already a house VJ. I was actually surprised how well our slapdash performance compared. During the short 15 minutes we were there the crowd turned away from the DJ and VJ projection on the far wall and towards each other in the middle of the room where we were projecting. The dancing and interaction intensified, and at one point one of the VJ’s assistants came over all starry-eyed and intrigued.

I have to say, I was a bit skeptical about the Milkymist until I saw it in action. It has some incredible psychedelic and dynamic capabilities that will only continue to expand. Keep your eyes peeled, kids.

Footage here: and more to come.

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Mozilla HTML5 Web and Startup Mentoring in Singapore

The hardcore left we working on html5 apps @mozilla @Fabricatorz

This week Fabricatorz Christopher and myself (Jon) are in Singapore working with Mozilla to do HTML5 Web Training and Startup Mentoring at Nanyang Technical University (NTU) at the Innovation Centre.

@Fabricatorz for hire for your training needs.

That’s right, Fabricatorz also does training and mentoring in addition to our normal set of software and hardware development services. Here in Singapore, we are spending four days approaching the basics of web development, moving through HTML5 and moving as quickly as possible with people to expand on their own ideas to make solid projects. If really successful, then we are working with the students on expanding their projects with the startup incubator here to build startups. Fun!

@freebassel at @fabricatorz @mozilla watching @christopheradam demo fab stylez

In the past we have done other workshops with Sharism Workshop in Poland, and then with ICTQatar in Doha. We enjoy bringing more people into the web world, and working with teams around the world to make projects real.

. Singapore is like perfect now, geez need a bike!

If your company or organization wants to be accelerated on the path of being web developers and building solid ideas that can blossom into companies,

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Roger Ebert calls truce in “Games vs. Art” Debate

As reported in a previous post, Chicago film critic, Roger Ebert, has been at the center of a debate he revived in April. In said article, Ebert reaffirmed his stance that “Video games can never be art.”

A verbal onslaught from the gaming community, of greater than 4,000 responses, found it’s way to Ebert’s controversial entry. After months of fallout, Ebert has addressed his own critics in a shiny new blog post.

For greater analysis of this rebuttal, check out a new post by Fabricatorz developer, Brad Phillips!

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Libre Graphics Meeting 2011 Call for Participation Closes April 20, Registration Open Now!

The OSP table of design

We Fabricatorz working hard to bring the world the best Libre Graphics Meeting ever! We have big releases planned, several core Fabricatorz will be speaking, and newest Fabricator CelineCelines is organizing the night events including one big Fabricatorz party. LGM2011 May 10-13 in Montreal is the place to be!

Please submit a presentation before April 20! Go register yourself now! And, if you use and support Free and Open Source Graphics, Multimedia and Creativity, please become a sponsor! Individuals please donate to our community campaign. We still have a ways to go and really need your help! Fabricatorz are pouring ourselves into LGM this year and we need you there there.

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Breizh Entropy Congress. Rennes, France

Here is a message from some friends of Fabricatorz at the Breizh Entropy Congress in Rennes, France. They have an open call for papers/proposals/talks on subjects related to free and open technologies:

March 10th is the deadline to send us a few words on the projects or the subject that you would like to present at Breizh Entropy Congress (Rennes, France, April 15-17 2010). After your submission, we will contact you before March 20th to tell you if it is going to be part of the schedule. The schedule with the timetable will be published on March 25th.

ANYONE can submit a proposal to Breizh Entropy Congress: students, entrepreneurs, enthusiasts, artists, free software activists, tinkerers, hackers… on ANY subject related to free and open technologies. This congress
is about eclectism!

To participate, send a mail to including the following
– Format of the submission: lecture, workshop, installation, lightning talk, other…
– Title of the submission
– Name of speaker(s)/presenter(s)/artist(s)
– Language (if applicable): French/English
– Summary of the submission
– Short bio of the speaker
– Hardware/logistics requirements
– Contact e-mail and (if possible) mobile phone

The complete call for proposals is online:

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Milkymist One video synthesizer shown at 6th Libre Graphics Meeting in Montreal

Montreal, May 13, 2011- More than 200 active developers, artists, and attendees of the 6th Libre Graphics Meeting 2011 in Montreal were able to see the Milkymist One video synthesizer ( live for the first time, to entertain and surprise them between talks and during breaks. Real-time video synthesis with audio and video input had been available before in proprietary packages combining multiple devices and costing several thousand USD. Milkymist One combines this into a small form factor, and uses only free software and free hardware acceleration.

“The Milkymist One is the future of live performance and is the real freedom box, available now. Without a truly open hardware architecture, developers working on free and open software are going to be locked out from the future of development,” said Jon Phillips, Fabricatorz Founder and Qi Hardware Co-founder. “I am extremely proud to use the Milkymist One live at the event, and explain why its so important for the future of Libre Graphics.”

