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Qi Hardware Introduces the Milkymist One @ FISL in Brazil

Watch me give the first complete Milkymist One presentation of the year, and check out this slide deck and feel that the Fabricatorz worked on for the upcoming Milkymist One, video synthesizer. Christopher came up with logotype with the Orbitron font, and I pulled together the general messaging, color palette and slide deck you will start seeing more and more as we move toward the Milkymist One RC3 launch. Its coming very soon!

(Download presentation)

(Use your keyboard arrows or click on the image to advance the slides.)

Also, I converted the original Fabricatorz update to the Qi Hardware look and feel, and Nanonote products, which needs to be distributed across sites, products and media:

(Download presentation)

We really are seeking feedback on these slide decks. What make sense? What looks good, bad, and how do you receive the messaging? Qi Hardware is Copyleft Hardware.

UPDATE: Qi Hardware and Nanonote use the Dustismo font. Added links to the SVG files for presentation. If you want to see the magic, then open the files to see the magic.

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