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FREEBASSELDAY Recap + Road to Index on Censorship Award in London


Thanks to everyone who joined the global #FREEBASSELDAY. Paul Keller and Maarten in Amsterdam created FREEBASSEL street art and spread the pieces creatively over Amsterdam, with many Bassel friends like Bjorn and Alper documenting the spread of the graphics, even to Utrecht.

#freebassel posters

The creation of the FREEBASSEL graphic then led to further remixes by Gloria in London, and Been in China.

Pete from Fabricatorz made a huge banner video on the beach in California:

And then Pete went on a horseride to commemorate the day:

Celebrating #FreeBasselDay with my new equine friend and advocating for @freebassel #FREEBASSEL Thank you to @globsterlitter for the T-design @fabricatorz

Meanwhile, CC France’s Melanie Du Long De Rosnay along with our friend Stephanie (aka, @MinnieFractale) held an event, which in turn led to great press exposure.

In Hong Kong, mega supporter Jenny created hundreds of FREEBASSEL fliers, including the famed rainbow headphoned Bassel which she and other people put up around the city:

Rainbow headphone #freebassel in Time square. CWB

Then, Jenny even baked a FREEBASSEL cake, organized a meetup, and spread the FREEBASSEL love to new people:

1st #freebassel cheese cake. @freebassel @kidproto

In Chicago at the #DML conference, Cathy Casserly, Creative Commons CEO released an article in the Huffingon Post titled, “Free Bassel, Free Culture.”


Then, super-friend Michelle Thorne and @dtkindler created and put fliers up at the conference yielding the following Philipp Schmidt and Mark Surman photo:


(UPDATE) In London, Yourdana and her family made FREEBASSEL rednosed pictures and placed them around their house:

rednosed day screen cap from yourdana

Then, in Beirut a #FREEBASSELDAY flash mob popped up around town.

Even more events took place in San Francisco by a hub of Creative Commons friendz, Barry put together a beer meetup at SXSW, Agata Jałosińska locked down Warsaw by translating Bassel’s wikipedia entry to Polish, new Fabricator Landon had a meet-up in Wichita, Kansas, Spencer put-up fliers all around New Orleans campuses and @moltke and @rejon held a vigil in Berlin at the famed C-Base original hackerspace.

Thanks again to all who represented on the 1st FREEBASSELDAY. We know Bassel felt the love because everyone joined together on this day. We have very complete documentation at the FREEBASSELDAY website and on the updated Bassel Khartabil Wikipedia article.

Index Awards on Censorship Bassel Nominated 2013

Remember, we are now DAYS past the one year since Bassel has been illegally detained. The need for public exposure of Bassel’s situation is urgent. We urge all to focus now on the very public Index on Censorship Digital Freedom Award in London this week for which Bassel has been nominated. Many high profile people have won this award before, and Bassel is nominated for the Digital Freedom category. Please spread the news about this week’s award nomination for Bassel. This award is crucial because it provides a massive spotlight on Bassel’s situation, which could ultimately lead to a #FREEBASSEL!

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