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The Open Clip Art Library Prepares for Spring Package Release

The Open Clip Art Library development cycle is again gearing up for it’s latest release, and WorldLabel has a new blog post containing details about it and, more specifically, about planned package releases.

Developers at The Open Clip Art Library have been diligently implementing updates to the latest 2.1 Release of the site. Contributions and discussion about OCAL’s next steps have been progressing rapidly through platforms like bug reporting and the official mailing list. As preparations for the next iteration begin, the Librarians would like to announce the addition of a new element to upcoming and future releases, in the form of a coinciding themed package release!

Users of OCAL are encouraged to continue the growth and reach of the community by contributing to the initial Spring-themed clip art package, to be released by May 27, in honor of the Libre Graphics Meeting. To learn more about the upcoming release, have a look at the full article.

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