Phillips is giving a final keynote presentation at LGM2011 where he is presenting the future of Libre Graphics, moving from developers on desktop systems they control, to network services outward towards embedded hardware for making graphics.

Later that night, Milkymist One will be featured during the Libre Graphics Meeting 2011 closing ceremony in Montreal at an event called Geepsters.

The Milkymist project is an informal organization of people and companies who develop, manufacture and sell a comprehensive open source solutions ( for the live synthesis of interactive visual effects for video performance artists, clubs and musicians. The project goes great lengths to apply the open source principles at every level possible, and is best known for the Milkymist system-on-chip (SoC) which is among the first commercialized system-on-chip designs with free HDL source code. Several Milkymist technologies have been reused in applications unrelated to video synthesis, such as NASA’s Communication Navigation and Networking Reconfigurable Testbed (CoNNeCT).

Milkymist One is currently available in limited quantities to early adopters, and will be available later this summer for general use, at a target price of 499 USD.

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Fabricatorz 50/50

I’ve tuned the language about Fabricatorz on the about page to make it clear we are a company that does both our own projects and for-hire contracts:

The Fabricatorz is an “open” production company that creates projects 50% of the time internally and then takes on external projects the other 50% of the time. We specialize in Open Source Software, Creative Commons licenses/technology, growing on-line and off-line communities in San Francisco and China.

The company builds upon the current roster of fabricatorz’ skillsets. The company currently consists of Jon Phillips with 14+ years of experience in new media production, the software industry, building communities and free/open software development. Lu Fang brings her design and localization skills bridging the English and Chinese languages. Then, newcomer Brad Phillips delivers with his general production magic and a specific skillset in mobile development, 3D design and virtual reality production. The company has offices in San Francisco, Guangzhou and Beijing in order to serve as local interface for many forms of creative production. In these locations the team scales with new employees, adapting to each project.

For a listing of all projects, both active and completed, please see the /projects section of the site. Here are some of the services we do:

  • International On-line and Off-line Community Building
  • Website Programming, Design and Development
  • Software Design, Development, and Management
  • Open Source + GNU/Linux Software Development
  • Open Content (Creative Commons-based projects)
  • International Business Development
  • Video + Audio Production
  • 3D + Virtual Reality Production
  • Translation/Internationalization with emphasis on English and Chinese languages
  • Conversion from closed to open source development model
  • Object production: Interface with Chinese production companies

Contact us if you need the Fabricatorz.

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Bassel Khartabil Wins Index on Censorship Digital Freedom Award

FREEBASSEL #indexawards

Bassel, aka, Bassel Khartabil, just won a big honor called the Index on Censorship Digital Freedom Award for the work he has been doing and for which Fabricatorz and so many friends (like yourself), have been supporting through the #FREEBASSEL and more recent #FREEBASSELDAY campaign. The #indexawards is still happening, but this is a source of the information going out now. Please help us spread the news about Bassel, that he is still detained and that we need your help to get him out of illegal detainment in Syria.

Because Bassel is still in jail, I am in London to receive the award along with Dana Trometer, another FREEBASSEL leader and Bassel friend. There will be a continuation of the FREEBASSEL campaign now, and we will continue to FREEBASSEL around the world with even more fervor.

And please remember as I said in the press release about Bassel’s situation:

Lock-up, Lock-out fails. Locking-up Bassel, only locks-out his personal freedom. By locking-up Bassel, his Syrian captors are accidentally locking-out themselves from the future. From launching Creative Commons Syria, building the Arabic Wikipedia and bringing Internet leaders to Syria, he knew that his free participation in global web communities required concrete contributions locally. For these acts would make Syria a better place. One year later, Bassel is under harsh lock-down. Now, thousands of people that Bassel’s work helped, now help him by spreading the message, #FREEBASSEL. This is what truly builds Syria and connects it to the global connected future. This award proves that his lock-up, is NOT a lock-out of his digital freedom.

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Fabricatorz Dan and Daughter Video: Mole-Girl and the Anamoos

Mole-Girl and the Anamoos from Hsiao-Lan Wang on Vimeo.

Story by Mia Zajicek
December 2011

Video production assisted by Daniel Zajicek and Hsiao-Lan Wang

Our own Dan (aka tri-jack, aka zajicek, akak quadrajack) put together a great video with his daughter and wife. Please enjoy! (I think there is a happy holla-daze in there somewhere too btw)

Dan and his wife are both great contemporary composers living in Houston. We hope to do more great projects together soon. They remind me that to make a real company, especially long term, you have to have solid family and healthy growth.

