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Qi Hardware Releases First Batch of 6LoWPAN Wireless Devices

Today we’re proud to say that we have really big news coming out today from our Qi Hardware project! Two completely patent-free, copyleft hardware wireless devices have been made and are available for sale now!

Please meet the Ben WPAN. Its offspring are the ATBEN, a wireless device that fits into the Ben Nanonote’s microSD slot, and the ATUSB, an implementation that fits in a standard computer’s USB slot. These devices can now all communicate wirelessly now!

From the Ben WPAN page:

Ben WPAN is a project to create an innovative patent-free wireless personal area network (WPAN) that is copyleft hardware. The primary protocol is 6LoWPAN, pronounced “SLoWPAN”. The project lead is Werner Almesberger and it involves using the UBB, new testing software, and the Ben Nanonote to produce a next generation wireless personal area network.

We are extremely excited because this adds a crucial capability to our open hardware stack. That means that future products like the Milkymist and Nanonote lines will be able to communicate. Also, this allows for more people to join the development process, and to give us another innovative product.

For all those interested in 6LoWPAN uses, think Sensor Networks, Factory Automation, and short range connectivity.

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