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Fabricatorz: This Week (September 5 – September 11) Aiki 0.4, Laoban Soundsystem Site, and Upcoming Events

September brings a slew of new projects and events for the Fabricatorz Team, and week has us off to quite a productive start!

Kicking things off, Matt Hope and Jon Phillips’ qi-hardware-based Laoban Soundsystem has been grabbing headlines. Last Saturday (September 4, 2010), the copyleft Soundsystem headlined it’s first event, a massive outdoor jam: In Bass We Trust, in Beijing. Another event, the Opening of Get It Louder, will be Loaban-driven on September 19, 2010. Also look for the Soundsystem at the Sharism Forum on October 22. Laoban’s home page also recently went live, making it another in a series of sites now relying on Fabricatorz Developer Bassel Safadi’s Aiki Framework. Be sure and bookmark these pages to keep up to speed on this increasingly prevalent platform!

Speaking of Aiki Framework, alongside Open Clip Art 2.5, Bassel announced it’s evolution: Version 0.4. Features and user interface adjustments remain a focus on this ever-efficient web platform. Users can also expect key SQL bug fixes in this new Release.

The Open Clip Art Library 2.5 arrival brought with it several key directives, including a new Activities Section on the home page, designed by Fabricatorz Developer Brad Phillips. Be sure and check out the latest Themed Clip Art Package while soaking in the latest OCAL implementation.

Additionally, Jon has contributed artwork to Congresswoman Woolsey’s Art of Politics fundraiser, which takes place this Saturday, September 11, 2010.

Check this space again soon for more on these projects and upcoming announcements!

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