Anyway, they have a great lil family and a cute kid! Here’s to the FabriZajicek family!

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Getting Things LonDone: #MozFest + MozCamp KL + Inventing Marking Post-Graffiti

Markings Fabricatorz Four Projects

There is a slow churn that happens in the background. From Fabricatorz build-up to the Sharism Makerlab in Poland, the goal of Fabricatorz is to be the kings and queens of creativity. We are the CIA of creation. We like to be airlifted to most any place in the world, and accel(erate) on-demand. We are people too. We need to have fun, and make some cool projects in the midst of the grind doing humachine work for clients and ourselves.

As planned, I dropped myself into LONDON to support Fab affiliate Michelle Thorne, who runs global events for Mozilla, and who put on the Mozilla Festival. Fabricatorz works with Mozilla regulary, in China particularly, but I particularly wanted to see how Mozilla Foundation (MoFo) is doing growing the open web. I’m very appreciative to the large turn-out and to see so many great journalists there like our friend Bilal from Al Jazeera, and Brian Behlendorf from MoFo board in attendance.

I spent my time with new friend Andy Ellis who is a pro UX designer and VJ, and with our friend Ian Forrester from BBC, who wrote up a nice post about working on the Future Everything conference looking at he future of clubbing, dj’ing and vj’ing. Naturally, I showed off the Milkymist One and we talked a lot about how we can hack on things together.

I do think though that the format for nearly any hackfest is way too short to actually write code. However, this type of MozFest Hackfest is well suited to doing some creative exercises, but it reminds me that the most important part of events (well life in general), is to make better relationships with people. It is very easy to be a uber-nerd technological determinist or become the dad in the garage working on Open Hardware (the project with a broken gear as a logo) where the motto might be “hacking is jacking,” rather than “Hi, my name is Jon. I would like to be your friend.” The hardest part to events, is to focus on meeting people and just shutting the laptop. For me, I have to always work on listening rather than just always being @rejon. From these realizations I have decided that I will no longer give slide show presentations unless its the only option for very high impact events, and I will not bring my laptop to events because its a blocker to meeting people!

Overall, the MozFest was a great success because I became closer friends with four people in particular: Andy Ellis who is a VJ expert, Renata Avila from CC Guatemala and Global Voices who I have always wanted to get to know better, Agata from CC Poland who helped us put on the Sharism Makerlab in Poland, and the always cool Hyojung Sun who, like me is a digital anarchist, now doing her PhD at Edinburgh, where she is the resident skeptic about copyright. I’m super happy I focused and talked more with these friends and talked shop. More coming soon! I was also lucky enough to stay with my old friend Jeff Kuntz, now a journalist in London living with his cool wife Dorrie. And, I last minute lucked out to go to a science startup meetup powered by the excellent Kaitlin Thaney.


Now, onto the meat of this post. I spend a lot of time in Beijing now. While walking through a local market, I found a shop that sells black markers; I’m talking the graffiti kind! I bought a box of 10 for 10 RMB on the spot, and my life has changed.

Marking Begins

I started by marking out unnecessary text, but have progressed to blocking out all text.


A bought some jeans at Muji, so had to take out the tag.

I even took this further to realize how much paper is wasted in publicity, so I’ve decided to take it back, and re-use it, make it personal, and then redistribute. Check out these Milkymist fliers I made.


The real Milkymist please stand up. These are Chinese fliers for massage and special services you get on your doorstep everyday, now converted to a better use.


This is just a straight up marker flier on the back of a Qatar Air placemat. It’s kind of cheating.


On the back of a bi-folded business card from some cafe.


All you need to do to be a post-graffiti artist to do marking, is to buy some markets and take control of the propaganda around you by changing it. Join me in the Marking movement! Its REAL metadata.

Tomorrow in Beijing, come to the monthly Sharism Presents Beijing where I will share my new marking project. And, if you are attending the MozCamp in Kuala Lumpur this weekend, I’ll see you there with my markers, sans-laptop.


Art Density: A Survey Of Vienna Austria

I have never visited a metropolitan area more creatively dense than Veinna, the sheer volume of cultural activities in such a small area is profound.

Spring Flowers Near Rathaus - Vienna, Austria

The city is walkable, there’s great public transport, an easy rental bike system, and in spring the flowers and trees are going bonkers, bursting with life…

Parks are filled with folks soaking up the sun and spring energy.

Small Girl With Dog - Vienna, Austria

I visited the Leopold Museum where they exhibited a reconstruction of Gustav Klimt’s studio, a quaintly minimalist space influenced by Japanese culture surrounded by his art. In addition, the curators had placed 400 postcards written to Klimt’s fashion designer and friend Emilie Flogue in glass cases that snaked through the series of galleries. The cards read like a Twitter feed in 1900’s…I remember seeing as many as 3 a day.

