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SXSW & Status Badges!

Fabricatorz developer Jon Phillips invaded Austin Texas, with members of StatusNet, for the annual group of interactive art, film, & music festivals known as South by Southwest (SXSW).

During the panel “Can you copyright a tweet?,” Jon, Evan Prodromou, Fred Benenson, and Wendy Seltzer each spoke about aspects of micro-blogging including character limits. Have a look at Jon’s presentation slide show below:

Post-SXSW, LibrePlanet kicked off, in Boston, where Free Network Service advocates converged. Jon said this of his time at the conference:

the hottest topic for StatusNet and myself were the sessions by Luis Villa, Bradley Kuhn, Mako, and Matt Lee on Free Network Services. We at StatusNet are big believers in Free Network Services. Please check out if you are interested in this topic.

If all this isn’t enough content to rock an open source/micro-blogging/free software nut’s world, another Fabricatorz developer, Brad Phillips, has created the following StatusNet-related badges for anyone to use and remix!

Any OStatus advocates should feel free to use these additional badges:

Visit the StatusNet Wiki to view and utilize many more related graphics created by members of Fabricatorz and others in the community.

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