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Fabricatorz: This week (August 8 – 14)

The Fabricatorz team has been all over the map (literally) these last few weeks, and it’s time for a status report!

Kicking things off, Founding Member and Developer extraordinaire, Jon Phillips, was a key speaker at this years FISL Conference, in Brazil. This gathering of free software developers and enthusiasts is ever-growing and one of the largest sources of such a community in the world. Jon’s presentation involved an increasingly vital topic in today’s “webscape”: an Autonomous Federated Social Web. The conference was a huge success and it’s current initiative involves creating that social web network.

In Affiliated news, StatusNet has garnered additional funding from FirstMark Capital. With this latest addition, StatusNet has brought in a total of $2.3 million in investment dollars!

A key Community-driven project, The Open Clip Art Library updated to Version 2.4 last week, spearheaded by Fabricatorz Developers Bassel Safadi and Brad Phillips. Brad initiated the call for and Release of the Sports 2010 Clip Art Package that coincided with the OCAL update. This week, Brad took giant leaps toward more active Community participation with the building and launching of an ‘Activities’ box that now sits on the Library’s Home Page. From this starting point, any user visiting the site will have direct access to the most recent goings on and incentives that The Open Clip Art Library has to offer, beginning with next month’s Fall 2010 Clip Art Collection.

Bassel continues his forward momentum in the Fabricatorz work-flow by updating his Aiki Framework to Version 0.35! In this new Release, many “under the hood” tweaks have taken place to ensure a more speedy and reliable user experience, through the platform. Sites featuring Aiki Framework 0.35, along with OCAL, include Open Colour and

Speaking of Sharism, Christopher Adams recently completed work on the logo design for the site (above), which aims to promote the open sharing of resources, with the idea of “getting what you give”.

Meanwhile, developer Barry Threw continues advocating advances in technology, as it applies to music, with his resent presentation of the K-Bow, a device that puts digital control in the hands of stringed instrumentalists in an intuitive and seamless fashion. Also check out some of Barry’s latest collaborative work below, a video walk-through of the Global Lives 2010 installation at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, in San Francisco.

Stay close to to keep up-to-date on the latest work being rolled out by the Team!

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