 Egon Schiele, Seated Male Nude (Self-Portrait) © Leopold Museum, Vienna, Inv. 465
Egon Schiele, Seated Male Nude (Self-Portrait) © Leopold Museum, Vienna, Inv. 465

At the end, I was absolutely emotionally blown to bits by Egon Schiele’s Self Portriat which is on the first floor on display in the permanent collection.

Inside Quartier 21 there was a free-entry tribute to John Cage entitled “Wanting to say something about John” sponsored by the TONSPUR_library.

On the back side of Mumok (where I saw the Claes Oldenburg retrospective) there is an artist in residence studio program and a HUGE variety of information on Austrian art and cultural institutions. I’m definitely applying for that opportunity at MuseumsQuartier, as the studios are contemporary spaces with amazing natural light directly in the center of the action.

Erwin Schrodinger Sculpture In University of Vienna Courtyard - Vienna, Austria

Down the street is a bust of one of my favorite scientists in the central plaza of the University of Vienna. Dr. Schrödinger (who I know for his cat thought experiment) is one of my go-to philosophers along with Albert Camus when it comes to absurdity and uncertainty being the right way to look at solving problems…artistically, creatively, or otherwise.

Academic opportunities abound in the arts like the University of Applied Arts Vienna where the assumption is that the students will explore art and research together.

IMG_9170Photo by Máirín

One of my favorite pieces is Stefanie Wuschitz’ “Looped Scroll” which reinterprets Carolee Schneemann’s Interion Scroll from 1975. In addition Stefanie has established Miss Baltazar’s Laboratory Female-centric hacker space also located inside the MuseumsQuartier.

Nagy  Anna & Vasja  Watzing, Schleifmühlgasse 12-14 - Vienna, Austria

I visited Schleifmühlgasse 12-14 what drew me in was Ping Pong by Nagy Anna
and Vasja Watzing. In addition Breakable Structure followed the second day.

I’ve already begun a list of places to go next time: I want to visit MAK – Austrian Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Art. and the Vienna Secession.

So if you’re looking for a massive infusion of art and culture make sure to visit Vienna the next time you’re in Europe. I highly recommend a week or more in this fine city.

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Fabricatorz: This Week (July 19-26)

The Fabricatorz team continues their forward momentum this week. Among the notable activities, highlights include: pushing out new content, delivering passionate speeches, and assisting with Community announcements.

Leading off, founder and developer of Fabricatorz, Jon Phillips, is in Brasil this weekend, as a featured speaker at FISL. Topics covered in his Keynote range from the creation of a Federated Social Web, to components of such a web, like StatusNet (for whom Jon serves as Community Director).

In other Open Source news, work continues on the Open Font Library, spearheaded by member of Fabricatorz. A big announcement is expected in the very near future, regarding the status of OFLB.

Meanwhile, it’s sister site, The Open Clip Art Library, concluded it’s month-long Logo Design Contest, as a judging panel sifted through a staggering 240+ submissions to announce hank0071 as the winning designer (with the above entry). The Fabricatorz Team congratulates OCAL for an astonishing contest turnout!

Work continues on Open Clip Art Library’s next official Release. Users of the site who are eager to participate in the coming event are encouraged to submit sports-related clip art, tagging the new work with the key word “sports2010“.

Be sure to check in, next week, for updates on these and other goings on at!

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Amnesty International Joins #FREEBASSEL

Dear #FREEBASSEL supporters,

Last week Amnesty International joined #FREEBASSEL by calling for the safe and immediate release of Bassel Khartabil (Bassel Safadi). In the report new information about Bassel’s detainment has come to light that reinforces the need for further, timely action. Alongside Amnesty International, we urge all of you to write letters to the Syrian authorities and your local diplomatic representatives. (Amnesty has already provided the Syrian addresses for you.)

To help build the momentum and support of the #FREEBASSEL community we also encourage you to send a photo of your signed letter(s) to, where a collection will be hosted on the website. And if you’re on Twitter, please tweet your photos directly to @freebassel.

The film industry recently helped Free Orwa, a Syrian filmaker, with the help of letters, phone calls and videos. What will the #FREEBASSEL community do to help Free Bassel?

In other #FREEBASSEL news, now has an “Interviews and Stories” section that includes interviews with Giorgos CheliotisJon Phillips and Oussama Al Rifai (Bassel’s uncle). If you have a Bassel story and would like to contribute, please get in contact.

Thank you for your support.

The full Amnesty International report, in English, French and Spanish:

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