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2nd round Sharism this year in Beijing!
Please click the links above to Join US!

Sharism is growing. Now its time for us to fix it in the line.

As you may know, the ideal for sharism is sharing. the more your sharing, the more your gain. from the last discussion, Isaac, Jon and me get a conclusion: Sharism should be sharing (as a direction), contenting (similar to TED), spreading (seeking on the deep co-op in many fileds including location), regular (with funding). We need you to paticipate in this sharism for brain storming together, to see what we can get for a sharing future.
This year we already got a Poland Sharism, a Amsterdam Sharism, and a Beijing one and a Shanghai Sharism.Please join us on 17th to share the idea of the growing Sharism.

Time: 7-10pm, 17th Nov.
Location: Chao Wai Da Jie Yi No.6, Chaowai Soho, room A-229

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