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Qi Hardware’s August News and Milkymist Logo Updates

Released today is the monthly Qi Hardware’s news where you’ll see a veritable explosion of developments.

Beyond the fun news of the homebrew CMOS project making the world’s smallest Nyan Cat, Fabricatorz Christopher Adams provided some design tweaks to the upcoming Milkymist One product launch:

Milkymist Logo Concept

The changes are included in the upcoming Milkymist One RC3 hardware with the new logo laser etched onto the top of the case, seen below.

Milkymist Engraved Logo

And then you can also see it propagated to the box design:

M1 Box Artwork

You can also see on the latest news the full spread of the slides I developed for FISL12 in Brazil:

Qi Hardware Milkymist Slides by REJON

This just scratches the surface of the last month of news from the Qi Hardware Project. Please read about the other developments and join the copyleft hardware revolution!

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