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Get It Louder 2010 Beijing Presents, Laoban Soundsystem Get It Harder Thursday Sept 23 Beijing

laoban soundsystem top cabinet

So you want to make it louder? More hardcore? Come get hard, low and deep with the Laoban Soundsystem crew at Sanlitun SoHo on Thursday, September 23 from 9 PM onward in the basement of the mall behind the Get It Louder Pavilion. Bringing the bass is Aussie Little Wu (Dave Thompson) cutting minimal techo, TommyBoy from UK cranking old school jungle, Rez and Marula tripping the drum and bass switch from the Spanish Corelabs and Get It Louder curator Jiancui mixing it up from an iPad. Also, echoing Mall Rats and Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Laoban Soundsystem founders Matt Hope (UK/Beijing) and Jon Phillips (SF/Beijing) will chop n screw up dancehall, drum and bass and dirty southern hip hop through the 6000 watts of pure sound through the aptly titled, Laoban Soundsystem 2.0. Communing at the new Chinese commodified temple where money ain’t a thing, hustling visual imagery without spending a dime, and expanding conversation with a pure sound and video experience that exemplifies the sound clash heard from Kingston, you don’t want to miss this realideal. Invite your friends, spread the news, and let’s get it louder!

If you want to get harder, visit:


Little Wu (Little Five), aka David Thompson

Hailing from the shores of Australia, Little Five has been globetrotting for the last seven years stopping off in Europe, America and now China. Weaving together sounds from all sides of the table, his sets are full of energy and excitement a journey to the dark side.

Expect Techno, Tribal, Tech House.

We are just going to keep tacking on more friends as they come together here!

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