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Open Clip Art Library Releases Version 2.1!

The Librarians at The Open Clip Art Library have been working around the clock to deliver a solid followup, building upon the success of their April 2.0 release. With the help of members of our Fabricatorz team, mission accomplished!

Key features of this new release aim to reward OCAL users and contributors by increasing usability and functionality. Among these new features, the ability for authors to delete images they’ve uploaded allows for revisions on work, while also reducing clutter and the need for duplicate graphics. Users from years past who are itching to get back into the contribution space are encouraged to dust off those old accounts, as The Open Clip Art Library now has recovery options for name/password information.

An amazing time-saving feature comes in the form of multi-upload capability. Any contributor wishing to put up collections of work can do so quickly and efficiently, adding tags and descriptions in the process. The “Remix” button, found on the details page of uploaded vector images, is yet another step in a positive direction for OCAL. This button creates a platform for contributors to easily and effectively reference artwork that they’ve used as a foundation for new clip art.

On behalf of The Open Clip Art Librarians, the Fabricatorz team would like to thank the OCAL community for their wonderful contributions. The community is on track to double the amount of new uploads this month, compared to March’s statistics! Head over to the project wiki to read the official Open Clip Art Library 2.1 press release.

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