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Hi all, we launched and are ramping up promotion for this show in Guangzhou initially in September 2008. Here is the post re-blogged:

Hi all, welcome to a new project which is a collaboration between Fabricatorz and Garage Biennale. Here are two levels of scale about the project:

“Art show in Guangzhou, China in September 2008 and then in San Francisco November 2008.”

And, a few more sentences…

“Garage Biennale and the Fabricatorz are bringing you Cantocore, a research project investigating contemporary art and culture between Canton (Guangdong) and cities around the world. The initial focus is a contemporary art exhibition with two versions of the same show in San Francisco and Guangzhou, China.”

There is a solid line-up of artists working on projects at present for both shows with the main concept being the ideas of import and export where projects in both locations are the same, but different versions.

Lu re-blogged the Cantocore Home Concert Preview we are doing next WED in SF, and so, I’m pushing out this post about the Cantocore project which is a contemporary art show that Lu, myself and Justin Hoover are pushing out this early September and November. The first instance of Cantocore is to generate some funds to help in production of the artwork. No one is getting paid from the raising of monies to support art production, so we are putting on a concert to preview the artwork for the show.

Lu wrote about here:

What it will take to make an art show. You will need three things: Artists, Space and Money! Sometimes these three things don’t come so easy, don’t they?

These are the things we are pushing right now for Cantocore exhibition, a show in both Guangzhou China and San Francisco this fall. There is a home concert preview party coming Wednesday 7/23 to fund the production of the shows. I am not a very good sales woman, but really want to make this one works!

Visit Cantocore site for information about the show, artists, and detail about the preview concert. Performing musicians for the the preview concert are Ma Jie and Christopher Willits.


And then there is a follow-up post on the Cantocore website:

Cantocore Home Concert Preview is coming up next Wednesday July 23rd, 7-9 PM in San Francisco. Right now our RSVP deadline for this event is extended to Monday, July 21st. And tickets are on sale right now for $50 USD! All money goes to the production of the Cantocore exhibition in Guangzhou and San Francisco. And, all contributions will be rewarded with praise, promotion in printed materials and on this website.

This event is a preview of the coming exhibitions, and also a home concert featuring Chinese traditional instrument musician Ma Jie and electronic musician Christopher Willits.

To reserve your tickets please do one of the following:

Call Justin at 415-425-1647
Or use Paypal option

We are eager to raise some funds from those interested in the ideas which will gain both a plug on the website and then in our printed material. Feel free to ask questions here on this blog post publicly, or send us email about this.

Please participate in this project and if in SF, RSVP by next MONDAY, July 21 to come to the Cantocore Home Concert Preview.

Mean Chan will get on here shortly and write something better and in Chinese for all you reading this in China.

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