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Matt Hope Battles Beijing’s Bad Air with Fresh Bike “Breath”


Pollution in Beijing isn’t new. Beijing Cream recently stressed this in a write-up titled, China is Polluted. We Get It Already. But creative solutions to the pollution, like this breathing bike machine by artist Matt Hope, are new, especially when compared to the nonsense gimmickry being lobbed around today.

First exhibited in 2012 at Get It Louder (China’s most important contemporary art biennial), Hope’s Breath is a Frankenstein success story. Composed of a Walmart bicycle cobbled together with various found components, such as a wind generator, Ikea trash can and Chinese fighter pilot mask, Breath generates clean air through a electromechanical filtration system when in operation. Despite the fact that 5,000 volts of electricity are screaming between your legs when riding the Breath Machine, it’s clearly the most badass—and realistic—path to clean air in Beijing.

But see for yourself. Check this great introduction to Breath some cool Chinese girls just uploaded to YouTube:

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